The Ether Phoenix Rises

Hello everyone.

We've heard your feedback about not being able to actively market any project that has the word "Pyramid" in it.

I won't say any more, but will rather let this article speak for me.

Take care and play safe, everyone.

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still posting pyramid memes though


get fucking hype normies will eat this shit up

this is absolutely bonkers. Veeky Forums your last chance :D

lol you thought you guys stopped getting money because pyramid was in the name? it's because no one believes in your dumbshit schemes anymore


Looking great!

> stopped getting money

7.5 ETH dropped this morning. A sign of things to come?

Warren Buffett says that cryptocurrency is destined to fail. Maybe so. Perhaps you'll be one of those lucky few souls who will be able to tell their grandchildren that they were involved in the very instrument of its complete and utter annihilation. So join us today - and shield your eyes. Prepare to shove your last few remaining scraps of Ether upon the inferno of reckless madness that is EthPhoenix.

Get in, or stay poor.

yeah lets drive this crypto thing to the ground. with a phoenix

The Phoenix perfectly captures the concept behind this smart contract. The Greeks believed the Phoenix was a powerful bird associated with the sun. It could fly to great heights, but ultimately it would crash and die in a spectacular burst of flames, only to be reborn from the ashes and take flight again. This cycle repeats endlessly, resulting in a paradoxical eternal life that is punctuated by infinite deaths. This is a fairly on-point comparison to the price action of the tokens in this smart contract- wild swings up and down, in what will be an endless cycle as the contract will live indefinitely on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Rebranding was a great idea, love your work guys.

>trying this hard by samefagging and bumping crap

im new to Veeky Forums ok?

ponzibot rn

I lost money with the POWH/Ponzibot schemes/scams, but you guys have been true to your word EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. You say something, and then you deliver.

I only put in a little ETH to start with, cause as much as I liked the idea, I thought it might blow up again, but I see now you guys are going to the moon. When I get back from work today, I am jumping in both feet!

EthPhoenix is gonna FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



>it's already too late

This was 18 hours from start to finish. Incredible work ethic and passion for the project. Looking forward to the massive normie influx (soon)

These devs is so damn active!

>yfw you didn't buy in now

There are a lot of things happening behind the scenes. The project is serious and is growing. Pretty exciting times. I'm all-in with my ETH (full disclosure) but there's no harm in throwing some play money in. If this is normie friendly there isn't going to be much of a ceiling.

It's been done before
If you didn't buy in with the dev don't expect to make any money

This guy gets it

I *AM* one of the developers. I'm hardly quitting my job.

It points directly at the EthPyramid contract. So yes, "it's been done before".

By us.

Dear fucking god.

Yes, it's been done before. The bigger this gets the higher your income gets. This is a quarter of the size of POWH at its zenith. I was getting 100 dollars a day on POWH - with dividends on buying only.

I've earned far more than that with less volume already, just by holding. You haven't got a fucking clue. This rebrand is huge.

EthPYRAMID was being held back by its branding, this is a REBRAND not another fucking clone. EthPhoenix is going to be bigger than PoWH in its prime.

Thanks for the *independent* insight, ponzibot...


>Q: Are you planning to steal our Ether?
>A: We're hurt that you had to ask. No, there are no loops in the code that allow us as developers to take Ether out of the contract in any ways that you yourself are not capable of.

>that you yourself are not capable of

>that you yourself are not capable of

>that you yourself are not capable of

'nuff said.

The contract has been running for nearly a month with no issues. That answer is a disclaimer. There have been attempted hacks and all of them have failed.

Are you seriously saying that because the devs are actively warning people about this it's a bad thing?

Are you seriously saying there has been a pyramid scheme that did not end a failure?

I suppose you'd like us to plug the verbal gap there with "no participant is able to withdraw the Ether of any other participant".

Might be a good call. Thanks.

Not one in real life, no.

This is a decentralised smart contract - and you can check the stats and the contract code yourself. Nobody is at the top anymore. All tokens are created equal.

There is also no possible exit scam. If you're capable of reading Solidity code you can see for yourself. Also, the developers have proved themselves extremely trustworthy in the time I've been involved with the project.


Actually what I said is confusing. Yes, there are people who have more tokens than others, but anyone could buy themselves into the top spot if they chose (with more ETH to pay for the privilege). You'd get dividends in the contract either way, so it's irrelevant. It's effectively a contract for those who want to hold their ETH long-term.

is this on reddit yet

No. This is the child of Veeky Forums, so we thought we'd post it here first.

Yet another fucking pyramid scheme. You honorless mutants disgust me.

Holy shit this is cool good job norse

>Yet another pyramid scheme

Same project, different name. Great for marketing. Excellent reading comprehension bro.

The real credit here goes to Cardioth for his *disgustingly* good logo. But thank you on behalf of the team. :)

I've corrected the phrasing to its intended meaning on both sites. Thanks for the feedback.

this shit is the perfect normie catcher. Holy fuck this is so normie bullshit they will pump this up my ass. Glad i'm in. Good Job.


That's your job now. As developers we're pulling one final ace out of our sleeve from the marketing wallet, and then we'll be stepping back a bit so as to not dominate.

That and we're absolutely *knackered* after three weeks of non-stop work.

Click for flying phoenix

I have some ideas for a flying 3d phoenix

hop on discord then :)

kek already running for 5 days and only now its announced? no ty

This went from idea to implementation in 18 hours. No idea what you're talking about.

This is the best place I've found to store my ETH long-term. I check it daily, reinvest dividends, then leave it. I'm being paid to hold. Feelsgoodman.

It was up since the 17th right?

Looking at the stats I feel really late to the party.
Not to say I don't wish everyone good luck with their gains!


Thought you meant to rebrand. My bad. Yeah, the contract has been going for a while but we're at a reasonable place to buy in.

Honestly watching the devs work on this has been an education. Incredible dedication and there's more to come on the marketing front (can't say more here).

lol ok :)

Up since the 2nd of February. You can confirm that on the coins page: the candlestick graph starts at genesis.

The stats page only displays the last seven days.

You're not late to the party. Read the article I linked to in OP.

I like this project

It's had a few ups and downs, drop a bag in and enjoy divies forever ^-^

This discord cucks are out in full force today
Send my regards to shillbot

This is completely unrelated to ponzibot. It's just an announcement. Chill out.

>It points directly at the EthPyramid contract.
Then what is the fucking point? People buying in now will get no dividends at all unless this contract, for whatever fucking reason, explodes out of proportions. Let alone the chance to break even is very slim if you buy in right now.

The point is to get the hype into 1000 as in the earlier days, since that was posibble in a couple of days imagine what we will achieve in the long run

Because it will be successful with a new branding.
The quality of work being contributed to the project is very high, and everyone (all volunteers) is working hard.

The contract was heavily tested before release and has withstood countless attack attempts already without a single squeak.

I think there's an inevitable slow but gradually increasing flow of people coming in. Most people who get involved stick around and don't sell, and especially now the pyramid image is mostly gone, these people will be much more successful at bringing in others, who bring in others, etc...

Also, I bought a few hundred dollars on the 3rd of Feb and slowly increased to around 1.5k in, and I've already made at least $100 in dividends.
That's a crazy return on traditional investments, and the price has barely changed since then.
This is VERY much early days still.
Look at the entire price chart for yourself.
Then you take into account the price of ETH will likely increase a lot in the long term...

The new branding also makes it much easier to market to a wider audience. Honestly? Nobody outside of biz even knows about these things. There’s a whole world of people that have no idea what this is but the word pyramid will turn them off.

This changes that significantly.

Dividends received over the last ten days on my ETH sitting in EthPhoenix? 5.19%

Dividend return over the last ten days on my ETH sitting in an exchange? 0%

ETH+5% > ETH

Y'all are getting excited of the wrong stuff. Sure, you could buy into a pyramid thats already at the top and give all the Devs your money
you can come here and invest in the bottom of every EthPyr clone! most pyramids are at rock bottom. Spread your investments and buy cheap! this "stock game" is gonna blow up harder than CryptoKitties

Please stop banging on about how the developers are the ones profiting from this. Excluding Divine (who we all know the story about, and has already exited), not a single one of the remaining team is the top 10. We made a stats page precisely so you could see that.

Also: not a pyramid. Although the name was meant to be ironic, people have taken to the hyper-literal interpretation.

My opinion of the clones remains as it was: it's fine to use them or deploy them as is your right, but volume dilution ultimately helps no one.

You dumb fuck you don’t even realise how this works. The fact that 250 ETH is already in the smart contract means that as long as your hands aren’t weak and you don’t put more than 100 ETH aim yourself, you can profit enough from other people SELLING. Think of it like betting on someone depositing or WITHDRAWING from a bank account. If those 250 ETH are ever withdrawn, you profit. It’s almost like a self insured bank account, you profit from its collapse.

>finding it hard to understand this
>the absolute state of Veeky Forums

I invested 0.005 eth into a few of these pyramid clones three weeks ago just to see what would happen
"WAMPUM" had an additional 0.005 eth investment at the bottom, and "SILVER" (ShadowPyramid) had a whooping 0.02 eth thrown in... now sitting at a nice token value of 0.003 eth
withdrew no more than 10-20% of original value on any of these, and you can see they're all down beyond 50%
Ethphoenix (EGYPTIAN GOLD) is the only one that keeps delivering an average of 0.5% - 1% per day, plus stable token value
clones don't work. with a resource you can reproduce at will for no cost, branding and network effects are everything

besides, it's worth noting the developer of stocks, ponziland etc. has moved on to make his own scheme combining ethpyramid with a roulette game,
if you want to throw your money at something other than the great phoenix of dividends, i'd try that over a plain clone

wow, you finally realized that you cant make money off a LITERALLY NAMED pyramid scheme.

This truly is the last chance for Veeky Forums to get in early. Buy in now or potato forever

>he actually believes that if enough people sell and the price drops he can somehow mitigate that with his measly dividends
You sure do understand how this works, thanks for clarifying man!

That's if EVERYONE sold.

Not gonna happen. It also removes any possibility of people buying up the cheaper tokens. Your scenario is bullshit basically

>what if everyone sold their btc at once?? yours would be worthless!!

thats how a market works user

>That's if EVERYONE sold.
No, user. That will happen if a single person with more than 10 ETH gets out. But I love how you literally sound like a desperate bagholder. Keep believing in this, it'll surely help you and your gay little discord.

Well yeah of course the price would drop when people sell.

Desperate? I’m in profit. I could sell right now and be fine, but I’m anticipating future returns. There have already been multiple dumps of 50+ ETH and I haven’t lost much value at all before recovering.

But sure, keep believing that you’re a genius when you don’t understand how the game works.

someone sold 20 eth worth a few days ago, you can see that big red dildo on the stats (same guy who was responsible for the green one the day before)
net result, we got paid 0.0004 ETH per token held

a self sustaining ponzi scheme, now Ive seen everything.