Time to short again. Next target only slightly below last one at 9400 and then reversal.

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Cool thx, just shorted

>break out of down channel
short it

Why short it now? whales closed their shorts yesterday and they've gone to bed.

Unironically sold at 8K

We're going to 4K whether you like it or not


this guy knows whats happening

sold at 6k, we're going 2k and you guys are idiots if you're staying in! sell now!

No they didn't, there was couple of 50-100 btc trades but not nearly enough.

sold at 4 and we're going to 200, you guys are idiots if you're staying in. sell now!

Yes they did, a significant amount atleast

2k is the high support. Setting a $3.50 buy order here

Shorted at 10250, hopefully OP is not a fag.

I opened shorts at 10150 and 10230 but I still have a bad feeling about this, we could be in for another low volume bullrun.

Futures close 4pm guys- up we go from there. As happens every fucking time.

Like it broke it yesterday ? when it went all the way up to 10900 ?

It looks like it's going to drop any minute now, but volume is so low it could spike up too, even if it won't last very long. It's probably going to take some FUD for it to start dropping hard.

Price refuses to go down 11100.


why does your chart look like salad fingers jesus mate change that palette looks shit

Low volume bull runs are a fucking joke. Makes no sense to me

I meant, 10100.

Me neither but it appears to be the new norm.

just means whales waiting to dump.

I opened shorts too but I too have a bad feeling, it looks like there's still some upwards momentum

Have you speculated as to why they're currently the new norm...?

How high will the reversal take us? Do you have a projection?

Idk but it's great since they assfuck you smug shorters.

Everyone's waiting for btc to at least touch 9400.

That's what I think but BTC doesn't make much sense to me right now.

There's no real push up or down at the moment, very strange considering how hard bulls/bears fought between 9.7-10.5k with so many breaks.

I can't figure it out, at this point I might aswell just go with the flow.

>Muh team bull vs bear HURR
You do realize that people are trying to make money from up and downtrends?

0.5 fib. 9k I think.
Big rising wedge forming now btw.

That's what I see but I expected it to start going down by now. I guess patience will be rewarded in the end though.

I'm not a shorter - just curious to see if anyone has actually speculated as to why...?

If it was a true breakout we would have a lot more volume.
This is just whales letting normies FOMO back in before they teach them a lesson again.

Just have patience yes, this will test 0.5 fib soon.

I mean first of all what do you think it's low volume relative to - the run-up in Nov/Dec 2017...?

>There's no real push up or down at the moment, very strange considering how hard bulls/bears fought between 9.7-10.5k with so many breaks.
I watched the chart/orderbook on bitfinex all day yesterday, there was so much manipulation, wash trading spoofing and so on, pretty much every big volume spike was manipulated

bitcoin lost mainstream volume.

if not for wash trading the volume would be ridiculous

left: true reversal volume
right: bounce/bull trap

also notice the daily MACD lines are yet to cross

What exactly do you think whales stand to gain from destroying the sentiment of a market whose uptrend enriches them? Just asking?

more obvious on 1h chart

So I should stay tethered for now?

Honestly this could go either way, I'm betting on downturn but it feels like 50/50 gamble right now.

>whales only make money on an uptrend

All signs point to another downturn atm

And it can turn around anytime right? I tethered @11700, so I still have some room before losing all profits, but still

as long as it doesn't smash through 10.4k I'm staying tethered personally.

they want to accumulate cheap alts. just look how the big dump turned 2 weeks of bulls into FUD in 5 min a couple of days ago.
they wait now for the perfect opportunity to take profits and then buy back in at ~8-9k.
I might be paranoid but it makes sense to me, also it's supported by the 1d indicators imo.

being this new lmfao
it's called shorting

Not just that, look at the massive sell volumes, why would the bears push so hard to break 10.2, 10, 9.8, 9.7k and then just let the price go back up to 10.2k without much fight? I would atleast expect a volume spike when bulls try and push for a breakthrough.

Not saying they can't make money on the way down as a component of it but they can make more money from a crash like this followed by a reversal. You have any explanations as to why I'm wrong in thinking that...?

many of them just made 50-100% gains from this crash and reversal in just 2 weeks. At some point they'll want to cash out some of their gains.

>50 usd above linear trend in the 1 minute chart

Yeah because btc obviously moves in linear patterns.

Strong support due to previous price action at 9600 obviously causes a bigger jump.

Its also possible we just test the 9600 again and then moon.

Brilliant - thanks...

another indication.

where did you take that screen shot? I've been looking for that website

really tense moments atm.


Somehow I figure that isn't the full picture, not sure we'll have to see...

Looks like there's some action now.

Totally organic buying nothing to see here

Also so did I, closed at 9600 and longed till 10240 to open short

Go on and buy the green candle

W-what happens when the meme-lines hit each other?

Hilarious manipulation. Don't FOMO guys. Whales will dump soon.

ewwww why is it pumping

10450 is the top homie, you jumped the gun a little

Bearish wedge. But you never know with this manipulated market.

They could manipulate it all the way up to wherever

I have them on x3 leverage so it's ok I can afford to be patient.

Yea, the selloff at below 10k was insane.

Its just bitmex pumping to close the x50-x100 shorts.

If my long position is profitable and I want to end it, I'm supposed to market sell, right? Asking because I'm pretty sure I've fucked up before, yeh, I'm a big fucking brainlet.


Thank you.

>they have absolutely no idea what they are doing.. punish them Bogdan

>pump it

Place a margin sell for the same amount as your long is in order to close it. I assume it works this way on every exchange but I'm not sure.
Check the FAQ on the exchange you're using would be my advice.

What exchange?

we still going up, nice one op

Check back in a couple of hours.

They'll never intersect, it'll break up or down once the funnel gets too small. In this case it'll probably break down

>Pump it even harder until they FOMO in.

And how low do you think we'll go?

I'm getting close to FOMOing even thought I know I probably shouldn't.

shorters btfo once again
they never learn kek


Fuck it I am not FOMOing in.

You shorted Just before the pump, don't be greedy

fomo in at 15K$ dumbass fucking retard.

Tell me you bought in at 10350?

~9k at least, possibly lower, then start of real bull run next week. Don't buy while 1d MACD is still looking overbought.

you fucking idiot have no idea what are you talking about aren't you?

it won't go lower than the first low of the shoulders pattern. 9300 was the absolute 3rd bottom and it didn't even break 9500$ in many hard attempts. you are so retarded

I just bought, prepare your anus for the sub 4k dip.

10200 Just became an official resistance line. This is wishful thinking, man. Close your positions and wait.

Please demonstrate the process by which you arrived at these predictions. Otherwise, go kill yourself in a convoluted painful fashion.

Good one guys.

Price will go sideways for a while now.

wait wait
wait wait wait

You ever get the feeling you're overthinking it slightly...?

I was watching the whole time yesterday and I saw it recover multiple times from around 9600. It's time for a bull run.

Also one thing: most whale orders on bitmex are hidden and ones visible in orderbook are used solely dor market manipulation, so why do you think shorts/longs are public?

But yeah I might be wrong also. At least shorted too early. Gladly I nailed all previoua bottoms and tops so Im positive in any case.

it is pigs for slaughter like this one for which they create the liquidity pool bull traps

This is going to be no fun at all if you're all 2nd-guessing some evil whale group toying with and manipulating the market...

you must unironically be a nigger.