Buy as much BTC as you can afford right now...

Buy as much BTC as you can afford right now. Got a little bit of inside info today about this weekend and whats in store BTC. All i can say is that major investors will be joining the party and should finally give BTC and most altcoins the solidity and stability it will need to win this currency war. My source tells me that if all goes as planned BTC should hit a new high in the neighborhood of 50k buy Friday the 2nd. This insider has never been wrong and has helped me make alot of money in the past year. 80% of the 21m of BTCs to be mined have been mined. Once we hit above 82% what you own now will soon be worth a small fortune or more even if its only $10. Of course i didnt have to tell any of you this but why not? It just feels good to help others.



An insider? Tell Satoshi I said konnichiwa

>buy high
>sell low

Next time Veeky Forums is filled with pink wojacks I'll bite.

Shitcoin watch.... nail biter... fuck BTC

My local women of the night wont take shitcoins. CUNTS!

>>Having insider info
>> Tell people to buy
>> Tell them Friday the 2nd BTC will be 50k

Don't telling them which Friday the 2nd, so can't be wrong.

Friday 2nd October 2020 incoming

>you were autistic enough to check to make sure that was a Friday
>i was autistic enough to check to see if you checked

desu I wouldn't actually mind, I can hold for 2 years no problem

nice bait did you make it yourself?

i don't get that pic explain plz sir knew this before you did

>muh insider information

Get out faggot.

Kek's at this exchange

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Goof balls?

Wtf even is this board now?

Ah yes the old pretending-to-pretend-to-be-retarded. BTC $0.10 EOY

Guys I have insider knowledge. OP is a lying faggot, but I'm curious to know what he hopes to accomplish by telling us this

Because it is complete utter bollocks, Bitcoin might be 11k by Friday 2nd... 'might'