REAL Beta launched

Yesterday's post:

- at 25% of ICO price
- product launch imminent
- two bigger exchanges next month (They are only on Forkdelta right now, with less than 1000 USD daily volume)
- price has been at 0.000500000 for weeks now, people are starting to FOMO in now. If you are lucky you can still get it for cheap

There are whales that invested up to 1000 ETH in this coin when it ICO'd.
Those whales got literally 230 REAL tokens for 1 ETH. You can get in now and get 2000 tokens for 1 ETH.

I genuinely believe in this platform and am shilling this to you because I already bought in and will not have to compete with you to buy this.

Shoot me your questions, I will happily answer them.

The beta was released 1 hour ago by the way.

First bump.

They sold their ETH for 21mm USD this month, the marketcap is at 5mm. Do the math.

Second and last bump.

If you are reading this, you are one of the lucky ones who actually took the time to find a niche project right at it's start. Don't be like most people that FOMO in when it's too late.

Nobody knows and gives a fuck about this project yet because they aren't traded on real exchanges and have no working product. It's fine if you aren't investing in projects without a product, you should however look at the numbers and recent communication efforts by this team and draw your conclusions.

> 900 $ volume

Almost nobody is buying this, but nobody is selling is either.

If you buy in with 3000 USD right now the price goes 300%. There is no real market yet, just wait until there is.

This is a real world use case, spending actual crypto to buy real property. Shit is hitting the fan once people realize how interesting this is.

I have to add, that this coin has literally never pumped. It steadily went down since the ICO.

Saying a coin is a bad investment because of it's low volume or marketcap is actually retarded. You have to see the intrinsic value of a project and invest accordingly.

If you are buying in at below 1k volume and the project is legit and destined to have a great future, you are smart and early money.

hello pajeet

I am european, but thanks. Stay poor fgt

Yeah. I saw the value in COSS when it was 6cts and now I'm a lot richer.

I had a quick look at this and already see the potential. I'll do some more research but it looks really promising.

why this and not for example ATL... or any other coin in real estate

if you cannot correlate volume with marketcap you are unironically retarded

Looks really promising. From what ive read its basically a guaranteed 4x just based on equity. Plus you get that sweet sweet passive income.

It really is promising user :) at least one of you fgts wont be poor

What is your point?

im taking a look at the whitepaper and the idea seems really really incredible. If execution follows, were looking at a billion dollar project.

Cap this.

Yep this is what I'm seeing, basically a way to materialize your shitcoins into real income

I swear to god I have nothing to do with the actual pajeet here. LOL what an idiot.

If you shill sth, do it right. Or is this actually a bad attempt at reverse FUD?

REAL whale here. Anything under ICO price is a steal, trust me on this.

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should create a new thread, all the IDs of people who are interested itt are brown

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Op, looks very promising!

I heard its going to KuCoin in a few days, should i buy there?

First investments of the team are in brown countries, kind of fitting.
(They are buying properties to kickstart their platform/for people that want to immediately invest in real estate once the platform releases)