How do I find a place like this to live in? I want to literally live in this exact space

How do I find a place like this to live in? I want to literally live in this exact space.

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seems hot when the sun is out

>no privacy
>everyone can look inside
>have to risk my life by cleaning bird shit off the roof every week
>shit insulation

no thanks

great for growing cannabis

NYC Penthouse with a greenhouse, put a bed in the greenhouse. In the right neighborhood you can maybe get it for under $10MM too.

Plants are disgusting.

Actually here was one in 2015 up for $7.7MM, pretty reasonable

Dream's over OP, go back to your cupboard.

>getting cooked alive when the sun is out in full force in summer

Hot in the summer and freezing in the winter. BAKA. Your dreams don't match reality OP.

This is why you're depressed. Go outside faggot.

This. It's already shit with a normal roof, I can't even fathom why would anyone want to live in an actual greenhouse.

i think it would be VERY loud inside this greenhouse when it rains. good luck sleeping at night

Not really, I've actually been in a greenhouse in the rain. It's basically a white noise generator and funnily enough I thought about how fucking soothing it would be to snooze there.

air condition + heater nigger

that would be comfy af. imagine seeing the lightning shooting across the sky

You would need triple paine insulated windows and water heating/cooling built into the floor. In the summer you could run ice gold water through the floor and walls mixed with glycol to cool the space, and overcome the sun and heat that water in the winter.

Be rich, build it. you have a dream. get to work.

500k could build that imo

Rent an airbnb like that while it is raining.

Don't live there, it is shit for everything. The image looks great but it is just art man.

the green chassis has reflective shield in them that can be pulled over the windows. then the house looks like a giant mirror from the outside, and reflects all sunlight. and/or air conditioning. or just set it up somewhere north, closer to the sea with no snow

>no privacy
>everyone can look inside

set it up from 50 miles from any possible inhibition, like roads. buy the enire land and put laser defense around it. animals can cross but humans can't.

>have to risk my life by cleaning bird shit off the roof every week
self cleaning windows ofc, cleaning equiptment hidden in chassis

>shit insulation

lol ur dum, it can have perfect insulation

that many plants can kill you in your sleep



why OP, That's disgusting

This. Watch out OP.

Hardly an unattainable goal, just go to some farm somewhere and rent out the greenhouse. I guarantee you'll hate it after a couple of days though.

Dumb normie

Appropriate for a vegetable.

normies love plants im gonna live in a nuclear shelter

if i ever make it financially ($5MM+?) my dream is to live in an actual medieval tower, kinda like the one from "The Dark Tower" with a big empty space around and then a tall gothic style building with a modern interior, maybe like 7-10 floors? would be sick as fuck, don't know why I don't see these kinds of properties anywhere