Binance CEO confirms that ALL ETH scams are real


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lol how do engrish work?

This is why all those chink coins need to hire native English speakers LOL

he makes himself understandable that's what matters

get the fk back to rddit, chink lover

Not when he literally says the inverse of what he wanted to

> no one will not send you eth
> double negative
So basically everyone will send me eth?
Post your wallets boys im gonna send 0.2 eth to each one and you have to send me 0.4 back

Nice, just sent 10 ETH. When do I get 100 ETH back?

based gook


Ni Hao, wealthy Chinaman!

Is this original? If so, goddamn, well done. Saved either way. 10/10 will repost somewhere.

You solved the funny.

For anyone who hasn't taken Logic 101
>no one will not
is the equivalent of
>everyone will


interesting how guy's a genius and been a software developer for decades (where using english is an absolute must regardless of what's your native) and speaks english at the level of a kid who's been taught it as a third language for 2 years

can someone translate?

Pic related, you right now

>Finally got my account verified. One more time, NO ONE will send you more ETH just because you sent them some. The world doesn't work that way. If Binance "quietly" launched a charity, it would be for people in real need, not just because you sent someone money.

No shit... people who fall for those deserve it.

>NO ONE will not send you ETH just because sent them some

You hear that guys? Just 'cause sent them some. No one won't.

Plan accordingly.

>No shit... people who fall for those deserve it.

To this day I don't believe someone would fall for that.

Anybody got any details on this Binance charity?

yes. all crypto sent to this address [email protected]#[email protected]@32EDFaewf will be sent to binance chariry. promis sir.

can anyone tell me how can someone do this scam without getting banned instantly? I mean 3 of my accounts has been instant banned after a tweet, and most of my accounts even get shadowbanned and nobody can see my tweets