So this will be $100 by EOY yes?

So this will be $100 by EOY yes?

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It’ll be $20 right before rebranding and then dump down to $2 and never recover

Q1 of next year. Emd of this year mid to high double digits.


salty wal...

so have all the fudders just started shilling VEN nonstop now?
any reason for this? you fags were fudding the hell out of this with your lame pastas and now its nonstop shilling. its almost like you homos are getting nervous

My conservative estimate is $70 but if we have a bull run I believe it will be $150


Why are you emotionally attached to an erc20 token?

It wasn't that hard to realize that it was fake FUD.

no shit a 5 year old could see through it
thats what makes it so sad to see a bunch of basement dwellers waste their time like this

>Why are you emotionally attached to an erc20 token?

nice projecting there m8
im not the one constantly fudding/shilling this coin

Nah 1k$ EOM more likely

250 EOY

50-100$ EOY.

$0 EOM. It's a scam.


Written like a true pajeet.

neck yourself stupid indian

Strength node holder here, i suggest people temper their expectations so they aren't dissapointed that 1 Ven isn't 100 dollars a year from now.

Ven will be around $20-25 in 2-3 years.

Not a shill m8, just asking what Veeky Forums thinks this coin will be at come EOY.

>Someone spent his time typing this shit

why are you holding it then you retard. only $20 in 2 years lmao fuck off

>Ven will be around $20-25 in 2-3 years.
You're clearly ill informed my friend. Do you even know what VeChain is? Let me tell you what it is, it's Ethereum except it's actually useful AND being used already in industry. Ethereum has an $86b mcap, 3x that of VeChain's.

If crypto hits a 2T total marketcap, I can see VeChain reaching a 100B marketcap as it's one of the few useful projects. $100+

>$100 by EOY
impossible, given it's market cap. Expect 20$, maybe.

lol, 30x*

God yall are retarded. Ven will never be $100, just loke btc will never be 1 mm. You're just setting yourselves up for disappointment.

If ven does really well and I think it might it will be $20-25

Ethereum exploded because it was used to run ICO's as well as NEO

VEN has no ICO coming, and China completely banned ICO's as well.

bro VENs marketcap is like 3 billion. Who the hell taught you math? Ethereum is roughly 29x that of VEN

>Ethereum exploded because it was used to run ICO's as well as NEO
literal mong

I'm a long term holder, I'll collect my dividents for years until I finally sell my node when Vechain is actually established id say 3-4 years from now.

>why are you multiplying your money by 35x over 2 years

ICO's are going to run on Vechain this year user. Educate yourself.

I still FUD this with 22k VEN

Provide a source please I can't find anything

he thinks it will only double in price in 2 years and still holding for some fucking reason. I just don't understand his logic

How do you speculate on price without economic details? Like how much would it cost BMW to track a single spare part? Or how much would it cost to write temperature data during transportation for some oysters?

There are already at least 3 icos being built on VeChain.

Which ICO's are being built on VeChain right now? Why do people throw out statements like that and don't link to the report / proof?

partnerships are fake

Look up VeVID

cant believe that people are still falling for this scam... they dont even have white paper

Rakeesh spotted.

I wonder what fud you queers will come up with when Sunny drops monster partnerships during the rebrand and it goes 30+ EOM.

It doesn't explode 2-3 years from now to that price, it takes time to climb/correct you fucking retard. Go explain to your caretaker why you just hate making money.