All hail original ethereum. It will at least double in price in next two weeks. Jump in its not too late

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>it's the one that split from the original
2/10 troll, made me reply

this is bait

But it is the original. ETH forked the chain after DAO hack. ETC did not.

its original chain where you cannot send back any transaction when you fucked up with code.
Fixed supply, good governance. Its going +200$ this year

go ahead, buy a coin has 0 partners and only virgin, neckbeard devs with a pipedream

eth classic is vitalik's true vision

>that bullish triangle
you ready fags?

I already have 10k bought at $2 whe bary silbert announce ethereum classic trust fund. Google this guy, he have shares with more than 200 crypto exchanges and its going to be on coinbase in q2 + there will be fork and airdrop of calisto at 5th of march. Im gonna sell it at 0.0075btc and rebuy aftrr fork

Vitalik has specifically addressed why he thought the DAO fork was neccessary.

>hold it for a couple of weeks
>first crypto investment
>it stays fucking stagnant
>decide to sell at a slight loss
>15% up in next couple of hours

>inb4 weak hands

you know you are buying literal vapurware right?
meanwhile, vitalik is meeting the SEC in Thailand and enterprise ethereum alliance keeps growing,
Have fun with your pretend money ;^)

yeah right

oh and there is 32btc buy order on binance right now. There was couple +15btc eaten this morning as well

Will we see 0.004 before airdrop again?

>people trading it for profit because stupid niggers gobble it up
>actual real world use and future
choose 1.
Price =/= good product with a future

ETC has 3 fucking dev teams. No way something good is coming out of this, right?

tell me 1 thing:
who takes it seriously outside Veeky Forums, cryptoforums and the dev teams?
why should they when ETH is fucking steaming ahead in terms of tech? PoS is right around the corner

Nothing you said is true lol

The name of the coin itself proves you wrong.

0.004 let's fucking goooo

I'm expecting a green dildo soon

ZCL went to 1.3x all-time high

implies we could still go to 0.011 :> :> :>

i hope those deluded cucks will finally dump their bags and jump on this train [spoiler]as i did[/spoiler]

I wouldn't buy etc but I'm mining it

why the fuck its dumping, another fake pump?