In crypto since 2015, help me

>wake up to the sound of my alarm clock at 9 AM
>send message to gf saying I love her and pretend I'm going to uni
>fight sleepness till she answers something
>collapse in my bed until 22h
>get up with sore throat/nose due to the constant heat generated by my mining rigs
>send gf some good night messages
>listen to messages from my parents asking if I'm still alive
>consider calling them since it has been two months since the last time
>mfw it's 22h, I'll call them tomorow
>remove my earplugs and listen to the monotonous sound of 18 HD 7950's fans spinning at full speed
>hear my polish neighbor screaming her lungs at her 4 y/o child
>put earplugs back and enjoy the little hum of everything working perfectly
>drink 1 L of tap water to recover from all the sweat I've lost during my sleep
>open laptop and check miner stats, stacking wallets and masternodes
>boil water for instant ramen bowl
>Open btcktalk to check for new projects, airdrops and read some whitepapers/yellowpapers
>"Really convincing project, great team I'm 100% behind you guys!! When airdrop coins to my wallet when sir?"
>open Cryptotwitter to feel the tendance from the pros
>cryptoeconomist wannabe tweeting BS about how blockchains are value-neutral and not political
>drama about the trve vision of Nakamoto ensue between BTC maximalists and Bcash tards
>reflink spamming by bots
>Vitalik Buterin post something I can't understand because we don't have the same kind of autism
>open Veeky Forums
>pink wojacks and braaaaposts everywhere
>rageclose Veeky Forums and fap to traps on /gif/
>open Kraken, Bitmex, Cryptopia, Bittrex
>REEEEE at the endless captchas and 2FA
>work on tradingview on several pairs then place orders
>re-boil my now-cold water for ramens
>re-log in on exchanges
>REEEE at 2FA, mail confirmations and captchas
>7 AM, close my positions and go to sleep with 1% in my stack of fiat
>drink 1 litre of water and cry myself to sleep

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Stake United and you won't have to do any work yourself. - stakes for you.

>wake up at 9AM
>text BS to gf
>consider calling parents but too tired plus I don't know what to say since I've not seen the daylight for one month
>hear Polish cunt screaming at her kids again, so we might be saturday or sunday
>drink 1 L of water
>nose bleeding from constant soreness
>get down the stairs and pick my mail up
>my aliexpress package was sent back to shenzen because I failed to pick it up on time
>mfw I had 23 days to pick it up and it was sitting there, 5 minutes from home
>take a look at the street through the half open door
>mfw it's winter already
>get back to my cryptocave before coming across one of my neighbors
>sleep until 22H
>text gf
>try to fix some PCIe riser
>order a new one on aliexpress
>update wallets/mining softwares
>consider suicide, check if I can buy an helium tank with bitcoins
>mfw it only accept bcash
>cry myself to sleep once again with 1% more cash

I've hoarded 200k€ in crypto or in fiat on exchanges and I own 20k worth of electronics. I survived some of the worst crashes, scams attempts, dramas, forks, hacks... I'm knowledgable to most blockchain protocols, memes, trading strategies, ICOs...
Did I make it guys? If so, why is it harder and harder to wake up everyday?

fuck man, are you me?
even going on gif
i also think im going mental over constant noise of my rigs and browsing exchanges and hanging out on discords
ive hoarded 50k in crypto and 50k in gear
about 3% in fiat
i havent left feedback on 40 alixpress orders even tho they spam 3x/day
a guy from another part of the world is my man in the mirror
this is the most surreal moment
is this real life?

You have a gf that you never see?

that's one way of looking at it

Reflection op man, come back and say something.

>is this real life?
I don't know anymore.
I've ordered 10 Obelisk DCR1 ASIC from the first batch and I don't how I'll get them with electricity, space and fresh air.
I'll probably die in a house fire along with my polish cunt neighbor. That will give her a good reason to scream for once.
She works for a charity in Nepal. She came back for christmas and I rented a storage unit for one week to hide most of my mining gears, only kept my quiet and cold Blake256 rig for her to see.

i am enjoying this, please continue

i dont know either. i was skepcital about bizposters who had like 2mil and complaining about life and happiness ...
I cant even read a book anymore, my brain is probably fried from trans porn dopamine rushes and i am looking for normal job on the side even tho i actually dont need one.

neet master race is used as a meme
yet neetdom breaks weaker minds
only the completely retarded and the geniuses can remain neets in the long term

Jesus user you need to take better care of yourself. Eat some real fucking food. Brown rice in a cheap rice cooker, bake some chicken thighs, throw some squash in with the chicken. Have a banana or two. There's no point in making it if you die young.


>wake up at 9 PM
>send nothing to bf because no bf yet
>fight sleepness in q3
>play till 9 AM
>get up to exercise a little because i hate what my bodyfat
>send nothing to bf because no bf yet
>listen to some shit on youtube
>consider shitposting on Veeky Forums
>mfw its 9AM and there is nothing else to do but shitpost
>try to remove earplugs
>no earplugs cause only cucks use earplugs real nerd chads use normal audio you fucking faggot
>hear nothing because walls are pretty fucking thicc
>try to put put earplugs in
>tfw no earplugs
>drink some tea because tea
>open laptop
>its already open
>eat some real food because mummy is good to me
>open Veeky Forums
>/sp/ celebrating canacucks getting btfo, chuckle at it and shitpost a little
>check Veeky Forums
>no new good ponzis, well whatever
>check shit on cryptowatch
>not dropping, could've guessed that because no pink wojacks or memecharts
>check discord
>why would i do that
>start another brap or smug pepe thread
>throw my eth adress into some of pajeets giveaway thread just cause i had it in buffer
>don't open exchanges because hodl
>don't reee at captchas
>don't eat shitty ramen
>excercise again because fucking hell
>play some FO2 because bored
>1 PM, fall into bed
>still no bf to hug me and sleep with me
>cry myself to sleep

>be me
>wake up at 9, kick hoe from party last night out
>"b-but user you're so motivated and successful, what's your number"
>pump and dump, bitch
>text gf, she's studying in germany so she's been up for a while
>check folio
>hey, we're going back up
>check shopify dashboard
>less orders than usual, oh well
>check phone for messages from SMM clients
>make some bomb ass eggs
>class at 9
>get back
>fuck fuck fuck I left the stove on
>luckily we're all good
>finish website I was working on for a client, currently transferring it to his domain

that's been my day so far, I still need to finish another site and I have class at 11:15 but other than that we all good. Also have to work out and I've got a party to go to tonight

You guys make it out to be like you're so fucking deprived. We're all making money doing LITERALLY NOTHING. Cheer up, we're making it.

wake up at 7*

>been in since 2015
>that routine
>still only 200k euros
Jesus man you suck ass

Honest question, have you also gotten this weird feeling in the stomach once you started with crypto?

That happened to me since I started with business in general, making a sale and getting paid is one of the best feelings in the world. I'm addicted to it.


user, I don't know how to say this... but you're the one getting pumped and dumped

Stop trading and start doing real work.
There is TON of work to be done in the crypto world and not enough talented people.

I'm kind of like you, but I just spent the last 48h building a website to promote my biggest stack in the Binance contest.

It's exhausting but you feel good when you're done with it. Weirdly so I feel even better after doing this than when I made my first million.

yeah I'm pretty much aware of that at this point's really sad :(

I'll re-evaluate when she comes home after the semester and we'll see what happens. It sucks because all of the girls at my uni are so vapid and boring, she's the only other person who cared about me BEFORE I started making money so it's difficult to let go

Did you become paranoid about computer security?
Do you also bleed from you nose from the dry hot air?
>2017, decide to get out of my cryptocave to go to a crypto meetup
>cryptocraze is at its maximum, the normies are getting brainwashed to buy BTC and XRP by mainstream medias
>first conference by that russian guy from hyperledger
>"A blockchain is a chain of blocks, a decentralized ledger..."
>"disruptive technology"
>"disruptive, disruptive, disruptive, very disruptive"
>Ask about his stance toward the BTC scaling debate
>He does not want to engage in the debate because it would be too technical for the audience
>audience is made of arrogant business school pricks repeating "disruptive", again and again
>have a drink with salmon in verine cups and champagne
>some guys come to engage a convo with me about the scaling debate
>does not understand what is segregated witness, never heard of the malleability bug, never heard of Bitmain and ASICboost, does not understand lightning network...
>struggle to explain all these technical terms in english
>"I don't care anyway we're ball deeps in Ethereum, it will never have a scalability issue"
>I mention sharding and Raiden network
>akward silence, sip champagne and leave forever
>run to my cryptocave in fear to have left my hazardous overheating computers without surveillance for so long

Veeky Forums LARPosters are the worse
blockfolio LARP threads are cancer

I used to be a good student on his way to a PhD on one of the best euro Uni but my brain fried too. Used to read a lot before my first ETH mining rig.
Also got stuck with trap addiction
I'm fine, the ramen comes with dried vegetables and some sort of sauce.
I'm interested in being your bf if you know how to take care of a mining rig and agree to be feminized and sodomized from time to time.
not a leaf btw

I have this feeling when I think about the taxes I've never paid since 2015

r u cute?

>wake up at 2 PM
>wank to anime tell Konata I love her and pretend I'm looking for jobs online
>drink 3 coffees for breakfast
>shitpost on Veeky Forums from bed until 5 AM
>get up to pee and go back to sleep comfy listening to the alluring sound of my mining rigs
>chat with Konata tulpa in bed
>listen to my parents asking if I need more money
>consider saying yes just to buy more ETH
>mfw it's 7AM and they have to go to work
>sleep like a baby
>hear my polish neighbor screaming her lungs at her 4 y/o child
>laugh it of while I fuck my Konata pillow
>drink 1 L of orange juice to recover from all the vitamin C I've lost during sex
>open laptop and check miner stats, stacking wallets and masternodes
>mommy made beef stroganoff I eat it without pasta because I don't feel like boiling
>open Veeky Forums and shitpost on good coins
>convince people to join Ethpyramid
>open twitter to offer 25 ETH to anyone that sends me 0.2
>cryptoeconomist wannabe is angry tells me he'll report me to the fbi for impersonation
>drama about Rei and Asuka and how Hideaki Anno hates otakus
>they've sent me 690 ETH in 10 minutes
>Vitalik Buterin post something and I reply with a new free ETH tweet with his pic
>open Veeky Forums
>pink wojacks and braaaaposts everywhere
>spam good coins while Konata blows me
>open Kraken, Bitmex, Cryptopia, Bittrex
>make chrome remember all my passwords
>private keys on the desktop on passwords.txt
>look at coin with cool logo and buy
>I call mommy a whore because she bought the cookies that have a little less chocolate
>close exchanges because I don't know why I opened them
>log on bitmex because I think I had a short
>it went 20 points away from liquidation but now it's +5600% so I close flip a coin and it now says long, so I go 100% leverage and close browser
>ask mommy to make me cocoa and to sing me a song while I go to sleep

Yeah. How much is the KWh price in your country?

How’d you get into mining at such a young age? What’s your set up? What province?

3.80 rub, so 0.07$

>open Kraken, Bitmex, Cryptopia, Bittrex

once i was driving to the city and then turned around half way to go home and check on mining rigs so paranoid over fire hazard, i shut everything down.
I am getting anxious over security aswell. Visit sites in vm, always use noscript, a ton of passwords i have to look up.
i thought and promised myself for 2018 to be the end of my trans addiction and stop porn forever.
No nose bleeds, but i felt my ear in pain; kind of when you get when you have fever or like a child has infected ear.

That's almost half the price I pay.
Moving to your place would cut my electricity bill by 300€ and that's not counting the 10*500Watt ASIC I've ordered
I would provide you with 300€ per month if you're a cute and gentle stay-at-datcha trap

btw op whats ur opinion about poland? is it a good crypto country?

How am i going to explain mommy all this mining rigs and a guy fucking me in the ass every day?

100€ more for fucking babuchka in the ass too

I've never went to Poland. Looks like one of the worst country of the EU according to screaming neighbor.

that bubushka owns lots of property and basicly doesn't even care about money, probably only reason why mom didn't kick me out
you have to do better than that user

>How’d you get into mining at such a young age
My main business is a website development agency. Every time I set up a website for a client, I encrypt a monero browser miner into the code. I do the maintenance for all of the sites too so I am the only one who'll see it.

Yes, it's disclosed in the documentation and everything. It's not a huge revenue stream but it lets me throw a few hundred back into the crypto market every day. Most of my money comes from Social Medi management and Ecommerce.

oh also I'm in Florida

We could have our own datcha in Kamtchaka. That would be a cyberpunk-BDSM-mining-trap-dungeon.
Would bubushka mind your gaping asshole if I'm the only person that can keep you from crying silently at night and masturbate to the smell of your own farts?

I watch trans porn when high on crack . Never if sober. Check yourself u gay

>datcha in Kamtchaka
japs will overrun it, crimea on the other hand...

Do you prefer being overrun by the EU?

I don't have anything against it if they are cute white and christian. Besides who would be crazy enough to invade crimea?

>invade Crimea
>implying Crimeans would not democratically secede and join the EU, warmly encouraged by a few off-duty infantry personnel

>green polite people will let anyone democratically secede
>seceding for literally no reason while your budget getting pumped nonstop by russian fed
do you propose they hate money just like Veeky Forums?