Who gives them money?

There are women on Twitter who call themselves crypto-girls. They do not do anything like discussing crypto, or doing an analysis. All they do is fool around. But somehow they expect to get paid for shit posting. The worst part is that they do make a lot of money.

Who pays these women and why?

Orbiters, because they're beta males looking for attention and love. Poor saps

thanks just made a twitter account and will impersonate a female crypto enthusiast

You are amazing

>mfw I got my gf to be a cryptogirl
>mfw they her tip 3-4xrb daily


How to make money in crypto without mining or buying crypto: 1. Catfish

damn emojis don't work

I've been larping as a hot chick doing crypto for a while and retards have already donated around 25 eth kek, it's so fucking easy

They deserve to lose that money.

I’ve been thinking about doing this. How do you pull it off?

nice, how much time do you spend on maintaining your image? and where did you get your profile pictures? is it as simple as acting like the other chicks and trying to be slightly more unique?


also if enough people on here did this we could follow/like/interact with each other for support and exposure purposes

meant retweet, not interact but it's similar

Hmm not a bad idea,

> They do not do anything like discussing crypto, or doing an analysis.
Sounds like Veeky Forums

Not much, I use pictures of my old fap folders I used to have when I was browsing /b/ years ago. I did this as a joke at first, I didn't have any donation address and I had a lot of fun, but I figured I could make a profit.
Basically all you have to do is act like a cute retarded girl and post cute pictures without necessarily showing a face, you post pictures of the new vegan meal you totally cooked and then a picture of a cute girl etc...

damn ok, this should be fun, thanks bro and gl

So you don’t use any faces in your pics? Interesting

Well it is, being a woman is so easy today you just can't lose

Most of the time I don't no, find pov pictures they work quite well

Anyone who wants crypto to be mainstream right now is either a whale or a normie.

Lol fucking faggots is who donates

The dung of mankind

On twitter or Instagram?

On twitter, on Instagram I'd have to post too much pictures and the retards would probably figure out that I'm not real. On twitter you only have to post a picture once in a while, most of the time you just say cute retarded shit about crypto like a normie would say, and post a picture when you feel you need to get more attention.

They are modern day whores

And betamalefaggots who enable them are the scum of the earth

You legit made 25 eth? Wtf insanity

Pretty genius

pretty sure these are fake accounts or run by boyfriends

Yes, but I've been larping for nearly a year and I only started receiving donations around october, I don't know how long I'll be doing it it's getting a bit boring and I'm making mistakes as a result

you could sell the account : )

oh and have you cashed out some of it? if it works i'm not sure how i'd go about reporting it (are they capital gains, gifts, etc.)

He's full of shit. I larp as a hot girl on twitter and keep it active.

To date I've got zero anything.

No I didn't and I have the exact same concerns to be honest, I have not moved them from the wallet they were sent to atm

Maybe your fake self isn’t hot enough

Report the value when received as gifts and any value appreciation after that as capital gains.

Show us your wallet address faggot.
I find it hard to believe you'd make much without posting face pics.

norminess is a state of mind
thank you

>Who pays these women and why?
beta orbiters

the only thing worse than a beta orbiter is RICH beta orbtier
god damn fucking fucking idiots

Absolutely sickening

I bet she convinces herself she isn’t a camwhore

Ffs how do you pay that much and not even get the suck?



Fuck off I'm not risking outing myself, I don't give a fuck if you don't believe me

twitch literally lives off of beta cucks

>anal herpies

I gotta be honest. LARPing a woman on the internet in any context is pretty gay. Also, traps are gay.

They aren't winners, they're scammers/pajeets using a girlpic lmao