Starting an ICO

So I want to start an ICO, I have an idea for a project in a niche market. I want to raise funds but I'm no good at building websites or writing smartcontracts

If I were to hire webbuilders and smartcontract writers would they be satisfied waiting to get paid untill pre-sale is over?


>i have no skills and no money
>during my morningshit i had an idea
>will i make it?


Running a ICO costs around 50k minimum, do you have that?

Solidity writers are really expensive because there just aren't many of them out there.
t. Had a great idea for an ico and got a couple of quotes on price.

Taught myself solidity instead but miles away from being able to code what it is I need.

Wow wtf, no I don't.
Isn't that kind of how every ICO goes?

even for a scam you need skills
asking here shows that you have none
i feel bad for you
stick to mc donalds and become a buddhist

It isn't a scam, and yes I do have skills.


Its a good idea :( I want to capitalize on my idea's

You people invest in crap all the time, here I have something actually wortwhile with a real market, I even wanted to give out a dividend token instead of making another shitcoin.

So you're telling me, you're going to pay me to build THE FUCKING PROJECT FOR YOU, and you earn everything, and I get nothing?

Lol, go fuck yourself.

Hey man, I have plenty to do. You only have to setup a website and write a smartcontract. I will be writing the whitepaper, marketing it, reaching out to clients and make it a real business. You're getting paid for the time you put in. I get paid for my effort of being able to succeed.

An idea by itself is worth exactly nothing.
Don't be an idiot, noone will steal it.
Explain it, try to find co founders that are actually good at something.
And fucking give them equity.
Otherwise you'll do fuck all.

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One word: fiverr

I have 50k and a vague idea. Where do I start.

Okay here is my idea:

I was thinking about Brave browser and the monteisation problem for youtubers. Though this idea is ahead of how the market unfolds I thought it be good to set up a platform where advertisers can directly connect with youtubers to advertiste products. Right now on youtube ads are just thrown in and often don't reach their target audience.

Take PewdiePie he has an audience of 12 year olds but then a car commercial shows up...
It be far more effective for a coca cola ad to show up. What if Coca Cola can make a contract with PewdiePie where he drinks a Coke in his video, and says something like:
''Thats really refreshing''

Youtubers can keep making profits on their video's and advertisers can reach their targeted audience.

Also its far more effective for someone people are familiar with to endorse a product, you get more connection with your customers.

Even though you may sound like the stereotypical "idea guy", you are not actually wrong. Most of the dipshits you'll meet on Veeky Forums are just drones for some corporation but haven't actually built a business to know the amount of time and effort it requires. They think that coding some shitty MVP equals a business and are entitled to 90% of the ownership and money. What I'm trying to say is that there's almost 0% chance that you'll find someone here that has the technical expertise but also the proper mindset to understand that you can't build a business just by writing some code and setting up a smart contract.
Anyway, if you think this will be big you can partner up with some turbo autist and split it 70-30. You might have better luck this way.

Not sure because if it really takes 50k to set up an ICO and I would want an MVP, then its almost not feasible since the risk/reward would be to high. Most startups fail anyways, even if it is a good idea. Since I don't have 50k and would have to take out a loan in order to get it started it makes it almost not worth it anymore.

Risks is fine but going in debt is a shitty thing to do.

yo unlike op I actually have money to lay down and not expect somebody to work for sweat equity. Where do i find a turbo autist.

I don't even want to give up equity, I just want to pay them... delayed.. when the pre-sale is succesfull...

Kek, literally this.

so youre even more retarded than i originally thought.