What are some cool use-cases you can come up with for chainlink?

What are some cool use-cases you can come up with for chainlink?
>inb4 smart contract-fuelled lawnmower business

I've got one:
>Veeky Forums decides to pay janitors for their hard work
>every time they delete a post they don't like, a smart contract actives sending them 50,000 link
I guess they really are doing it for free

please explain more.

I want to understand how these ideas would work, but in more detail.

where does the link come from in the first place tho

Which idea in particular,

Your mum's sweaty fanny mate

all of them, the lawn mowing and the janitor ideas

well if you know what smart contracts are then it should b quite straightforward. But in another thread some user posited the idea that you could have a lawn with a sensor that detects the length of the grass. Once some mexican kid mows it down the required length, he shall get paid via a smart contract via the sensor.

janitor would be easy to set up, cos its done online. But that example was just a joke about link being worthless

Interested in this thread.

What is the most valuable data right now? —> targeted advertising? Unfortunately that’s all owned by Google and Facebook

What niche NEET data could we provide? That’s actually valuable?

> Contractor C posts a contract. Contract for the assassination of Senator X. The contract rewards a perpetrator P for commission of this crime. The contract Contract takes as input from a perpetrator P a commitment vcc specifying in advance the details (day, time, and place) of the assassination. To claim the reward, P decommits vcc after the assassination. To verify P’s claim, Contract searches an authenticated data feed on news to confirm the assassination of Senator X with details matching vcc.

Remeber jizzus christ on /b/? We could set up a gambling site where NEETs can bet on the volume of cum he has bottled each year. Winners shall be rewarded accordingly via smart contract

This is something ive actually been thinking about as an inherent design to coins like chainlink and bounty

Cool to think about but potentially a cause of unnecessary govt crackdowns

Though I’m a bit fuzzy on the details, here’s a problem I face frequently. I want to buy/sell something online from someone on let’s say Kijiji/eBay. But all I have is PayPal, who always sides with the buyer and charges a 4% fee, on top of 2.9% currency conversion. If somehow, Link can be used to verify both the contents of the package and delivery, in order for the seller to get paid, as part of the smart contract, it might solve this problem. If it does, it will accomplish something cash can’t.

Inb4 second cold war caused by malicious use of smart contracts while nazi NEETs are rolling around in the money generated from the war effort

The jannie idea would need a cross check, like another third party verifying the post is actually ban worthy, otherwise they could just delete everything.

I wrote down some use cases but I'm afraid I don't want to share, they are pretty good and Ive been thinking about making them

Maybe a smart contract that takes a 50 Link penalty fee whenever op makes a retarded thread.

What about a smart contract that executes someone whenever they're being a cheeky cunt

jannie was just a joke about link being worthless

>I wrote down some use cases but I'm afraid I don't want to share, they are pretty good and Ive been thinking about making them
That's fine, are there any you can think of on the spot? the possibilities are endless

Lawn mower idea doesn't make sense, grass doesn't just grow in perfect squares

Janitor idea is bad because they now have incentive to remove posts that aren't funny

If the government votes on the anti terrorist contract bill you write the names of every person that voted for it and make another assassination contract for each of them for a reward of 0.00001 LINK (349 trillion dollars). Don't fear the government crackdown, make the government fear your crackdown.

I don't see a way to do it with physical objects without 3rd party trust, which makes you end in a similar situation to just trusting Paypal. Damaged goods can come in a lot of different ways to really be able to program them logically for every possible item. For anything digital it could help a lot though.

Post office as trust

Post office isn't going to check if the 7 dragon balls that were sent are legitimate or not.

There will be many exceptions, but if even part of the shipping overhead can be streamlined, it has value

I solved the lawnmower problem. Why the fuck would you have sensors checking the height of the grass when you can have sensors recording the distance the lawnmower has gone?