So when are you faggots are you apologizing...

So when are you faggots are you apologizing? I've seen a couple "apologize" threads but they're still filled with fudders and people complaining about said threads.

I'm going to need a sincere apology here.

Did you sell it yet?

Jebus @ that daily volume! Wtf happend to that coin?

It's going to 150k.

I bought back in at 62k.

So no, I didnt sell, I did swing it from 62 to 98, i'm glad I fucking held did afterwards. It has so much place to grow still. The dip was artificial from the bitgrail insolvency fud. It's going back to its previous price and more.

>fell all the way from $35 to $13

Anyone have the screencap of the guy who sold at the very bottom?

NOT ME I went all in at 72k

You're a retard if you think something can gain this much in a few days and not crash.

Well they released the android app right before the market dip and it went green while everything was red so i think a lot of people fomo'd into the green coin.

Also there's this coinbase rumor (kinda silly but not impossible mid term)

Also the mobile app IS awesome. No sync time. Literally instant tx. User friendly and all.

ALSO 1upcoin just integrated Nano as a tip option for Twitch officially today. 1upcoin is partnered with coinbase and only had coins that were on coinbase so that increased the speculation, although I know the tips are actually gettting cashed out through Nanex right now.

A lot of people were waiting on the bottom to jump in too because they understood the fud had nothing to do with the coin.

12th on cmc by volume.
Very comfy. Proper FOMO will kick in at 200k sats and then we will back to the days of chadblocks.

Got any idea where will it stop?
The volume is rising rapidly and it started earlier today.

Only have 10, but money I lost past couple weeks is coming back thanks to Nano.

hey cunt, come back in two days, i'hh have a big HAHAHA waiting for you.

Finally got to drop my bags. I figured it would take a year or more. Enjoy the free fall next week.

eh, i dont know, some dude on twitch mentioned it and reddit thinks its a big deal

Weak hands. Precisely.

It crashed HARD because of the bitgrail theft. It has to rise just as hard. Then it should dip a little, but be around $20-30 a piece.

Once again it was good time to buy when Veeky Forums was fudding the most.

I'm trying to figure out when to sell, it just seems to keep on rising jesus christ. Glad I held

Whenever I see something go 25% on consecutive days, no matter how much I think it can return to ATH, I'm not going in then. It will go down. 13k is a resistance level for now.

Now. Look at the 15m chart. People are unsure at it breaking 13k right now. It could go down to 11k again and then you can buy. Accumulate. Just watch it.

The more you wait the longer you will watch that candle go down.

And it is still only really big exchange is binance.
It's only a matter of time when it gets to koreans.

I was called autistic when I said nano was on sale and a great buy. Yeah I'm autistic that's probably why I knew

bought in at 12.9 already down 50 cents fuck u cunt and ur shitcoin. btw all ur gains will be held hostage by me unless u send me 1000 eth.


It's going to 140k in 24h screenshot this