Guy knows nothing, but has a million dollar idea

>Guy knows nothing, but has a million dollar idea
>You know everything, but doesn't have the idea.
>Guy asks you to build the idea for them.

How do you leverage yourself in this position to get the most out of the guy who knows nothing? If possible, fuck him over without getting caught would be a great approach.

Any suggestions?

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Just build the idea yourself and fuck that worthless pos

>idea guy
kys faggot

this, lmao. Nobody needs idea guys. You just steal the idea and say it was your own. He can't do anything about it.

tell him there is no such thing as an idea guy and nobody will pay him for it only for a working product.
let him give up and build it yourself

If the idea is a noose around your neck, I can get behind it. Just be honest, you piece of shit.

find out if he's patented the idea or not
if not, just steal the idea off him

Just watch The Social Network, m9

"ideas" are worthless, unless you have a plan/passion to execute it. fuck the idea guy

>can’t even be creative enough to steal an idea by himself and wants to steal additional ideas from Veeky Forums
An ideas guy can learn how to do stuff and implement his idea, but a creative bankrupt guy will always be a simple drone.

You must place his literal ball sack into a literal vice and coerce the man into divulging the idea. You will need some sort of alibi in case he gets the police involved- I'm lucky enough to have a publicly dead twin brother that can stage weekend trips on demand, but you may not be as fortunate.

Mark Zuckerberg

Hey man,I scam people for a living too, can you fuckin put me in the loop there with ya?

Nothing to lose honey, so lets make some money motha fucka.

Discord invite: G94CCK


ideas are worth around $20

execution is everything

>Nothing to lose honey
self respect

Who has funding?

self respect

You assign value to those concepts.
And the reason YOU assign that value is hundreds of years of cultural "shit" that I can't be assed to write about.

Unsubscribe from any and all ideologies.
Or at least understand why you think those abstract concepts have any meaning to you.

I'm a free man, I choose to ignore those ideas, as they have no inherent value. Only the value we assign to them.

I choose not to be a drone and I MYSELF assign value to abstract ideas rather than a placing those things on a pedestal.

This is enlightenment.
Being a selfish mother fucker.

ask for 51%. easy as that

this is the most autistic thing I've ever read

damn fucking straight I assign value to not fucking over other humans. you're a netloss to humanity; you can justify that in your head all you want with your retarded drivel, you're still a degenerate and nobody worthwhile will ever care about you


Never seen someone so proud of being a braindead Pajeet.