Chainlink giant sell wall

36 btc sell wall just got put up on binance, and taken down minutes later.

Assblaster said in his last thread, the pastebin link, that the player who bought ~15 milion LINK on 13th February only purchased "a part of what he wanted", and he would return to buy more within the next week.

Based on this 36 btc wall flashing, i think we might see another huge pump today, like we did on the 13th February, good opportunity for anons to increase their LINK stack by 10-20% if that is the case.

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Wow the assblaster larp has just gone too far when Veeky Forumstards think that any LINK sell wall is that one guy he talked about. Fucking hell man.

I just finished accumulating. priced in with 5,555 links feels good

Yep I see this as bullish too. It fucking deserves a good bullrun.

Well, it might be. AB said he would be buying more after the conference so if he’s telling the truth then SOMEONE will put up sell walls. Why not this guy?

All it takes it btc to drop below 10 and it will and this shits going down. Wait anons!

I remember when seeing this when I was still new to cryptos 8 months ago would have made me sell my entire stack immediately. Now it makes me want to buy more.

>5,555 links
Jesus christ the word accumulating gets way overused. Not having a go at you, but accumulation is when you're buying for a long time at cheap price to get a shit load, not

gather together or acquire an increasing number or quantity of.

I started with 1776 links last month.

holy shit you're literally me

man being a cryptonewfag was so fucking confusing at first

explain me how that is bullish wtf is wrong with you guys.

this is just a whale taking profits, anticipating the crash on monday, nothing more

I suggest you look up what accumulate means in the dictionary user

it isnt, this thread is made by the same person who is providing the sell wall

LINK is heavily botted. This could either be a fake resistance level or that.

Yes I know the dictionary meaning, but in the context of trading it is generally means what I said.

>whale has to put up a 36 btc sell wall to keep the price down
>not bullish

Does anyone have a copy of the pastebin text? I want you read it again

Sorry I want to read it again, not "You"- phone auto correct

Just felt like you guys could use an update:

The individual I said would be accumulating throughout the week, well either due to my posts or coincidence the price rose faster than anticipated, so they only acquired some of their goal. They are anticipating a post conference dip and intend to wait it out and buy the rest then, after that you should be able to find their wallet on etherscan.

My new job actually is a lot more directly involved with crypto/blockchain so I should be board informed going forward, although still confined to the realm of fintech. Many anons on Veeky Forums claim to also be insiders to varying degrees, to any of them who are NOT LARPs I have the following to say: I met with a certain Swiss banker of a Dutch background, I can’t narrow it down further without it being too obvious, either way if you’re remotely involved with hedge funds/private equity you know who I’m talking about. Anyways I actually spoke with him this week, I asked about ChainLINK, he said he hadn’t heard of it, which was as expected because he specialises in asset management etc. not in financial governance. What he did say however was somewhat interesting: he had moved his entire position into Ethereum, and that basically most private asset managers were actually ready to move into crypto, however they still do not trust the fact that there is still a lot of financial power in a few unknown individuals. In fact a lot of banks are spending tons doing all kinds of analyses to determine just how many individuals there are with 50k+ BTC. This problem is further compounded because ETH is one of the most promising cryptos however a lot of these bitcoin ‘ground zero’ holders had tons of money by the time ETH came out, and not only did they buy tons of ETH they also had the added experience and foresight to hide their holdings. The nightmare scenario right now is some 22 year old kid who was 1MM+ Ethereum he got because he was mining Bitcoin. Obviously this isn’t directly what’s holding back institutional money, they are buying, and they are doing so slowly, but they are also wary and willing to sell and buy back in if the boat starts rocking. I am just saying we’re entering a sort of twilight zone of financial powerhouses having to deal with autistic bronies. Which is all in keeping with what I’ve said about LINK.

>huge pump today
>increase their link stack


That is why Sergey has been working so hard and communicating so little, there is a very real race against the clock right now, if LINK successfully deploys a fundamentally useable product, it’s not only going to cement itself and increase in price, it is literally going to suck the life and value out of every vapourware ERC20 out there. It is interesting, and surely no coincidence, that the deployment timeline for LINK is right on schedule for the entrance of legacy corporations.

As usual, do not buy or sell LINK based on any statements made by me, I make these statements for those who have already bought. Will stick around to answer Qs for a bit.

Do you have the whole thing? I've been wanting to read the bit where he talks about tokens & seeing them as fungible permissions to use a network etc

that is the whole thing, perhaps he talks about that in the thread?

never mind I'm retarded, here you go

The next part of my update regards the LINK conference and just what Sergey is hinting at when he says ‘beyond tokenisation’, see one of the many advantages of my new job is dealing with a lot of people who have a broad knowledge both of legacy systems of finance, and blockchain/cryptocurrencies. Many people with a deep technical knowledge experience ‘tunnel vision’, this is why often times idiots can outperform experts at investing, and also why every trader has the concept of ‘gut instinct’, it’s because sometimes you look too closely. These people have helped my articulate my own understanding even further, pay attention carefully because what I’m about to tell you is very obvious but also extremely neglected:

Ethereum is currently positioning itself as the trustless ‘legislative’ branch of crypto, one of the reasons it is so popular right now with legacy money transitioning is because they can wrap their head around it a lot better. What I mean by that is essentially Ethereum is increasingly becoming the ‘courtroom’ of cryptocurrency, this may seem obvious by the term ‘smart contract’ but people still seem to apply analyses to Ethereum as if it is a currency. It incorporates a currency because just like the legislative branch of America, lawyers need money. Think about it this way: America prints money, the money is invested in securities, those securities are guaranteed by the legislative system, the legislative system is paid in money. The problem is legislative systems cannot be self contained systems, if Ethereum does not begin to interact with actual external systems/goods/rights then it will become entirely speculative. This is also why you need to recalibrate how you view ERC-20 tokens, think of them as fungible contracts, bearer bonds. They are not items in themselves, they are deeds of entitlement. The whole point of ChainLINK is that the tokens themselves are a mere deed to a share of the network, the network is and will always be the only thing of value. The point of Sergey’s speech will likely revolve around how value through token issuance can no longer be sustained, that essentially we’ve all been giving away deeds to ideas, but that those deeds are going to have zero value the second real items are deployed through smart contracts. So think of it like a barrier: on the one side you have these smart contracts, on the other you have real world ‘things’, currently people have been creating smart contracts for things that will eventually exist, but the minute pre-existing companies and services deploy ERC20 tokens, they are going to wipe out the tokens that are unbacked.

Yes that's it thank you user! I've been asking if anyone has this all week!

correct order

no problem user, I thought he might delete it so I saved a copy just in case

>That is why Sergey has been working so hard and communicating so little, there is a very real race against the clock right now
yeah, mcdaonalds closes in 13 hours


THANK YOU user, saved and will be using this a lot in the future.

Also, I started the cool hand link meme. what a glorious day/thread!

Yes I was annoyed I didn't save it when I went back to read it again & it was gone. That bit about ethereum as the courtroom of crypto & seeing tokens as permissions to use a network is very insightful. It doesn't matter if he's larping, that passage is without from someone who has thought about & understands crypto pretty deeply. Looking at tokens in this way has really made me understand various coins much better


Can’t wait for 2019 when LINK is still 0.65

You mean $650?

I'm so autistic I couldn't stand that there was a spelling error in the file name. Someone pls kill me.

Good meme


>another huge pump
> good opportunity for anons to increase their LINK stack
Anyway, if you didn't buy yesterday during the futures dip then you might as well FOMO in whenever, probably won't be sub $0.60 before the conference again

If you hold 1000 of them, yes

There are less than 6k people in the world with more than $1k worth of chainlink.

It's all good :)

>think we might see another huge pump today
you know what a sell wall is, right?

It truly is trial by fire

what I'm wondering is, if you connect blockchain technology with input from sensors, RFID-chips and so on you have a real product bridging the gap between the token and the real world. so chainlink would be in a simple way something connecting smartcontract products with the real world like VET or WTC is for connecting real products and the data they produce with the blockchain?

No. Chainlink is not the bridge between smart contracts and the physical world. It's the bridge between smart contracts and reliable real-world data sources. There is a difference.

I dont know what you mean

Really is, I made so many fuck ups but still have done well. LINK is my /making it/ ticket though

Is that right? Wew

1000 LINK times $0.65 = $650

Luckily I got in November bought a shit tom of req and link because they made sense. Bought a plethora of shit pins though. Lost my ass but good for tax write offs.

This is why I think that link might actually make a bunch of neets big money

I don’t think you understand what chainlink does

Me, my nan, mother and two of my brother's are among them. Kek


For real?

I have 2,6 LINK, so this makes me a what?


I can own my own shitting street in the future?

Something sounds wrong with the insider/larper but I can't really wrap my head around it yet..

I still dont know what you mean

I said $650

>2,6 LINK
you sure you didn't miss an M or two there big boy?
Nice double 900s btw. LINK 900$ EOY confirmed, shitcoin's never going to 1k, linkies on suicide watch.

can someone explain to me why a sell wall is a bullish indicator? Doesnt it mean that some guys is trying to dump his bags, but can't because theres not enough volume?


meant 2,6k of course.
I am bad with numbers

>Doesnt it mean that some guys is trying to dump his bags
no. if you hold a huge amount of a coin you will dump gradually over time so as not to crash the market and kill your gains

the purpose of a sell wall:
>set up huge sell wall at a price slightly above what you want to pay
>people who want to sell their link but are impatient will set sell orders under your wall so you can buy them relatively cheap
>people who are dumb will see sell wall and think what you thought, and panic sell into the sell waller's wallet
>when you're done, take the wall down and the price will naturally increase due to your increased buy volume and the absence of the sell wall

babyshit level market manipulation but it works in crypto

so just limit buy under his wall then?

>giant buy wall appears
LOL this isn't bullish, you noobs!
>giant sell wall appears
LOL this isn't bullish, you noobs!

so which is it, TA "experts"

i dunno i don't play the market. i just buy coins that i think will increase over time because i'm going long-term investing. i don't play the market games

Dumping of large amounts is done on the way up - you start buying and you put sell orders for small amounts above the amounts and prices you are buying. FOMO kicks in and people start buying your shit. Then you buy a bit more to keep it going and start looking for big buy orders at prices you like - you want to sell into them but not obliterate them.
Whales don't need a x10 to make money.

usually whales will put up a buy wall on the ETH pairing at the same time so the order will get filled from people selling, at least that's what I've noticed with link. It's not enough to counteract the sell wall because the BTC pairing has more volume. Just put a buy order in slightly above the whales buy wall and it should get filled

>brainlet alert

Both are actually bullish dumb fuck, the only thing that’s truly bearish in crypto is a lack of activity. When you see a market depth book that’s just a complete flatline.

2+2 is 7 QWIK MAF

so he's making a few cents per trade? How is that even worth his time?

>post conference dip

I dont know how to say this user, but the train is leaving the station after sxsw

That will be our equivalent of 6/17/17 for AntShares (NEO)

>That will be our equivalent of 6/17/17 for AntShares (NEO)
What happened then? Newfag here

Whats 1% of 100K ?

a little fucking blue googly eye ant chink shit rebranded into the NEO we see today and went from like $5 to $60 in one day

this is an assblaster pasta from just before the last conference, I was just sharing it again because he deleted it. I agree after sxsw we will moon hard

I really wanna stick it to the nolinkies you guys

When is sxsw

>There are less than 6k people in the world with more than $1k worth of chainlink
Wait, really? How do you know this?

The thing about SXSW that people should understand is that, BTC superconference was small time, but SXSW has SERIOUS backing. just look at the sponsors.
It is a panel event too with the founder of docusign

three of those 6k wallets containg more than $1000 worth of chainlink are mine. Most people with a lot of money in one coin will use at least two wallets. I have 30k ChainLink and am paranoid as hell for reference.

and after the last conference, with Sergey finally starting to talk about chainlink, I expect big news to come at sxsw that will make the normies FOMO. they're finally ready to begin marketing and it's the perfect opportunity to shill to normies

if you're in the top 1000 wallets you are set for life, friends. just keep holding.

doesn't count people who have their links on exchanges, right?

nobody keeps a significant amount of precious LINKs on exchanges.

one is one of the founders of docusign and another is former general consel of docusign

should I cash out?
how do i make a paper wallet for my linkies?

a hardware wallet is the best option

Use MyEtherWallet and make sure you have about a dollar worth of ETH to the same wallet so you can pay withdrawal fees.

Assblaster also said that NANO was a shitcoin with no value that would continue to bleed out into single figures... it's up 34.48% today LOL

So far he's provided absolutely ZERO evidence that he's an insider

kind anons.
Also, since you're probably not going to wait a while before getting your hardware wallet, use the JSON file, and save it on an encrypted folder using Veracrypt.
I'm a infosec brainlet, but that's probably better than leaving it on an exchange.
Or paper wallet, your choice

thanks friends

He actually said that about XRB, the rebrand wasn't foreseen. It's a textbook DCB

He did called nano going sub 10 and called the crash, while i tend to agree its LARP, he has been right a allot of times.

Hope you had fun picking up my bags

He didn't call shit, he said to move out of shitcoins even though every coin took a huge hit and everybody's grandmothers were calling a crash


HODL Urself to death please and kys while doing it.

I got 60k in one wallet because I am a MANIAC