Are you guys really that fucking retarded since you're not talking about this moonrocket ICO? Thank me later, but now I'll briefly explain you why you have to buy it.

>low mcap and total supply (50 000 000 tokens)
>very solid team of french highly educated aristocrats
>working product impacting on multibillion industry
>solid partnerships already (i.e. ENG data market place)
>0.001eth ICO price

Hurry on, there only 4 days left. Use my ref code and get your 5% bonus: JNMMFVQO. Again, thank me later. We will all make it.

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there's only one day left*


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I'm in. Here's my referral in case someone needs one.



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Still have 4 slots left: RSSZORFR
You won't regret it.


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Enter this one in your registration form.

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lol @ this scam.
CEO is well known in France for losing his job after fucking up a huge trade for BNP.
They claim to be from an elite French school, but they really just attended their ultra-expensive 1 year program (basically a more expensive version of a Coursera certificate) last year.
The fact that they promise all sorts of fantastic returns from their trading bots alone should be a big red flag. This is nothing more than a French version of BitConnect.
Stay clear friendos.

is there any proofs? if not difficult?

This guy knows what's up. Huge red flags. I looked into it as well and i got spooked. French Bitconnect is 100% correct.