Le scam tee hee.

JUST wait.

If you sell at $4 flat, you will be posting in 6 months about how you are now hyperconnecting your butthole for money

ICX will perform nicely, but don't expect anything spectacular.

>that order book
why they're accumulating so much

they're not accumulating user. people are just selling because nothing is happening

holy shit just wait until march

>200 btc wall at 4000 sats
then i guess everyone decided to sell all at the same time

new ATH by end of April.

Unironically just bought 800 more

>w-whales are accumulating

>ethereum of north korea

>its like buying ethereum at $9

>we going over $100 on mainnet launch

>5% chancer of going under $12

ICX is a can't miss coin just hold bro.

Just hold you salami handed queefchomper

coin has performed like shit since the conference. bought in sub .0002 tho and shouldve sold but held like a bitch all the way down. icx to ath again and im out

Holy shit, you guys have the shortest attention span.
>South Korea most pro crypto government on the planet
>ICX has confirmed partnerships with tons of companies, across industries
>Interoperability between industries on the Icon network
Once this shit pops off, I will recieve my lambo and I will be happy. I don't expect this to happen before the end of the year, but fear not, it will happen.

how many lambo coins have you accumulated?

>we going over $100 on mainnet launch
Not a single person has ever said this.

If I get in now, what can I expect in 2 months?

half your portfolio.

Not sure about him but I have 5,000 ICX. Don't feel like it's enough for lambo, though

at least half a mill in the next bull run

how many ICX to creampie her asshole?

>muh samsung of crypto

This it what people said about Ethereum a little more than a year ago.

3 icx

This is a no brainer... Although the moon mission is going to take a month plus... In Crypto years that's a decade. My biggest bag by far.... but when this motherfucker launches.... and it will launch. This shit doesn't even have a KRW pair, the token hasn't even been converted and dapps haven't been released. This project is not that old and is an enourmous undertaking with every connection imaginable in South Korea the biggest Crypto market in the world. I can go on but I won't bc it's pointless.