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>he thought it wasn't an exit scam
Forking zclassic AND bitcoin into one coin isn't even technically possible. What did you think would happen?

No. You bought a shitcoin scam made to put money into the zclassic dev's pockets. Good luck with your bagholding goals in 2018.

Come on can do better.
I watched this go from 100 to 230 in 12 hours during its big pump. In satoshi values it holds that ATH still.
Stop doing this and try and create a state of mind where toilet witches are a thing of the past.

what the fuck does that mean? so this is fucking over yes or no?

fucking piece of shitcoin

I have no fucking idea either what he's saying but what are you complaining about? It's near ATH in sats, you just bought BTC too high basically.

what? i've been holding since $30 im asking if bittrex said something about the fucking fork or not

they basically tweeted "we may or may not support it, but if we dont, we wont tell you"

The amount of volume and money Zclassic has brought them, from a business standpoint, it would not make sense to not support it. Also, they supported Bitcoin Gold.

They did make a vague announcement hinting that they would not support it.

The whole tweet plus the BCPT one was either a weird coincidence, or they are messin with bagholders

yeah i saw that it was kinda trolling or something??

Fucking pieces of shit

Come on man, all the altcoin values are tied to BTC. It goes steadily up, we are happy with them. If BTC goes down they go down accordingly (except for low volume coins that are paraded as the only green candles in the massacre by fags)
So we are talking in BTC values (satoshis). This coin is now at an all time high (ATH) in satoshis. Meaning that if BTC was worth its December value right now, you would be seeing $260 on coinmarketcap.
I am already drunk and corrected this comment 3 times, so I am not going to explain further.
DYOR and rest assured that its SATOSHI value will go up until the fork.
Also as a sidenote, BTG was announced the previous day, BCH was announced 5 days prior. On Bittrex. Check their posts.
BCH - (They called it BCC then, lel)

Can you elaborate on the technical feasibility of forking two coins together? What are your credentials that would qualify you to make the claim that its not possible?

It's pretty obvious they're supporting, the ZCL wallet was in maintenance yesterday. Also I think they understand how much ground they've already lost to Binance and how much more they stand to lose if they do not support. There is a big following around this coin and if you look on Twitter you will see the herds of people ready to pack up all their coins and take them to Binance over this.

Let's fucking hope. Goddamn turd was supposed to go to $500 or at least $300.

there is a relatively unknown website called Google and Twitter. I heard YOU
could use it.



We got cucked, I thought bittrex was going to support the fork. What're you going to do now?

Literally wait it out until the 28th.

Lmao, they've spent literally MONTHS shutting down pump groups and trying to become the LEGIT exchange, requiring KYC and shit, and now they are going to throw that away and add a clear pump coin with all the red flags in place? ZCL fags are completely disillusional


Good luck guys

I think im going to hodl to get my BTCP in hopes it moons, it is indeed a risky move but well i don't know what else to do

if i sell and rebuy im scared that BTCP initial price would be higher than ZCL fork price besides i still don't know what Bittrex is going to do

There will be a sell off for sure, especially if bittrex doesn't support the fork. I'm dumping this weekend

Going to dump the BTCP I get from holding BTC immediately

it's not a fork of 2 coins, it's an airdrop to btc holders

no one cares about your 0.1 BTCP

>begging for an announcment


Why would exchanges support this? They know ZCL will drop to 0 after the fork. They can keep all the BTCP for themselves.

its fake

I could've sold at 2m+ sats but I held thinking bittrex would announce support earlier, fucks sake FUCK that chink nigger and his cronies for fucking with us


dont see it anymore cause it was deleted, p sure someone out there other than me seen it

Bittrex is a fucking pajeet scam in all honesty, idk why people still use that cursed exchange. they don't even give people their GAS they take that shit all for themselves, fucking jew niggers taking over crypto now and the only thing that can stop them is a good decentralised exchange REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Why don't you build one?

pls explain, i never heard this before

Thinking about selling soon. My biggest concern is just getting the BTCP and then have no exchanges support it. I would basically be holding a free coin that I can't even sell and a pretty much worthless ZCL

NEO gives off a dividend of GAS. Bittrex keeps the dividend coin for themselves

lol really. how do you get the gas then? not sure why they would not do this.

Just dropped my bags on some poor soul. I'm fucking done betting on a last-second support announcement.

did the same here, it makes it too much of a gamble at this point

>he keeps his coins on an exchange

any one who buys NEO on bittrex knowing full well that GAS isn't payed out must be a lazy fucking idiot. just withdraw it retards

they keep it because it is free money for them

you get the gas if you withdraw from the exchange into your wallet.

Funny, I just dropped my 450 ZCL as well. I can't fucking do this anymore, been in since Christmas. I knew I should have fucking sold at ATH sats 2 weeks ago or whenever

Tfw bought your order and it's going up

Almost ready to drop mine. Fuck.

This is why I'm still holding

hang in there, brother.

>not realizing that they're not allowed to give GAS because that would make NEO a security by US law, where bittrex is located


i thought all coins were securities now?

you all don't get it
the pump was from 2,5 to 200 dollares
you fags are all to late

we'll see :)))
you are also my brother



It's over guys

You're a fucking retard.

The pump for original ZCL whales was realized.

The pump for BTCP is not yet realized.

goosebumps, my other brother, goossebumps

The pump for BTCP was the pump for ZCL

why would you buy ZCL if not for the BTCP hype

They do this on purpose so you dump your bags then once they announce support you fomo back in at last second for a higher price. It's a shady practice and they hide behind "legal reasons for nondisclosure" but trust me they will support the fork. It's obvious at this point.

>It's a shady practice
They want their cut, why wouldn't they do it?

this is how the past 15 bitcoin forks have gone, don't know why you all think this one is special.

Remember biz isn't exactly Einstein. As if bittrex isn't going to support the fork for one of they're biggest earners in fees.

ZCL is a top 50 coin and the fork actually does something useful.

Also note they supported the original Zencash/Zclassic fork before this

I went all-in on this. 50% at 145---- sats and 50% at 160---- sats.

I feel like i just fucked myself jesus christ man.

Holding this shit right up to the fork is going to bankrupt me isnt it

You'll be fine, regardless whatever happens with zcl, btcp will make you a profit in the future

Do not sell at a loss, and you'll be fine. Might have to hold on to your bags for more than a year tho

youve got to be kidding me right?
So theres not going to be a pre-fork pump on this anymore?

Only if bittrex gets its shit together and announces support

This is the perfect pump and dump

Take a dead coin and convince people the forked coin will be worth $2000. Proceed to dump on them before the fork. The dread sets in on bag holders as they realze anyone who wants BTCP already owns ZCL and the price will tank once BTC holders dump their free coins for way less than ZCL is trading at today.

No one wants a shitfork

HIIK desu senpai, I'm not the fucking delphoi oracle.

I think BTC Private is fucking awesome though and it will breach 1000$ eventually. Dunno what will happen to ZCL, I expect it to drop to 0 or something

yeah of course you arent. sorry im just over here contemplating ending myself after a series of less than ideal trades.

Okay so if I have these coins on shitopia and I can't get rid of them prefork, I need to send them to a zcl wallet or I wont get btcp? How the fuck does this work again?

They're going to take a snapshot on February 28 (dunno when exactly tho), and the fork will happen within a couple days. If your coins are on an exchange when on Feb 28 tho, then your chances of getting BTCP are slim - better transfer them to a private wallet before that date. (I can recommend the Electrum wallet, it's pretty great)

Why do you want to get rid of them tho? Why not wait till the fork? Do you have no faith in the BTCP fork or what?

>Why do you want to get rid of them tho? Why not wait till the fork? Do you have no faith in the BTCP fork or what?

Because everyone and there mom is going to dump this shitfork

Bro to be honest I jumped in this about 5 days ago looking to ride the pre-fork wave for about 30-40% gains on my stack and then jump off without getting too greedy.

Now that it's literally gone 15-20% down since i've bought in im having to actually contemplate holding through the fork which is scaring the fuck out of me desu.

Perfect pump and dump

whales get to dump on everyone while idiots hold until the fork.

I will laugh when this falls apart

you realize that after the fork your stack will be worth 10% at all?
ant for the fork you have to wait until its listed on a big exchange (if), binance can take months, if your lucky
would not hold you r entire stack through the fork, this would be insane and a nightmare in terms of opportunity cost

Guys you're fucking scaring me, considering selling back to BTC, wtf should I do, I can't live with myself if this doesn't net me at least 2x (in satoshis) within a year

Within a year? Easily

I put into ZCL everything I've mined so far, which isn't much but I'd be really fucking pissed at myself if it would go down the drain. All I care is more BTC, so I figured if I could increase my BTC instead of it just rotting away in a nicehash wallet it would be nice.. But maybe if BTCP really takes off I won't sell, idk

2x in a year?
yeah sure it will
with other options you could do 10x in a year easily......
opportunity cost matters

just don't go with your whole stack through the fork, what's the problem?

lmao you fucking retard they add shit coin pump and dumps everyday

Other historical charts i've researched, coins really tend to start pumping about 4-5 days out from the fork.

We are currently 5 days off from the fork.

What is holding this shit back right now? Bitrex not announcing anything?

So far I'm down 70% with everything else so I'll take my 2x...

it already pumped 100x since the fork announcement
what else are you waiting for? another 5x?
not gonna happen

if you are down 70% you will need at least 3x and won't even break even
wtf did you do?

>approaching 1.3m sats


okay nigger so im going to repeat this one more time, slowly just so you might be able to comprehend.

I'm not saying it hasn't had a huge runup since the announcement.

I'm saying theres nearly always a final fomo wave near the end.

Look at this

Bought in around January. Haven't sold at a loss yet so I'm essentially just hodling reallllly fucking heavy bags all over the place.

yeah nigger, sure i'm the retarded one here
would you compare your wishful thinking chart maybe to the zcl chart from december until now?
notice something?
fucking idiot

Do you guys know what wallet will support the fork if you're holding BTC? Don't want to go all in ZCL so I have some spare BTC but might as well get some free coins for those as well.

They look exactly the same dude up until the final fomo spike.
Just look at the fucking runups and the final spikes.

>NXT was 6 cents prior to fork announcement.
>Had a runup to just under a dollar, or a 15x with 5 days left until the fork.
>Had a final fomo spike where it ran up to $2 at its peak, or a 33x

>ZCL was $5 prior to fork announcement
> Had a runup to about $200 overtime, with now 5 days before the fork.
You are Here
> ??? fomo spike?

Look i understand the runup was a lot bigger percentage wise on this fork, but its also got fucking bitcoin in the name.
Theres still a very real possibility of a final spike.


And the exchanges will prevent you from taking your coins off the exchanges before the fork so they get all the value from BTCP.

zcl was 2 dollar until some clever guys
(hint: rhett and his faggy scammerfriends)
bought all up and caused the price to 2x-3x hours before the announcement

you can all hope to make it through this shady shit without too much damage (at least the greedy ones who bought at ath)
i wish you that honestly, i also wish rhett and the rest of the scammer devs to be buttfucked in jail for insidertrading
sec is already tipped of and watching this shit

Unironically upset at myself for going all in on this at 120usd

bro my 13k initial investment in mid december was as high as 40k but is now just 8,000

i thought this was the way for me to get back to breakeven but im just a fucking retard who chose wrong again

Same put my final 9k in as a please god... Looks like im gonna get fucked and just quit crypto instead. fuck it.

apparently the way to play this dumb fucking game is to hold alts until they gain a lot of satoshi and then sit in bitcoin until the alts crash to rock bottom, where you move from bitcoin back to the alts.

Unfortunately I didnt have anybody to tell me this so now im scrambling for hail maries like this dumbfuck ZCL

>make a shitcoin fork nobody cares about
>price is less than a dollar, and you hold hundreds of thousands of coins
>announce that you want to fork and combine two famous coins, even though you can't actually do it
>watch as thousands of literal mouth breathers pumps the price to $200
>slowly dump your stack on the retards and announce that the fork is off
>multi-millionaire for a couple of months of giving empty promises

Congrats on this, seriously. You god damn retards.

I didn't have anyone tell me either. I've burnt through far too much on this shit. I have no idea why I haven't quit yet.