When top5 again ?

when top5 again ?

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Probably never.
Too many good platforms coming.

all these shitcoins deserve to be higher than monero ? cmon


Problem is that it's in a development rut.

Monero is a shitcoin. Privacy is a meme.

>Privacy is a meme.
it really isnt. not everyone's a millenial, remember

all of those are inflated by having a supermajority of coins owned by a few individuals at basically zero cost basis, especially ripple, litecoin, stellar, cardano and iota.

lmao i'd encourage you to go to the darkweb and see otherwise

If bulletproofs and RuffCT cut down on transaction costs like they should, I don't understand why Monero shouldn't supplant Bitcoin as the default currency of the cryptosphere.

monero is by far the best but that simply will never happen.

monero is a feature currency, and it's feature is something that's coming when we have second layers like plasma/lightning. once you have those in place, it's very easy to make transactions as private as monero.

Drugs and cp are memes also, nobody needs that shit. If the success of your shitcoin is determined by the marketplace for preteen interracial snuff porn, then you need to keep your expectations low.

Monero is "hardened" every six months and there's plenty of things coming out (including mobile mining and ledger support), scalability is currently being improved and once that's out (cheaper and faster than litecoin), I could see it being the number one crypto.

once we get to the "panic" stage of this crash. as the overall crypto market crashes and burns monero may also lose a lot of value but it will do well relative to other stuff. if we werent in a bubble, or if we were in an extended downtrend, it should be at least top 5

imagine being so dumb that you actually believe that LN will be more private that Monero.

Good luck with your LN nodes that are required to KYC you before you make a transaction.

>coin with actual use case that is actually being used
>devs aren't attentionwhores
>coin makes no promises of giving you the moon
>the only privacy coin that isn't a honeypot
works fine for me. i've been buying drugs and cheap probably-stolen electronics with xmr for like 2 years now

>cutting out the middleman dealer/fence and getting better quality product for lower prices
i'm lovin' it

>it's very easy to make transactions as private as monero.
optional privacy compromises the whole system. again, any "privacy" coin that has optional privacy, has devs that speak out against illegal activity, etc, is a honeypot.

Not understanding the value of darknet markets being legit one of the only ways cryptos are actually used right now

where did i say lightning would make transactions private? second layers simply make it trivial to add privacy, since you dont have to wait for on-chain advances or hard forks.

the concept of locking funds on-chain, and then being able to transfer them in any way you like, and then un-locking and redistributing them again on-chain makes it possible. and just like monero, once you lock the coins, if people accept the privacy layer's token, you'll never have to unlock them to make a payment, in the exact same way paying people directly with monero works.

monero is definitely the best for privacy today, but you have to be as delusional as those bcash sjws to think it's going to take over ethereum and bitcoin for their single feature alone.

it's not optional, it's a privacy token valued at 1:1 of the underlying. it's no different that using monero, you need people to accept monero directly, just like you need people to accept the 1:1 privacy token version of btc or eth directly, to see the benefits, and since the vast majority of all txs in the future will be on second layers, it only makes sense.

None of these shit coins deserve being at the top, including monero

>it's not optional
how about you try researching the coins you're shilling you dumb nigger

try reading my post again. receiving a private token backed by eth or btc, and then spending it somewhere that accepts such a private token, is no different that receiving xmr and spending it.

the underlying blockchain is literally untouched and irrelevant, unlike optional privacy shitcoins that unincentivize making private txs in the first place.

What? LTC is like Ripple and Stellar? I thought it was just a BTC clone with a few tweaks

Do you actually understand how anonymity sets work. if 2 percent of people are doing LN mimblewimble or tumblebit TXes you drastically reduce your anonymity set vs a mandatory network enforced privacy layer. Did you actually read the recent Z Cash paper it doesnt matter how good your privacy methods are temporal analysis is easy on semi opaque chains because users are fucking retards and your gonna be transacting with this retards ruining your privacy aswell

I agree that Monero is a feature currency and currently it's treated like a "premium" currency that you have to pay more to use but I completely disagree about off chain scaling. Off chain scaling solutions completely invalidate the entire existence of cryptocurrency. Why the fuck are we having this revolution to then just re-centralize transactions somewhere off of Bitcoin or Ethereum's blockchain? Needlessly complicated. You sound like a core cuck and I hope you open your eyes soon.

The only thing I agree with you on is that Monero is the best for privacy right now.

if you understood how "off-chain" solutions even worked, you should know better to say shit like they invalidate crypto entirely.

an "off-chain" solution is literally the only way we can scale a blockchain, the only other solution is to end up with thousands of fragmented blockchains loosely connected, like ethereum's sharding, or a DAG. that just pushes the problem in another direction, and turns it from an internet to a loosely/expensively connected set of intranets.

and come on dude, "core cuck", really? i had thought monero was full of early adopters. i guess not.

It will be replaced by XVG

The argument for optional privacy isn't illegal activity (which they can still do duh).
Washing coins take multiple times more network bandwidth than a regular transaction. And 99% of the time people don't care that it's not private. So it makes sense that most of your transactions are public/cheap and the few times you do want to wash the trace, you go for the private/more expensive transaction.
I'm shilling zcoin btw.

One of the least developed privacy coins out there. You might make money thanks to twitter shillers, but XVG will never make it to an actual market because it's so far behind of pretty much all other privacy coins.

Give it time. I'm hopeful for this coin I'm waiting on my tax returns so I can donate to the developers. And once bullet proofs is active it'll blow away a lot of "privacy coins" that are already active with low fees.

You must admit that going offchain is a very unsexy solution.
Expecting that all people would get excited over a solution where everyone must think of how to make channels with other people/businesses is a bit naive. Also it's bound to get centralized because it wouldn't practically work without huge hubs.


How exactly do "off-chain" (putting it in quotes as if that's not what it is) solutions, NOT invalidate blockchain? The reason there is any value in any of this is because people want trustless anonymous/pseudonymous transactions, not because they want nu-banking.

You need to watch this.

When is bullet proof expected to release, anyways?

idk if it could ever be number one, that said, when looking at all of the cryptocurrency projects, it seems to be the only one with an actual real world applicable use case.


rick is a bad guy to show that the lightning network is trash. unfortunately hes a fucking prick.

Oh he's a total douche but he makes some good points specifically about this issue.




Just before the fork of XMR to XMV happens expect to see a pump. I am long on XMR and will definately be pulling my coins off the exchange to make sure I get my x10 XMV.

monero is great. the main issue it has is scalability (it's better than bitcoin's), but in every other regard its almost the perfect crypto.

they just released an optimized wallet scanner which is supposed to be 3x faster than the old one. imo that was a big hangup for me, since it took a long time to restore an old wallet. not as long anymore.