The secret to wealth and success

The secret to wealth and success
>red onions

you actually bought a bowl of fucking diced onions instead of doing it yourself?

wtf is wrong with you. god damn that pisses me off more than it fucking should. its such a fucking easy thing to do and you payed for that shit. What the fucK!

I know your feel. Please no bully

true financial freedom is never dicing your own onions.

My nigga

Mmm onions

thanks just bought 100k

in general i agree with you but sometimes diced things are sold for the exact same price as normal ones, so why not save the time?

>red onions
>theyre white and purple

Those were diced and packaged a week before you bought them.

An onion bought from the store and diced when you are ready to use is fresher

What's up with the onion meme?

Thanks just sold 100k.

Red onion is a scam, doesnt even have a whitepaper.


kalmata olives and feta cheese on crackers

if he had financial freedom he would buy a processor to cut his onions

cut onions from store lose their taste and freshness so he is already eating something inferior

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Stay salty noonioner

it raises testosterone levels

I see your time isn't worth much user. How does it feel like being poor?

>buying days old cut onion that already lost its freshness instead of cutting a completely fresh onion

how does it feel to eat like a gypsy


Those diced onions aren't fresh. They're old stock that the store has to dispose of right away so they cut them (hard to detect non-fresh vegetables if they're cut up) and sell them so lazy asses like OP won't know any better.

cutting an onion takes like 10 secs

>cutting onions is wasting your time
This is why the white race is dying. Bunch of lazy fucks who don't even know how to cut their own onions.

Decalcifies the pineal gland.

>being a neet that can't dice an onion
never gonna make it

OP where you at in Tx?