Lol just did a double spend on Nano by manipulating node syncing...

Lol just did a double spend on Nano by manipulating node syncing. I'm making a detailed Medium article and planning on circulating it everywhere I can. Have fun.

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thanks just bought 1000000000

thanks just sold 100k

Ook seems legit

Tell us how to do it then pajeet. Will be waiting for the article.

Fuck off faggot post concrete proof in your fucking post or nobody is going to believe you


why dont you just double spend to the exchange and sell it for btc???

Thanks just withdrew double what I had

oh boy i can't wait to see who the devs blame this time-- lets take bets on who it will be

Holy shit! Just talked to OP he's not kidding, reproducible bug

While you are at it take the bounty after you finish accumulating.

Op is a double faggot.

OP is pajeet scum but this is a real problem with Nano. Why the fuck would anyone use something filled with bugs when there's hundreds of other cryptos that work perfectly.

"filled with bugs", give me one


Thanks just shorted my wife for more NANO.


> filled with bugs
The coin is still relatively new - of course there's going to be bugs
>no retard its been around for years
Yes, but the devs only started going full time on it recently. They are perfecting the coin right now for the masses.

Bitcoin had fuck tons of problems back in 2011. That's what happens when you buy into a new technology.

It can work on the short term... but network nodes will eventually sync and one of the transactions will get pruned

IOTA is littered with bugs intentionally by the devs, and people are fucking delusional over that. People in this market are to emotional with their investments, they bullshit themselves into believing its the gem that will go 1000x

>the absolute state of pajeet FUD

if this isn't a signal to buy, then I don't know what is.

Thanks op now im a billionaire