The one

Feels like this could be the one, going balls deep.

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repeat after me: SHIT. COIN.

I'm nobody, but I'd advise not to. Looks like a scamcoin riding the AI hype.

Going to ride it until it hits major exchanges at least. There's definitely gains in it.

product in spring 2019..


Seriously are u stupid ?

trips confirm the “devs” will be long gone with your money by then

I made a thread about selling this off 3 days ago. Some MAN cuck called me a faggot. Price dropped 50% since. kek.

Good project, but no product for a long time. Listings in March will lead to a further dump before recovery. You're late to the party.

Lmao it went from 1.20 to around 1usd in a fucking downtrend its holding perfect

How can I be late to the party? It's not long out of ICO and on 2 exchanges, quick fucking party. We're not even on the entrées yet.

Seriously fuck These idiots spreading stupid shit

Imho were here all on the same Boat we all want to make money

This project is bigger than anything else yet released

Why does it need a blockchain?

What kind of stupid question is that? Why does Ethereum need a blockchain?

Im not going to fucking spoonfeed you

Researxh this project for 30 minutes facebook/ homepage will be enough

Then fucking come back and apologize

Have contacts in so many projects, including Belt and Road, it's absolutely got legs from where it is now.

Smart contracts in english language (already works in chinese)
Chinese govt backing involved in 1 trillion Infrastructure project
Best Investment firms backing torque capital
Prof. Deng
This is absolutety THE project

Will explode once on exchanges in march

A third of my portfolio is MAN, although I only have 600$ worth of crypto, but never the less I believe in Matrix.

what coin is this

i bought 111 few days ago, only comfy if 100 euro+

Thinking of going all in on that with 2000 MAN but 1$ seems to expensive. Should I wait to go lower before exchange or wait for exchange and hope ICO whales dump their stack and rebuy it at lower price?

No way ICO was really small only few ppl got even the chance to buy in

Devs coins locked up 2 years

just go in you tard, this may be worth 100 eoy

yes. they have another round of ico. get fuck off pajeet

Well I am thinking maybe it will go below 1$, like 0.70-0.90c.? im so brainlet

i actually just picked some of this up this morning. looks pretty good to me

because it went 100% in 2 days.

If btc dips again might get it around 95c thats the lowest it dropped but fucking shit it doesnt matter in a month



Matrix ai network bro

Can only get it on idex right now decentralized exchange

5-10 official exchanges in march + surrprise news confirmed in telegram

Get it now

another pajeet coin
will you never stop?

dont you morons understand? its not going down.. people realize this coin has potental to grow and are holding.. god you guys are such fucking retards

>1mil TPS
>literally empty roadmap for the entirety of 2018

Yeah no thanks. This astronomically long lull period in crypto.

Please spread more FUD. You look good at it.

>Best Investment firms backing torque capital

link? or tell me more? Hearing a lot about Torque, but their website is basic bitch