Fuck white women and this north American country...

Fuck white women and this north American country. I'm moving to the philippines to marry pic related and have a loyal wife. Enjoy your fat white cow wifes. Dirty amerimutts


damn tough decision, the one with the titties or the cuter one...decisions decisions decisions...good problem to have

what the fuck bro

enjoy having someone you cannot communicate with on the same intellectual/cultural level

god speed user. we will not forget you

>trading white roasties for the niggers of the east

might as well fuck a pillow instead

don't marry those whores, just pay for your short time or long time and then on to the next one.

t. sexpat who visits thailand (pattaya & bangkok), Philippines & Cambodia -- no I ain't a pedo.

yes I fuck ladyboy too.

You can find better looking, younger, and more "loyal" flips walking around any mall in manila or cebu. Dont fall for the online bride meme.

$500 a month will buy you the devoted companionship of a cute young asian girl who will cook and clean for you, not to mention drain your balls whenever you want.

Dont marry one, because you marry her entire poor, retarded, scamming family also.

Good job user. I hate white women too. Flips are the only good Asian.

me on the left

this user speaks the truth

went to Issan with so whore of a bar girl because I wanted to go to a village, got picked up by her "brother" at the bus station and ofc wanted a hand out, got to the store and ofc I was buying the whiskey and w/e else, soda and food, drove past a market and ofc user was buying the pork and chicken and shit.

thought to myself well it didn't cost much since it wasn't a tourist area and didn't get charged farang prices, I can't wait to get to her parents house and sle--- they live in a fucking cinder block shack...... like 10 people live here..... left the next morning but yes, their family will milk you dry, I also think the brother was the girls thai boyfriend or husband but w/e, it was an adventure.

I'm from the philippines and I can totally agree
most of them are gold diggers
watch out for these types user
you can have a filter by looking for well educated ones but even then it's highly unlikely for you to find a good one

Good job op white women are trash

LOL at thinking this a negative.

>enjoy having someone you cannot communicate with on the same intellectual/cultural level
I very much will user.
Not gonna take the prison gay route

Fucking gross dude. Flips aren't even high tier asians, that's like fucking a spic. Go to Estonia or something and find a trad blonde qt instead of that weird shit.

Bro, I'm into asians but those bitches are absolutely disgusting.
They look cheap and smell like gonorrhea from miles away.

I’ve fucked literally about 150 flips during my 4 years living in SBMA.

OP: take a week or two long trip to Angeles City and stay near Fields Ave and have a great time before you make any big decisions. The girls will run you about 1000p a night (20USD) plus whatever you spend in the bar first.

Routing to get here for you will be USA-MNL. Then you have a taxi or arrange a driver thru your hotel to take you to Angeles.

Pic very very related

PS. Yes I did get the clap 3 times but I’m an over 40 white male and didn’t give a shit

lots of koreans in angeles city now, still a good place. I stayed in the hotel where all the bar girls think it's haunted by a dead bar girl because she apparently got murdered by some german dude and put in a suitcase or something.

what is the clap?

If your going to do south east Asia just go to Thailand and skip the rest. Filipinas are filthy, literally bottom of the barrel gutter trash.

Yeah Korean and Jap customers drive the prices up and “spoil” the girls anywhere they go. The Flip bar girls have that “3/3/3” saying about Jap customers:
3 inches
3 minutes
3000 pesos (when normal white guys pay 1000)

But Angeles will always be Hooker Mecca and a great vacation.

Gonorrhea, user is a degenerate who barebacks Philippine hookers.

lol, it's 5 inches, 5 minutes and 5000 baht in pattaya.

guess going to angeles makes them lose 2 inches.

Greenish white stuff drips out of your dick for a few days. Totally painless however and you won’t notice it till the first time you pull down your boxers to take a whiz

Easily and quickly cured with Zithromax. Available over the counter all over SE Asia.

Unfortunately my dick is only 5 too! Unless they mean cm !

I dont know why the niggerfuck my pics rotate when I post them from my phone to Veeky Forums. Gotta figure it out before I try to dump any more hooker pics.

don't worry, they like them funsized anyway.

could be worse, could be a pajeet, those fuckers are animals over there, they'll pick up a freelancer off beach road or w/e, like 4 pajeets and 1 hooker and then all take turns with her so they can be cheap and just throw her like 1000 baht after being gang raped by a pajeet.

it's why they're banned from many of the gogo's etc because they just buy themselves like 1 beer and perv and grope the girls all night without buying lady drinks etc 555.

Anyone curious about the looks of the typical AC bar girl, Google
“Angeles City bar girls” then click images. Lots of pics

fucking tattoo's, they need to stop getting them, the only onces I understand is the girls who get it to cover baby damage or c-section scars.

True, thai and some burmese( goodluck finding them) women are the best looking asians. The rest are just a waste of time, borderline ugly. I mean majority of them. No offense

It's always out-of-shape ugly white guys with those disgusting AIDS-ridden whores, every single time. I love Asians but OP please find some standards, maybe visit Veeky Forums?

Yup Id I were a Thai or Pinay bar girl, I’d be real concerned about ‘rab customers too.

user, do you use pattaya addicts or Philippine addicts?

Speaking as one of those (no HIV tho), it’s the age split.

In the PI, it’s normal for a 60 year old white expat to have several 18 year old GFs. You aren’t gonna get that in The States.

Why do wh*te people have such 'exotic' taste?

What the fuck is up with flip women and why are they so god damn ugly. I swear, I love me some asians, but Filipinos just look off

OP, please take it from a guy who has dated a couple Filipinos - their women are fucking psychotic. They're less mentally stable than the psycho bitches here in the States. The Philippines is also dirt poor and like the Mexico of Asia (probably worse) so they completely leach off of you and give all your money to their fucking huge families back home. It's absolutely ridiculous.

Seriously, date a Thai girl or anything, don't go after Filipinos.

it's a negative when you're approaching your 30s and you need someone who has the same goals as you.

i'm 35, lived in thailand for 5 years and i'll never settle with a thai woman because ultimately you're just a money bag. sure, you can exploit her for her pussy while she exploits you for her wallet, but it's not replaceable with someone who actually knows you and cares about you because they want to, not because you're paying them.

you're just too stupid/young to understand.

just take PrEP if you're worried about hiv, if you take it like a week before fucking a hooker then you can't catch it even if you bareback, just gotta keep taking it.

i take it and i don't even bareback.

No. I still live out here. Work in HK. Both AC and BKK are just a 3 hour flight so I still go pretty often.

Depressing to see so many white guys with Asian women. The white race is beautiful


As a /pol visitor, I’d agree. But again, it’s the age split. I simply don’t find 40 year old white women arractice when I can easaily bang teenage Flips or Thais

Also, those girls in the pic are fucking gross looking. If you're actually dumb enough to go after one, at least get the top %. If you're white, it's easy. Like I said, they're leaches.

Can confirm a good filo wife will worship you, cook and clean. Just dont treat them like shit lmao

Why the fuck do you faggots care if some fat ugly guy is doing something. If they have a chance at happiness they should take it. Stop trying to make rules that no one has to follow.

This is pretty typical (pic attached) of Flip bar girls.

Yes, anytime you’re dating or marrying a girl 20+ years your junior, yeah it’s going to be a business deal. But so what? Who gives a shit.


North American bitches are the dumbest animals on earth so it would be any different.

Agreed. Dumping on a 60 year old dude who retires and decides to spend his last 20 years banging girls the same age he did in high school.... that’s fine. What do you want him to do??

That’s 100% true. But once you’re out here, you realize this doesn’t matter.

Your girls your girl. When you want conversation, you go out with your other expat buddies. Your girl doesn’t have to be your best friend out here. Your buds are.

It’s a separation of church and state type thing that I didn’t understand until I moved out here.

Honest question. Would a young (20s/30s) black male have any issues in Thailand or the Philippines?


soz thai's are better

not really, some girls will racially sterotype you and some will also assume you have a big dick and some of them are tight but if you have money then everyone is a hansum man.

There is a fair bit of racism in Thailand. Blacks are literally called “chocolate men” by many Thai bar girls. But it’s not that bad. Nothing money can’t overcome tho.

White women are trash nowadays. Over 2/3rds (TWO-THIRDS) of American women are overweight or obese, they're whores, and not to mention they age like garbage from binge-drinking, smoking, and tattoos. You can marry Stacy who has a 55% chance of divorcing you, I'll stick with the qt asians.

I'm telling him to find some standards and to visit Veeky Forums. Nice crab mentality you got there fatties.

This user gets it, a literal coin toss has better odds than being divorced by a white woman nowadays.

Flips don’t care as much. They have a lot more exposure to it from the US military.

Yes, kinda. It's getting better but they have this weird thing with white skin. White people get treated like royalty and every girl wants a mix baby. If you're pretty good looking and have money then you'll be fine though. I don't think you'll have a meaningful relationship but I'm guessing you're not looking for that.

They are more racist towards blacks then any group of people you've ever been around, but you could afford a plane ticket so in some bitches eyes over there your worth spending some time with inorder to extract resources from you.

Whywould u want to fuck these girls? Just go to South or Central America.

Very going point about the kid genetics. Thais and Flips really want a mixed shire baby, not a black one. But it’s still nothing money won’t overcome

That's not the worse part. The worse part is that if you want to marry one, you'll have to marry the whole fanily too. Expect scamming and suddenly inflated prices when buying something from the locals. Filipinos just LOVE scamming people. They have no morals or ethics when it comes to this. Hell, it's even ingrained in their culture that if you can scam and get away with it, you are smart and will get places in life. It's the same "hustle" mentality with niggers.

also depends on how he speaks, if he has a yank accent then they won't assume he's a nigerian selling drugs and scamming people.

it isn't as bad as other people have said tho, desu japs and koreans are the new royalty and are relegated to number 2 imo, the girls prefer them as they're quick and pay good but the lonely 50 year old fat white man is a better potenital 'sponsor' who sends her money each month to go back to her village or w/e but ofc has 2 or 3 on the go while working in bars still.

Is like to check out South America but it’s a perceived safety issue. Sport fucking is really really safe in SE Asia. The worst that happens is you get drunk picked pocketed and lose your cell. Not true in Brazil!

OP, are you still here? I want to do the same thing! Western women just aren't worth it.

I can give you a link to my Discord if you want. I need more like-minded people.

Which parts of Central/South America? Like Costa Rica and major cities in Brazil?
I almost went to Jaco for a bit of fun this past summer but ended up going to Western Europe.

>Filipinos just LOVE scamming people.
Holy shit, yes. They are really good scammers and you'll probably be scammed quite a bit by some in her family because you're the foreigner. Plus side is you can get some free shit from her scamming other people.

Flip here.

Those women are fucking ugly even by our standards.

have you been to the dominican? it was good a few years back but I think they cleaned it up a little now but those bitches will steal anything that isn't nailed down.

I was also tempted to go to Nairobi once but decided not too as I don't have a thing for black chicks desu but the nightlife seems kinda fun out there, mostly girls looking for a white man to marry and take her out of africa.. but still has a P4P scene


which tour are you taking lads?

Colombia is actually a pretty good place nowadays.

Medellin in Colombia.
The ugliest women there would be 9/10s in SEA

I don't know why would anyone go to Asia when South America exists.

with venezuela refugees

Post beautiful young flip girls.

I didn’t dig the P4P. Went to Cartegna. They were very very business like. Reminded me of Russian hookers.

Flips are especially playful. They’ll make you actually forget you’re even flirting with a hooker.

And when caught will go the "we're just poor. I only did it to feed my family" route and if that fails they will decide to also bring you down with them by making up some of the most ludicrous things you have ever seen by destroying your reputation and making things up you've mever done. They will also threaten to kill you and your whole family or some shit. Top kek.

Here’s an assy one I’ve had lots of relations with


Probably price. You have behave like God for 50 USD a day in Angeles City. And not the Jesus kind of God. I’m talking Zeus or Nero.

I've been thinking about Colombia but if it's shit then it feels like a waste to me, probably better stuff to do outside of P4P unlike Cambodia, Thai etc where most of the time it's either beer, fuck or sleep.

Yes, the poverty in Angeles City is pretty bad unlike the whores from Pattaya, "b-but I do this too feed family!" where in reality they send like 5-10k baht home a month and blow the rest on 'lending' money to friends, shopping and buying iphones and gold when they can't find a stupid farang to buy it for them.

Thailand’s great to drink all day on a beach and then drunk ride your rented scooter back to the hotel.

Pic related. Very related

As a fellow buddy used to say every time we got off the plane in Clark:

“Thank God for poverty!” You know what he means.

I'm not going to upload wank material for you but this is what the average filipina will look like. Took that off Google. Hell there are loads of beauties here but they will have standards and are basically born from middle class families. They will have jobs and careers so you won't see them in titty bars and in the streets.

If your under 50 (I'm 30) not socially retarded, not deformed, preferably white and do the best with what looks you have, you won't need p4p in the PH, Thailand or anywhere else in SEA or the developing world for that matter.

This type of shit is why I will never date a Filipino again. They're fucking psychopaths.

Forgot pic

Ya the super high end ones in MNL you have to be “introduced” to. But keep in mind the average 60 year old expat doesn’t give a shit about her face. He just wants it style-dog on the bed.

See to me, she looks like shit. Reminds me of a nigger.

The best looked PI bar girls I’ve banged were in Cebu. More white skinned and more Spanish in them than the AC/Subic/P. Burgos girls.

well Veeky Forums had a good run
it was only a matter of time until r/asianmasc and co metastasised here given the amount of asian thots posted along with the rest

not really user, I am just a 20-something brit with yellofever and plans to spend a good chunk of time out in SEA with my cryptogains.

All relative bro. Whites and blacks (hell most people on Earth) are pretty sociopathic and psychopathic too. Whites are into sexual degenerate shit. Blacks have that "must dominate" everybody including raping males. Arabs are barbaric pieces of shit. Russians are drunkards. East Asians have no manners and have that inflated sense of ego and superiority (despite being physically frail) etcetera etcetera. I could go on but you get my point. Each race has its downsides and flaws.

Spend 2 weeks in Angeles City. Fly into MNL and take a taxi to your hotel near Fields Ave.

If you’re already in theatre, you can fly into CRK to shorten the drive but not from anyplace in the UK

IDK, I've been sticking to regular east Asians and it's been working out pretty damn well.

That's what's considered average beauty here. I didn't say she was beautiful. If you want to see Filipino beauties then you won't find them on the street. If you dont believe me just befriend a Filipino on facebook and see their friends list. You will find many beautiful filipino women. Too bad for you (and good for us) you wont get any.

No no. I don’t care. I spent 4 years in Subic and banged my way through about 150 of them.

Like I said, I’m mostly concerned with how she looks doggy style.