Holy fucken shit what happened?

Why was he trading on a windows?

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>phone hacked
>number ported to another device likely
>account compromised once control of # and 2fa
ah so thats why another vlogger talked about protecting your phone from hackers.. must be what happened to him
>summary go to your cell provider and tell them ONLY in person port changes.

>exit scam

pick one

>e-celeb garbage
who cares? this is kardashian tier

holy shit thats fucken scary. I feel god awful for this fella, made me not lose everything during the bear cycle :(

Have you even watched his videos? He's one of us. Doesn't have any friends and has social anxiety so he stays home most of the time. Truly a good guy. He helped me learn how to use TA and why holding is fucking stupid.


Wtf I'm changing my 2fa to a tablet.

>He's one of us

You're right, he is one of you degenerate fucks. Aint karma a bitch? RIP

>one of us
yes because we all aspire to be youtube and twitter heroes who are loved by random people online

this lol



This, he had bad karma

Hope he put half his gains in his bank account

>one of us

you do not know what an e-celeb is

check that vlog with teh asian guy with the lambo in the background.. I remembered him talkbout it few days ago..

ya cuz any of this would be an issue if you were holding and had all your shit off an exchange. lel

>apologising because of internet pressure
one of us!

Truly one of us

>I even sent an anonymous donation
Fucking kek. How big of an ego does he have


This is how you avoid paying taxes, brainlet. Getting *hacked* and hiding it in XMR will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I hope he gets his shit fixed. That lesson series really helped me out

>I'm not worth any hacker's time
Pride comes before the fall.

He is definitely an e-celeb. Fuck him.

>not white
>pierced ears

just some subhuman filth... why post about him/it on Veeky Forums? don't pollute the board with trash.

Was he keeping all of his shit on an exchange?

Hello there, you still seem to be lost. Let me help you

Heh, this is why you dont mess with OG bitcoiners. Know your place anons.

how does someones 2fa get stolen?

male with earrings is a sign of low iq

No one cares about you pussy ogs. Kys

Feels so fucking good

Fucking this, plus he's not even east asian, he's some sort of jungle gook

heh you should, you little bitch. We took this lil suit wearing chonk to the cleaners. You wanna be next? We run this show, know your place you lil weeaboo anime watching pleb.

>chart altcoins-USD

Petah with Decentralized TV

that's a great article user

here is an h3 video on it, don't use 2fa on your phone

hackers trick customer rep over phone to re-port your cell number, submit text to confirm again. done.

or idk malware, mebe he was sent a text message with a link...lol

basically ... retard in support of phone companies give a clone/copy of your sim card to some scammer demanding it desperately after xx amount of requests

which is why google auth is better - you'd need the same phone + sim

... will change my shitty confirmation to google auth as well

i like the guy but was wondering if that is how you get tax exempt in crypto

"hue hue i wuz done haxed"

>retard in support of phone companies give a clone/copy of your sim card to some scammer
Pretty sure they just port the number to a new sim

> a clone/copy of your sim card
that's literally impossible.

he's an idiot. setting up/giving his passcode over the phone. don't blame that bs on the phone company.