Made $400 so far, what do you think biz?

I tripled my money so far in What do you think biz? Is this the one true eth game?

They cucked youcollect pretty bad a few days ago and dworld is dead as shit.

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When they introduced countries it was over. King of ETH games easiest money of my life

Currently making money hand over fist these low discovery prices are Christmas come early.

I bought 3 properties and now have 21. this game is the shit

Dad in ID we are going to the moon tonight


holy shit I love dosh


Can you guys link your discord group? I want to help shill on Veeky Forums too

there is no shilling in the discord group lmao

Here's the link

discord gg P2mfHAw

bump is my shit. Just buy low and sell high.

EtherDungeon is my go to personally. 3x my money there.

5x it here buddy

Ether dungeons is a dead game and rare claims is a Ponzi. Cryptocities is legit. Don't let those other games make this one look bad.

Etherdungeon could pick up again but it's never passing up CC that's for sure

Love this game. Made me quite a lot of money and will probably keep making me money

Interesting, I'm gonna throw a little at it. Looks like you really can double your money.

yeah I'm not doing this. fuck off with your scam bait shill shit

I really don't think it's a scam I just bought one property for $13 and I can discover a new one for $6. The market is active. Should be easy to sell my disco tomorrow for $13 and be in for free after one day.

Just my 2c

Holy shit, look at all of these scammers. Probably just 1 pajeet behind a vpn though.

own pictures on the blockchain?? SIGN ME UP

Literally exact same responses in a thread a couple days ago. Lmao only retards will fall for this.

This looks interesting. Biz always fudds good shit. I remember when they fudded eth.

Shut the fuck up, you are the same guy. Its 100% obvious. Go work on your scamming skill points and try again.