Marriage is sort of a business decision, isn't it?

Marriage is sort of a business decision, isn't it?

I live in Los Angeles and am 33 years old. I've actually begun thinking about settling down, and dating someone who I'll eventually marry.

The problem is that literally all the women I meet are completely loser whores who would make terrible mothers, even if they are hot or beautiful.

It's almost as if advertising and jewish media have destroyed the minds of women. They don't know how to do ANYTHING, literally. They can't cook, they can't clean, they're like retarded children who just play social games with each other to get what they want. It's fucking gross.

They complain about men but that's because they honestly are jokes of a human being. Obviously there are some good women, but most of them are foreign or first generation immigrants.

I've been going on a series of tinder dates with my crypto gains, and almost all of the girls I go forward with will fuck you on the first date. I really do lose respect for them, subconsciously, if they do that.

What do you think? Is marriage over? Am I doomed to a life of whores and porn stars? (I've actually fucked a few porn stars, pic related)

I don't think you actually want to marry, or that marriage would make you or your wife happier.

>tinder dates
There's your problem. Try looking for women in other ways, maybe you'll find someone who suits you better.

try eharmony user, it's more in-depth than shitder, still no guarantees but people there have actually taken the time to fill out a shit ton of questions so it's unlikely to be populated by whores

women will never love you the way you love them user it's a harsh reality that has taken it's toll on my psyche. I've accepted that I may be alone, at first it was depressing but it led to following a path of stoicism and wanting to become the best person I can be. As long as I can mold myself to become someone I'm proud of why do I need a woman? Sure sex and cuddling is great but every relationship I've been in over 2 years you get tired of fucking the same girl and they turn into nagging bitches. How much did you pay to fuck that roastie btw?

Marriage is cool when you find the right one. My wife cooks me good meals, is incredible suportive, a great lover and a friend. I could be fine being single, but with her at my side things are easier.

Has its cons too, after a few years you really want to try different pussy, we talked about doing a threesome, but I'm still not sure about this, scares me a possible change for worse in our relationship.

I don't know how else to meet people. I guess I could volunteer but I'm a crypto millionaire so I don't have time for that shit.

I've been reading a lot of child psychology books and have met with a therapist over the years, because my parents were fucking retarded when it came to child rearing (obviously not THAT bad, but not great) and it fucked me and my siblings up, and I think I spent my 20's trying to sort myself out and "cure" myself.

So naturally, I'm concerned about my children if I have any, which I want to do someday. I know first hand the effects an incompetent mother can have and I want to avoid it at all costs.

Aren't women supposed to biologically know how to be mothers? I just snorted cocaine the other night with this bitch and I was thinking in the back of my head, "holy shit, you're worthless". I don't mean that in a mean spirited way, in fact I was sort of empathic towards her and felt sorry about the whole situation. I guess we were doing drugs to numb ourselves, albeit about different things.

you're trash with unrealistic expectations. any normal woman would leave you if she found out you have a history of banging whores and porn stars.


With the right girl it'll be cool. But it takes being real good friends. It takes me a long ass time before I feel comfortable with an older girl. If they are 30 and single then they might be fucked in the head.

I rather just be with a girl. She can spend the night a few times. If there are no issues maybe they move in. But free to leave whenever. That way it's less messy if she turns out to have a 40 year old mental break down due to never having kids and I dip cause I ain't crazy enough to stay.

Marrying 3D for love is stupid, you can literally get all your affection and love from a waifu.

eww christ the weakness oozing from this reply

go on.

I gotta be honest. Most of the women I've met who are capable of cooking, cleaning, being subservient (not doormats, big difference) to their men are from other countries. I am going in an hour or so to meet with a Chinese girl who offered to cook for me and does what I want her to. Not like I'm some psychopath who needs complete control over a woman but it's nice to not have to deal with the attitude and complete lack of anything to offer outside of sex that a lot of western women have. And I also live in LA so I know what you're dealing with OP.

Granted my first marriage was a failure cause she was a bitch and I was a beta faggot, you're pretty on point.

SAGE SAGE SAGE holyshit the redditors here that think posting their blog of advice is somehow good, is extremely embarrassing

So you mean to tell me women on a fuckbuddy app are whores? Who'd have guessed?

Basically handing an open invitation to cheat.

>Unironically asks for threesome
How can i short your marrage

This isn't about love, it's about competence. Like I actually think women in their late 20's don't know how to raise children, like AT ALL.

shush faggot.

OP I feel the same way, NYC here though. I'll probably never marry, but have multiple companions on and off for the rest of my life.

I forgot add it, but yeah, she knows I'm the boss, and there's no problem in this. A happy woman is a subservient woman, it's in their nature. She knows I love and will stand by her side, but she' well aware that she doesn't own me.

enjoy dying alone you drug addled piece of shit.

We were high on dmaa in a festival, the conversation went pretty well and natural. I highly doubt she'll ever cheat on me, but if it happens and I find out, I'll dump her, pretty simple. My part I done well, and that's what matters.

To be honest, this talk is pointless unless any of you are married for more than 4 years.

How much do porn stars cost desu?

Thats because 99% of attractive women have reduced themselves to sex objects who care about nothing but attention and are given everything on silver platter by beta orbiters. Why learn to do anything when everything is just handed to you and you get a bigger sense of accomplishment from posting a picture of your ass or a selfie on Instagram than learning something valuable?

bruh, details on your encounter with ava addams. she's lives in my town and is a big fan of the local sports teams here.

33 and still single? you don't sound like much of a catch yourself

women nowadays don't have an inner life. they don't cultivate the intellect. they just scroll instagram checking their notifications for likes. they could read a shitt ton of books in the time they spend on social media and they would actually have conversation topics

>he fell for the settle down meme

you're a beta orbiter with no idea what it's like to be a desirable male with resources.

that is one seriously deviated septum...she has done bucketloads of coke...bucketloads

let me guess, society told you you need to be in a relationship? don't fall for women fomoing

Go to clubs every single night. When you see a girl at a nice club that isn't wearing makeup and is wearing reeboks, ask her on a date.

That's how I met my wife and I'm pretty happy. She helped me at my job hanging up curtains this week.

fuck no.
>roasties want to settle down after the cocks.
>Where's all the good men
Gf is good, marriage is a no no

Why was she at the club like that. Is she one of those le quirky types? Like a Luna lovegood fairy princess?

how much is this whore per hour?

she got dragged there for her friends birthday, I asked her to go ice sktating and end up cooking her dinner at my apartment. I then forced myself on her. We've been together ever since, though we have less sex now.

>I then forced myself on her
why paint yourself like this

I cooked her dinner then invited her into my room to watch a movie ( I lived ina shared models apartment). Then I made my move and she was receptive. A few months later she confided in me that she was scared I was going to kill her if she said no. We laugh about it now. She's very naive

I want this so bad but I have no idea where they are hiding. All I find are soulless stacys.

She has a nice pair of titties.


>paying for sex
the state of some men

Go back to your therapist and maybe talk about this shit with him. Sounds like you just hate women desu. If you're in LA I'm not surprised you're running into a bunch of fake prettied up girls with no substance though. You're probably gonna have to look outside of LA if you want to find a woman worth settling down with. Also, don't use tinder or go to clubs unless you're just trying to fuck.

Get into a hobby that includes social interaction, and then join a club for that hobby. Once you start making friends you'll expand your social circle and that will help you meet women that aren't just looking for a bump of coke or a free dinner

>forced myself on her

honestly that's pretty cheap. how do you get in touch with her?

Get ur self an old school European women.

>t. can't afford whores so he has to settle for full-time servitude to a single woman

I have a few madams that I go through.

I don't hate women, I've dated some really amazing women in my life, but things didn't work out because of jobs, location, etc.

It's because of that I can actually judge the state of average women in America. It's ridiculous. I genuinely feel bad for them.

user GET THE FUCK OUT OF LA. I lived there for 8 years that shithole is worst place in the country to meet women. they are all wannabe star fuckers that think they are going to become a singer or some shit when in reality they will be a waitress forever. vapid. shallow. dumb as rocks. get out while you can.

sounds awesome actually

why would you marry these whores when you can fuck them

dude, marriage.... naaaaaa

beta pussy faggot

how tight was avas pussy? did u do anal?

Facts. Dudes a simp.

um no, LA is his problem. move out of that Marxist shithole immediately.

t. ugly, obese ShareBlue "woman"-man thing.

listen to me... buy ZCL, get rick and go to thailand... sex sex sex

the ShareBlue garbage never gets old

Los Angeles and every other american city are literally so right wing in praxis that they might as well be feudal zones. you trailer park faggots have no idea what the fuck you're talking about ever

How to get in contact with her? I'd be down for it.

imagine being an ugly, obese female

>I've been going on a series of tinder dates with my crypto gains, and almost all of the girls I go forward with will fuck you on the first date.

this is what tinder is for

> I've been going on a series of tinder dates with my crypto gains, and almost all of the girls I go forward with will fuck you on the first date
Maybe you just have mad game.
I try to escalate quickly, but I find that like only 1 out of 5 girls are down to fuck on the first date.
Maybe I'm just not getting the extreme sluts who put out really quickly (or my game is just not as good as yours).
What's your secret?

bitch that's ava addams, a porn star

thai bitches are ugly as fuck

better than obese white "women" in shitmerica

OP if all you meet is shitty women most likely have a shitty perception of reality. You miserable Gen X. Be happier, it's not too late to share some love.


marriage and LA

I stopped reading

Go up north way north


But would you have killed her?

>wanting a literal obese dyke from Seattle

ShareBlue bait

white american women are ten leagues above some third world hell hole with a toilet for a gene pool like you see in thailand

this whole FUD on american chicks is like the funniest, gayest cope i've ever seen

>she was receptive.
>later she confided in me that she was scared I was going to kill her if she said no.
Damn she probably came so hard that first time.

my game is strong, just aggressively borderline flirt in a comical but not annoying way. Also be good looking, tall, and rich.

But honestly, the totality of a girl's senses is devoted to determining whether a man is worth fucking or not, that's it. ALL their senses are geared towards feeling you out, just have to understand that.

t. roastie

Go to church you degenerate piece of shit. You want a woman with morals when you've been just as much as a man slut all your life? Repent. Go to church. The lord will provide you an 18 year old virgin. But you must be honest with god!! Faggot!


there is no such thing as a man slut, just successful men.
but there is such thing as a slut.

you're poor trailer trash

>he fomo'd in his twenties
loving every laugh

>Also be good looking, tall, and rich.

hi ShareBlue (:
you make 7.25 an hour

It's like op going to the ghetto to find a princess. Holy shit? Get off tender if you want quality. Quality is found from god! Go to church and repent!!!!! Fags.

do you think repeating this /pol/ bullshit over and over again makes people forget that you're a loser

do you honestly believe that your little gay politics, meme wars nonsense matters one bit in the grand scheme of things

having a perfect body is worth way more than being rich. women just use guys with money then cheat with the guy from the gym. facts f a m
you make 7.25 an hour go wash your mouth

You fucking soyboy beta faggot.

The struggle is very bad these days. But there are a few good women out there. Don't even try under 27, they are all social media whore idiots.

I had pretty much given up until 2 years ago. I met a great woman and we now live together and are very happy. Shes got her mind together, is nice and fun, and we have a great sex life. Never thought I'd see the day.

Try church. You don't need to buy into the Jesus thing to find a good woman. It's worth a try.

As for marriage, fuck that. All it does is add pressure and risk to a perfect situation. I'm prob not marrying my woman. And she's fine with that, thinks the whole idea is kinda retarded, just like I do.

Also I think you are having problems because it's LA. Everyone moves there for the fame life. Women that want fame and attention are never good women. Ever.

Oh, how was Ava Addams? She is hot as fuck.

You're girl is going to cheat if she's at home cooking and homeschooling your aryan children. Good lord forgive them. This is not rocket science.

I don't agree. I've seen a few relationships where the woman would die for the man, if he asked.

Listen up you beta cucks. If u want a serious relationship and do some whore you need to be smarter. Dont go into a date looking filthy rich, for me id rather dress poor then slowly let her know about the money. Also if ur a beta cuck and u want a trophy wife to love you its not gonna happen get over it fuckers.


> after a few years you really want to try different pussy

Jesus this is true. As men we are built for infidelity. It's terrible.

I love my GF, and she is fun to fuck, and yet I still spend lots of time considering what it would be like to fuck other women...

I would never cheat on my GF though, a little bit of pleasure is not worth destroying a good relationship.

On this note, there is something I should add for the young anons here.

Before settling down with a wife, you need to go on a lot of dates and fuck many women.

For 2 reasons, (1) you don't want to spend your married years wondering what kind of crazy sex is out there that you missed out on and (2) you need to learn how women work before settling down.

Every time I see a guy who ends up marrying the first girl he fucks/dates he ends up being a beta bitch who is the woman's slave. Seen it so many times.

What's sad is women don't want to dominate. They want to be dominated. They just want the guy to do it in a charming way.

Well first of all don't even look at women over 30.
20-25 should be what you are aiming for, maybe 26-29 if they actually have a good reason for not settling down for that long (like actually a good career like a Doctor or something).

I don't think Tinder or any other app is of use. Except maybe Bumble???

So try meet them IRL at a place you would actually like to meet them, business networking events, gym / physical activities, some kind of class where you are learning a hobby, church etc.

what are your thoughts on marrying young for those who fuck around young as well?

Totally fine.

Just for me, I'm really glad I got that stuff out of my system.

I've fucked black chicks, latina, asian, some milfs, crazy sex on hotel rooftops, anal, etc..

I tried pretty much everything.

So now that I'm settled down, I have no interest in getting some sexual thrill that I have not had before. I'm very satisfied with what I have.

>Be me
>500k Net worth
>Dont want whores want real women
>Prefer innocent pussy after marriage
>Hangs around alcoholics,druggies,Party fukbois. all the bad influence niggers out there
>Has the will to not give in to money hungry whores