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Holy shit I just made $200 in the last 30 minutes playing this.


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Dead Ponzi, quit trying to sell your bags and get into a non scam game like www.cryptocitites.net

shoo pajeets

I actually don't have any bags lol. Some idiot did give me .3 ETH for the right to that picture of a potato. Key is to get out at the right time... Also look at your opponents wallets to see how long they might be in the game for.

Yeah, I just made money from it too. I was the original buyer of the diamond. Lots of activity on the contract.

>Holy shit I just made $200 in the last 30 minutes playing this.
that's a weird way to say "clicking a button once and then trying to shill the ponzi to others"

I got in too late for the diamond. I did make off like a bandit from the unicorn and potato tho haha

Pajeet plz stop shitting up the board.

Anyone thinking of trying to throw money at this should check out www.cryptocities.net it's an ETH game where you can make money but it's not a Ponzi like this one.

I'm actually just bragging. The prices are pumped to shit right now. Don't bother playing this one for a while. But check the contract every once in a while. If you see a lot of activity get the fuck in there.

Invest in a real game crystalreign.io

You seem pretty angry breh. Don't be mad because youre broke. Get used to it.

I bought it when it was like $5 but I made a couple bucks. Then like 20mins later after trying to get someone to buy it from me for science I saw it skyrocket.

All scams, while cryptocities is a non hot potatos

Nice shill but thats some ICO or whatever. This is an actual product that works.

Yeah dude it was ridiculous. I was putting in 100 gas cost to even get my txn to have a chance of going thru first.

Try english next time Rakesh. Don't be mad because people arent playing your scam site and are actually making money investing in virtual assets lol.

ethpyramid.trade is the only one I'm in

I feel kinda bad for the dude that currently owns BOTH the diamond and the unicorn lol. Ultimate fucking bagholder.

hahaaaa right, I was wondering if that was you. Man you really got lucky. I was just glad I got my eth and made a couple bucks.

He needs to be shilling the site hard right now before it starts dropping in price.

I'll check it out. Seems similliar only you buy these tokens or something?

nah man like I said I was too late for the diamond and lucked the hell out with the potato.

I guess someone got the potato to sell then as well.

>the pajeets end up admitting in the very same thread that they're virtuless scammers
sad. hopefully you get dicked in the ass by karma in the future for this.

Curious, where did you originally see the link? I guess it was when I was shilling it to get rid of the diamond on one of the other threads?

lol christ the spergs are out tonight

kill yourself pajeet

I was actually just looking at the new games section on state of the dapps. Guess I just totally lucked out on the timing.

>im 12
cool beans

gotcha, yep i see it

You are thinking too much into this. It is obvious what kind of game this is. Someone has to lose. Was almost me but I lucked out with someone else deciding to take the risk. Winning the game doesn't make me a scammer.

>Almost March
>Choosing a hot potato over cryptocities.net
>These people exist

Lol these retards can't even shill their game properly, cryptocities.net dev currently fucking their moms