I'm the fellow whale from the last ZCL thread that dropped the price to .0115 as I said I would...

I'm the fellow whale from the last ZCL thread that dropped the price to .0115 as I said I would. Just passing to first thanks the weak faggot hands that sold at the bottom, and second, to say that not only Bittrex, but Binance aswell will support the fork.

You can either buy zcl cheap now, or fomo and get btcp when it blasts past $500 in the first days of trading.

>he's larping, trigger his stop-loss

I was in that thread, but the price went way lower than 115 and I ended panic selling, just to buy higher later. When will this nightmare will end? I lost more than 20 zcl trying to swing trade. Will you fucking dump on us?

I told you guys I had to pull off because of a bigger player. And as I said before, and holding 100% of my 5500 zcl through the fork. I don't care at all for zcl price post fork, btcp will cover the subsequent dump, which won't be that big desu.

So binance won't listen zcl, but they will listen btcp? Any price predictions post fork?

Why do you think it wont be that big?

I told you the price mate. As for zcl I say it will dump 40-60% with a small rebound in the next weeks.

Now is that 40-60% from here, or from max peak? Also, where is your intel comin from? If its a larp, it better be good

>Not big

C'mon dude.

when BTCP 1K? 15 days after fork?

Yes, from top, which will be between .023-.025, far from the .04 I was expecting sadly. Truth is bittrex is purposely delaying the announcement to prevent a mass sell off before fork.

>Bill has 100 coins
>Sells at $250 makes 25k
>Jimmy has 100 coins
>Hold and gets 100 btcp
>Sells 100 btcp at around 400 each
>Sells 100 zcl at around 80 each
>Bill made 25k in the end
>Jimmy made 48k in total


Fair. You're almost convincing me. I need to think this through, thanks.

But why will anyone pay $80 for ZCL after the fork? Seems like it'll be a dead project.

I'm optimistic about BTCP, but I'll be surprised if ZCL doesn't drop back to $3 within a few hours of the fork.

Check all past forks/airdrops, price plummets, small recovery, down again, and eventually end recovering. Zcl has masternodes to come in the future too.

I very much want to believe you as I was having the same thoughts about holding through fork a few days ago, but provide a hint of proof if you can

I've been all in for the past 2 months and it's been miserable but I know it'll pay off. I can't wait. Even though I only have 8.5 zcl....

As I said before, I can fake big numbers easily, up to you to believe or not. I'm not saying isn't risky, but hell, if you went in zcl past .007 you're obviously taking risks, and imo, going through the fork is the best r/r option.


More curious of why you think both bittrex and binance will support than what youre holding. From a business standpoint, it makes total sense, but still unsure whether itll hit 1k by May

Actually considering buttcoin may be much higher by May, 1k does not sound absurd

in the trade satoshi support tweet they said if you have zcl during "fork" you will get btcp, does that not mean snapshot? do you have to wait till actual fork there?

Logic. Binance already said they will support all bitcoin forks. Bittrex will support, by 26-27th, as I said there's a reason for them to delay at max the news.

Holding 50 in electrum, another 24 in bittrex to dump pre-fork. More and more I'm thinking it's not going to go high enough to justify dumping, even though I got in during the initial moon at $96.

True, if they listed Bitcoin Diamond it would not make sense not to list this.

I think I’ll be holding my 166 ZCL through the fork and just holding ZCL and BTCP. I am not fit for trading so I think I’ll just hold. If ZCL moons hard enough prefork I might sell a bit to buy into NEO and REQ.

Go etc. I'm done here, sleep time.

They credited but didn't support trading for Bitcoinx (BCX). I still have that shit on binance and can't even withdraw it.

>to say that not only Bittrex, but Binance aswell will support the fork.
isn't the fork in like 2 fucking days? how do i even move my shit off bittrex into an offline wallet? I'm fucked.

Alright I've not been paying any attention to crypto for the past few weeks, when is this fork snapshot happening?

The snapshot is in 4 days, the actual fork a couple days later. It's not hard to find this information, friendo

When will binance have a BTCP listing? I assume not immediately

ive been busy wagecucking and being a debt slave in uni, i'm trying. where do you find this info? twitter?

Dammit _tm3k, don't tell teh plebs.

Twitter will do

We already have zcash pajeeet

would masternodes be a 500 or 1,000 zcl minimum, you think?

only have 470 here...w-will i make it?