Tfw running out of crypto fuel. Scared!

tfw running out of crypto fuel. Scared!

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kratom is crypto fuel? da fuk does that even mean?

jesus christ I'm not the only one, I'll be up til 4am smoking with this shit. shits addicting af though I'll find myself doing it every evening if I'm not careful
>tfw makes my dick hard for gf too

Sort yourself out user.

It's a low grade opiate.

>shits addicting af

I give it a few weeks before OP graduates to opium tea and goes downhill from there until he ODs from carfentanyl - but not before a brief foray in krokodil.

you dont smoke kratom nigger

Its stimulating and relaxing easy to work on
I been on daily for a few months now. On about a 700 gram long binge now.

You can smoke nigger spinach with it nigger

>700 gram binge
Wtf? Not even taking an extract?

with pot you absolute mong
just ordered 250g, takes months for me to run through that. usually take a couple week t break after running out. If I drink a couple beers and hit a bowl after dosing though, shit, feels too good man

It's not an opiate retard. This is why they're about to ban it because of stupid faggots like you.

the extract is in grams. usually take a couple depending on tolerance to get a goood buzz going. mix that shit with tea. I zone the fuck into things on it though, crypto, video games, sex, homework. can be great for productivity unless you take too much and then it feels like you're just fucked up on a perky

I been using kratom for a couple years on and off. This is my longest binge. I have no need to upgrade this shit is good enough.
Why would I need a dirty extract when the natural clean stuff already feel great.
Been on daily for months now from morning to evening. Probably take 4-6 partial teaspoons a day. Cutting down lately as I am running out and cant really affords more.

Addicted as fuck to get this. But it makes my quality of life so much better.

The withdrawal suck but are very tolerable. The restless legs is the worst part. Be careful op, it took me about a year to actually get addicted

I never liked it. I've tried a few strains, but dosing too low made it unnoticeable, and dosing too high made me sick to my stomach. But opiates are fucked, you start thinking that you can do this only once a month, then it's once a week, then it's daily, and when you stop them, you miss them for years. Don't go down that path.

I am also on foquest daily for the last 2 weeks. I hope foquest will help with withdrawals

You are not addicted to kratom. You are not having withdrawals. You have a mental illness that makes your life without taking kratom seem like shit. That is all. And now the government wants to ban a perfectly harmless leaf from a tree because you'd rather not admit that you are fucked up.

I had to take opiates a couple months ago because of something and I fucking hated them, had kratom and preferred it over the pills even though the pain sucked (hydrocodone fucked with my appetite hard and made me nauseous). still know where you're coming from though, I've been doing it pretty on-off for a year and found a little bit in a bag tonight from a while ago, proceeded to take it and order another bag online kek
>absolute degeneracy

It's working on opiate receptors.

Lol, you sound desperate. It's not for nothing that they banned it in Thailand.

>It's working on opiate receptors.
its an opioid not an opiate
>Lol, you sound desperate. It's not for nothing that they banned it in Thailand.
Because people were using it to get off pharma pills that provided government tax revenue

I can remember details of my shitcoin trades for months but I can't remember if I took my SSRI tonight

Dude you are in total denial. Kratom affects the opiate receptors. Im not saying the withdrawals are horrible, but the insomnia and Restless leg syndrome are very real symptoms of physical addiction. And they do kind of suck. RLS especially, your legs literally never feel comfortable no matter how much you adjust them. Not pain, just extreme discomfort.

Buy a pill organizer.

ITT Russians

I have one but it's buried in clutter. I'll have to get it out and start using it. This shit sucks when I miss a dose or I take too much

You don't smoke Kratom you fucking shill.

...because it works on opioid receptors. at least when I'm on a heavy dose of kratom I'll get the dope itches all over my head, one eye will be 3/4 close while the other one is half way, and I'll sleep 15 hours. also withdrawal has mild hot/cold flips, have a friend that quit recently who was going through an oz every couple days and he said it was a bitch

This thread has me 100% triggered. You people have no idea what kratom is and you are treating it like a "drug." The way you are talking about it is the same way that the DEA talks about it. It's almost as if you agree with them.
I know that it works on opiate receptors. That's why people can use it to get off of drugs. It is not an opiate. The only reason it will ever be banned is because of money, and faggots like you who suck the ZOG dick all day.

Op here. This is all I have to taper with. I am not looking forward to this.

smoking nigger grass while taking kratom you god damn weeb

Hell yeah, 2 tsp Kratom with my breakfast, another 2 around dinner, life is good. Going to be so bummed when they make this shit illegal.

have fun when all your hair falls out and your complexion looks like death
kratom should be a once a week thing at most

What does it do and where do i get it

Go to the Kratom subreddit and you'll find a some pretty good deals and reviews.

>crackheads but also redditors

you have to go back degenerates

Kratom isnt heroin but yes been doing too much

You need to plan better dude. Good luck, try to think ahead next time.
theres a million sites that sell it, take a teaspoon, its mildly euphoric, pretty relaxing. its like a very low level stimulant with some opiate-like tingly feeling. love the shit out of it, recommend getting an ounce and trying a little bit and seeing how you like it. different strains for different effects too (more upper effect, vice versa), the one I listed is for pain and puts me on my ass when I take a good amount and smoke herb with it
>anecdotal though

You're probably young, and you're dumb. We've all been there. Kratom is rather weak - until you get to tinctures and synths (lol) - but it's still a drug you can get addicted to, and from the sound of your posts, you probably are. It's your life.

also you can brew it with tea or if you're a total chad you can buy a pureleaf at a convenience store, pour some in, shake the shit out of it and throw it down the hatch

Shitty bro

I take 1kg every month for the past 5 years, withdraw is basically 4 days of shitty sleep and restless leg syndrome

You're right buddy. I just have a really hard time stopping when I have it on me. It's not so hard when I am out besides withdrawals. I just been avoiding them lately by ordering more and more; usually 300 g at a time.

Holy FUCK this website is ripping you off hard

my last big binge of a couple hundred grams took a week to start getting out of withdrawals. I feel this time it will take 2 weeks to a month.
I get it here but its only for Canadians. Its expensive but I know its the real thing. I tried cheap kratom and it tasted like shit and didn't feel good at all.
I heard this place is strongest for us. Don't get extracts or you will be more fucked than me!

Nah I haven't bought any for like a year now. I put all my money into shitcoins now. I used to have some a couple times a week for work on the busy days. You can't actually get addicted to kratom just like you can't get addicted to marijuana, some people just don't have the will to stop I guess. And I'm 24. Am I young?

yeah nvm I think I used shaman nation until it closed orders and I just used kratomystic tonight, I find average of $10/oz is good

I'm Canadian and only pay $170 at most for a kg, that includes shipping

terrabotanical is the best website

>It's working on opiate receptors.
So does milk

noone has any idea about the long term safety of the many alkaloids found in kratom so have fun being a test subject for a substance that has already been shown to effect testosterone levels and have negative effects on endocrine system and adrenal function.
I tried this site before for budget, and I had a bad experience. That is why I only trusted galacticbotonicals. Also, it's organic no pesticides ect. Maybe I should have tried other but when I tried the lower priced stuff and it was shit I thought there was a reason for the low price.

Yeah, in burgerland only though. Normal countries will still it legal.

Good, serves you fucks right. Now you have to move to leaf land for freedom. Except you can't own guns.

So what'll it be, misery with guns (that will be taken away anyway in the future), or maple freedom?

No idea how people didn't get you the first time. I thought the autist meme was just a meme...

iktf and rip until next week lad. Its so great when your brain turns on you - dem body aches and restless legs all day got a nigga like dayum! The only thing that helps is DXM.

Seriously, go buy some cough syrup without paracetamol or it will be even worse suffering. It should get you through until Wednesday.

Drink like 100-150mg the day of feeling shit, the day after after you finish questing for maybe 2g powder from those empty bags and wake up hurting.

It completely kills any pain feels and makes music better. That will be your withdrawal day 1 feel better by 90%. Plus it weirdly cures depression better than kra temporarily even when you're withdrawing from it.

Then the next few days take less maybe like 50mg until your pack arrives.

The only downsides are drinking that much sweet syrup will give you some interesting shits and you will feel like a retard afterwards. It goes away though because 150mg is low tier but it's noticeable.

I never did cough syrup before I ended up where u are now. The weekends were that bad that I had to go to a 24/7 pharmacy for that shit Sunday night because fuckkkkk.

I finished the syrup and like suffered a week by switching to alcohol until hopping back in. Its the pussy way of t-break, but honestly you're a faggot if you enjoy suffering when you can resort to temporary fixes.

>t. guess what I'm on with all that text ;) now I think ahead OP

Also OP you're a retard for using Goylactic. You might as well just throw out money. Other domestic have the same quality for cheaper.

You're right, we should ban it. It might give me bitch tits and calcify my third eye.

Same with pharma opiate pills. It has been used for thousands of years in south-east Asia so it's not really the same as a test subject. It isn't a new rc chemical that just came out.

When I first started taking kratom I used galactic botanicals and it was super potent, so maybe it's worth the money, but it could've just been my non-existent tolerance

no need to ban it
i like having a bunch of low t idiot potheads and kratom addicts and etizolam fiends around. good for research purposes

>I'll be up til 4am smoking with this shit
>with this shit
People on biz are officially retarded; you didn't pick up this already user? Or at least the burgers; even us kratom druggies can understand the English language.

Good herb for pain, energy, antioxidants galore. Can cause constipation and possible thyroid issues. I took almost an oz some days, but mostly 10-20 g a day for 1.5-2 years. Stopped cold turkey for a month. Did a colon cleanse and take 3 g once a day and rarely twice a day. Drink plenty of water. It's good that way.

Another useful herb the DEA is going after instead of letting people use it to help them. Neighbor takes it along with her pain meds and it keeps her focused and increases pain relief in her hips with no tissue. Find a good reputable source and get good kratom.

Stop using drugs faggot

vendor shilling articles got you but whatever you need to tell yourself to sleep better at night
nothing wrong with using few times a month but anything more is an unnecessary risk

>miss them for years
fuck man that feel

I don't really see how you can put all three of those things on the same plane. But what sort of research are you planning?

Can you shut the fuck up? Especially the last one.

You basically just outed the secret so now your low t addicts that you like having around won't be around anymore.

Good job alpha cross dressing manlet.

Now (((they))) will have to stuck up on 2 of 3 things you mentioned before they become as black market as LSD, and guess what yep you guessed it the price will 10x and you'll have kra and tiz dealers and shit will be $1000/kg and $10,000/g respectively.

So thanks I guess. Its the next logical hustle after cryptomemia dies down for a few years.

Fuck dxm. I am just going to use my foquest in low dosages.
Pharma pills are definitely worse. Have you ever heard of the fentanyl/opiate crisis here?
>nothing wrong with using few times a month

Yeah, you are right man. Maybe a little conservative but still have the right idea. What i was doing before was binging for a week on a 60 gram sack and taking a month off. I kept that going for a long time. Then unrelated to kratom I got constant panic attacks daily and went to kratom for relief for a couple months. I dealt with the worst of the anxiety and stopped for a while. This last big binge was because kratom was helping me so much. I was using it to treat adhd. I became so much more productive and organized. I was getting so much more done and going for the money goal. I kinda got in a rut with addiction and I am off that path I was on so hard. Like I saw the success on the other end; and thought if I kept using kratom I would get there. I thought that I would stop when I was rich.

yeah i know what it is. i've used it. i just don't see how it's crypto fuel. if this stuff is crypto fuel, i'm guessing it's "everything fuel" basically

>produces benzodiazepine-like anxiety suppressing, disinhibiting, muscle relaxing, sedating, and memory suppressing effects when administered.
Why would I ever want to take something that is disinhibiting or memory supressing? That would make me retarded.

What's up with all the gets here?


Portraying Veeky Forums as retarded is ironic satire (but a necessary archetype to have) because of how many times Veeky Forums has been right, and how many anons here are part of the whole Shadow archetype of self-deprecation etc. despite being "it".. whatever it is biz has it.

Even the burgers....the burgers that make it here, there's still hope for all of us. Imagine the burgers that don't, and that would be the literal definition of a retard.

What the fuck is foquest? I agree DXM is the lowest of lows but taking a low dose helps and you won't feel anything but feeling a bit drunk, euphoria and music will be better. Also it cures deep rooted depression temporarily.

I bet your foquest doesn't cause euphoria during withdrawal tbqhfamalam

Its effect on memory is miniscule. I haven't really noticed much a noticeable negative effect on memory.
The biggest reason is motivation. Kratom gives you a lot of motivation and energy to do things that you want to do. It makes boring activities fun. It helps a lot with ADHD symptoms. Oftentimes when you are in a positive/motivated state of mind you can make better decisions, and think of things you normally wouldn't. It really is a great work drug.

Nice. Just took some Red vein right now

Phenibut tho

Foquest is extended release methylphenidate (Ritalin)
Thanks just bought 100k

>What the fuck is foquest
I had to search it too, looks like it's methylphenidate, so Ritalin.

Oh no I was talking about etizolam. I just had to google it from that other user's post

>noticed much a noticeable effect
Enjoy your brain damage

Yeah, that was bad English. Nice catch! Nothing compared to those sober anons who thought that guy was smoking kratom.
Weed or alcohol if anything is more damaging to the brain than kratom

I never got the recreational appeal of benzos either, but they make you relax. If you want to see hilarious train wrecks, look up phenazepam stories.

im currently nodding a bit on kratom right now and be honest with yourself. you're addicted. i'm addicted. this isnt good for either of us user...

Hmm...subject is now forgetting so much he repeats every other sentence in a slightly different structure. Interesting, keep him hooked.

Opiod and opiate are different

ぼくはすごい! ^_^

I didn't forget what I said. Nice try attempting to make me feel bad. Have you read anything about how bad depression and/or anxiety is for people's memory?

>Trusting psychofag wikia

How about you take the propagandian dick out of your mouth and experience something subjectively for yourself?

It's not used for prescription in Japan for no reason.

If you must know user even though that description is mostly correct they conveniently fail to mention the atypical reactions it has, such as anti-depressant and neuroprotective effects it may produce in some people.

You also conveniently fail to mention that disinhibition can paradoxically work out well if you felt disinhited enough to go all in last January like me. Sometimes "fuck it" is a valid strategy. In regards to memory suppression, it's only short term and while it's in your system. Again, a staple in any brainlets repertoire when they inevitably make minor mistakes and want to forget, stop stressing and just go to sleep. At threshold dosage memory suppression isn't even experienced, if you can handle a shot of alcohol without forgetting your trades you can handle that.

Speaking of stress, if and when you stress your brain loses oxygen. If you were to boost your GABA-a to stop stressing that would be literally neuroprotective which is why I mentioned it.

But please, opt out of it for the sake of less exposure and continue your omniscient, omnipresent stress-free existence if you have a life like a fucking Zen Buddhist master.

Carl Jung even said that sometimes it's necessary to navigate from the conscious back to unconscious for a while to fight the battle on both fronts and succeed.

That's why it's prescribed in Japan. Too much inhibition can drive you down the wrong path you gotta balance it out my g.

Ignorance on this board with drugs is fucking astonishing. You got people taking huge excessive amount of it claiming they are okay and on the other side people claiming that Kratom causes brain damage. Like with any crypto dyor and learn about the drug your taking, how it works and ways to minimize risk. Your putting chemicals in your body, your top priority should be to know what they are doing to you.

Subject is convinced it’s good for him because he’s forgotten what it was like before substance. After substance, nothing seems as good without it. Interesting... forgetfullness and stress release potent combination for addictiveness

Shitty bait

Why not just take prescribed benzos like ativan?

Subject is
When addiction is suggested. Intreresting.

it's your own fault for getting addicted.


Alright man you checked me. I'll try it if I encounter it somewhere. I guess the descriptions on these things are usually meant to discourage you from trying them. But typically I'm not big on downers as I already struggle with laziness, I llike kratom in small doses for the focus and energy.

op did you ever look into Nootropics? Not exactly racetams (not much knows about long term usage) but simple stuff like ashwagandha and L-Theanine also reduces anxiety and relaxes.

Yeah it's the bee's knees too, for GABA-b and also neuroprotective. Illegal by 2020 most likely, stock up and stay...lifted ;^)

>taking a stimulant for 7-hydroxymitragynine withdrawals

Am I being meme'd sirs?

>Wow my legs feel sooooo restless
>I can barely sleep
>My whole body aches
>Let me take some Ritalin XR

Let me guess, you induce serotonin syndrome for the foquest comedown?

All jokes aside that sounds like the antithesis of comfy. Being on methylphenidate during kratom withdrawal rofl

>using addictive substances
Dabble in psychadelics every few weeks or so, become clairvoyant.

Opiates are hell.

Got dosed when i had surgery and still remember to this day it was the most peaceful i have ever felt

I like cbd and have tried l-theanine before. I would get more cbd if it wasnt for the high price.
Not everyone reacts to stimulants the same way. I get very tired while i am experiencing kratom withdrawals. If I cant sleep oh well I will just stay up till I am tired. I also said low dose so I will just take some beads out of the cap. If it doesn't work out well I just won't use it anymore.

1. i live above kentucky. where can i get some?
2. is it illegal?
3. does amazon sell it?
4. whats it like?

>why not just buy these TEVA benzos, goy?

Maybe because it's the shittiest benzo in history psychologically and structurally chemically?

It's the equivalent of headshop kratom compared to the feelgood ones.

If you're lazy I would be extra cautious. It won't do what you're thinking. It'll make you more active and social. It will also feel like you're actually happy for once in your life and your body will feel like angels hugging you. Sleep will be magical.

Until all that shit goes away like the first few weeks of taking kratom and you can only recapture 40% of what you initially felt like with kratom.

Subjectively kratom makes me want to play video games and focus, tiz is like a cheat code for anyone with social anxiety and/or depression and/or stress for the first month.

I doubt you'll encounter it much in the future, that shit will be locked down. Believe it or not whales are accumulating it for the future because it's just too good .... for some people. Most react very well to it, read the Jap studies.

Its gonna get pump and dumped in a few years along with kratom and Phenibut when they become illegal.

1. any sort of smoke shop or herb shop
2.not yet, they are trying very hard to make it so
4. different strains do different things. White vein or Maeng da give you great clean energy and focus. Any time you take a large dose it will just make you tired.

Opiate addict for 5+ years. Starting to think I have no chance. Used kratom to taper off oxycodone and then landed very gently off the kratom. Magically had zero sleepless nights with this method... Ofc didn't feel amazing once dealing with sobriety but blew my mind how great of a tool kratom can be when compared to partial agonists like Suboxone (that's a death wish) or methado (another death wish)

it is An opioid, it's just a mild one, don't be one of those "it's a plant bro, i's just a medicine bro" dudes. Don't use this stuff Daily, it's rather Safe but plenty of People still develop an dependency on it. I've used this stuff myself btw, so im not a DEA shill.

bunch of fucking smackheads