Just became a millionaire

Hey Veeky Forums. Not a larp here, just this place is the only place I visit where I can celebrate anonymously. Along with my wife, we just crossed over the $1M estimated net worth threshold (barely). I'm sure there will be fluctuations and this might not last long, but it's the first time and I'm feeling pretty happy. Hope you guys are having a good night too. Peace.

okay have a good night enjoy wagecucking

Now become a millionaire in freecash and get back to us. Thanks.

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>student loans
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Well done to both of you...out of interest why did you black on some sections?

Not sure what you mean? Obviously I could pay them off but the interest rates are 3.5% and 4.5%, respectively. Makes no sense to pay off a loan to avoid

Good job and congratulations, but only 3k in crypto? Are you afraid it's too high-risk or something?

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Checked trips demands an answer. Blacked out sections are names and other personally identifiable info.

>SpaceX private investment
Could you elaborate?

>cryptocurrency: $3k

Looking good user, but you’re a bit too low on cash on the savings side for my taste. Also, where’s your emergency cash account?

Thats a great feeling forsure.
However, this is a total LARP.
With that value of house vs 401k, investments and shit.. your flat out lying or living with a HUGE homeowner debt
Considering you only have 13/2k saved... yet a networth of 1mil, your lying.
10g in gold is not alot. at all.

>Source: I broke a million in liquid 5 years ago. Trust me, you would have more cash in more of those catagorys

I used to have more but yeah, too volatile. I'm a wagecuck so I don't have time to sit around and watch the cryptomarkets all day or try to day trade. I pulled mostly everything out of crypto when I hit $30k in profits and left my original investment in. It's made a little money since then but not much.

My personal investment account is part cash, part individual stocks, part ETFs. I've got plenty of cash, I just sum up the total of my investment account in my spreadsheet for simplicity.

that kind of sounds like a fantasy 1 million. liquid assets aren't considerable, imagine what you'd end up if you had to liquidate all of it, maybe 700,000?

you aint a millionare if you aint got atleast 1 million liquid user.

How in the heck did you invest in SpaceX?

Private stock acquisition

>cryptocurrency 3k

He works at SpaceX and has invested in the company's stock (vested stock options).

> This person doesn't do the same things I do so he's lying.
You serious user?

I bet your wife is the one with the large student loan debt and the smaller 401k

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user, I...

>3k cryptocurrency


Cool but do you actually feel like a millionaire? If the answer is no then you aren't really a millionaire


Lmao 3k poorfag (this is biz after all ;) )

>3k worth of crypto

Get the fuck outta here bitch,

Barely 1M does not a millionaire make, user.
You need at least $15M before you can make such a bold statement.

This. She will take 98% of your gains user. Rip

How much of a faggot are you? You only have 3k worth of crypto? You need to dip into that 401k and put 100k in crypto. In two years you’ll be worth 10 million. Also:
>sharing your net worth with a female

How cucked are you?

It's technically a millionaire. But if you mean millionaire as in "rich", then you're right, having $1M doesn't make you rich.

$1M in 1950 is the equivalent of $10.5M now.

Ugh this is sad to see. Probably living somewhere in South Florida, San Fran, etc with hyper inflated housing prices. In 2 years when the market truly does crash youll be upside down and far from a "millionaire"

Fucking millennials

>1 million in net worth
>3k in crypto
had you put 10% of your net worth in crypto one year ago you'd be worth 3MM now
but hey, someone's got to wagecuck and marry roasties. thanks for picking up the slack, champ

you'll be worth 100k after she divorce rapes you

It is not enough to become self-sufficient.
TO become entirely self-sufficient/comfy, you need at least >$5 mil (Housing/children/Insurance/healthcare expenses)

Fuck these other anons. Congrats, OP. Good luck to you, but invest a bit in crypto and hide it from the missus unless wherever you live has not shitty draconian divorce laws.

Not trying to be a dick. Seriously though, good job.

Congrats, OP. It's a good feeling hitting a milestone like that. Jelly of your educated and we'll paid wife who cares enough about finances enough to have a 401k of her own. You're a lucky man. I hope to follow your footsteps. Any advice?

>half of wealth is in a house
>200k in 401k

Those don't count. Only your stock/gold/crypto portfolios count.

Also how did you invest in SpaceX?

Didn't Hitler say the first million was the hardest? Nice job op

how do i get some spacex stock

> dollars

kek, enjoy it while it lastst. this will be worth nothin. soon

literally everybody is "millionaire" if you add pensions, house, etc.
a real millionaire is somebody with 1m in the bank (bank account or invested in stocks/crypto etc)

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