Be me, autistic KHV NEET mining crypto in 2015, trading since 2016

>be me, autistic KHV NEET mining crypto in 2015, trading since 2016
>over $2M cashed out from crypto
>moved out of parents to nice small place to NEET in
>order food when too lazy to cook, give huge generous tips cause i dont use money for much else ($20-100)
>ordering breakfast today, takes longer than usual
>delivery person finally arrives, girl looks in her teens, is cute
>i stutter a lot, she gives me food, receipt, i sign, she asks to come in and use my bathroom
>dont have heart to say no
>she goes in, goes through my room to bathroom
>comes back out and asks what all my anime figures are
>"i-i just like collecting...."
>"oh wow thats so cool user, well i gotta get going, thanks again"
>she leaves
>set food down, put receipt in pocket and feel $50 bill, realize i forgot to tip her, awful feeling.

what do i do with these feels biz

I would recommend agonising over it endlessly, blowing it vastly out of proportion and giving yourself an unnecessarily hard time.

you can tip me and you will feel better

Did she flush?? You’d be lucky if she didn’t, I’d smell that for hours.

This. Is he biz way to deal with problems.
It's over dude, idk how are you even typing this, you must be strong af

This is a good thing. Maybe next time you order she'll spit in your food and it'll almost be like you kissed her.

larp larp larp get a life loser

good thread
being honest might work
maybe you can fuck her next time, ask her if she likes anime

put pic of anime figurines
maybe order food from there again until the same grill delivers and give her some tip and also ask if she wants a figurine as extra tip

Did u smell the toilet after she left?

You letting her use your shit covered toilet is enough tip.

Look on the bright side, you've basically solved one of the biggest challenges that most people spend their entire lives trying to achieve: being financially secure. Now you can spend the next 5 years learning how to socialize. Not too difficult, I pulled it off in a couple of years

lick the toilet seat

>paying at diner counter last night
>typing in tip on card reader
>put 75 cents
>decide to do a dollar instead
>hit back to delete the 75
>cancel my tip and completes the transaction

but sir, did you smell the toilet?

why would i do something so disgusting

BTC Donations for a poor soul?


Keep ordering again my friend and she will pop up again.

Get your autist plan ready to talk about anime and shit.

Scandinavians do not like giving away money

this, works wonders for me.

Oh I didn't notice I accidentally clicked /larp/ instead of Veeky Forums

I really really wouldn't worry about it user Also, this is the wrong fucking board