Congrats on this. Seriously


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Prime example of don't get greedy

Bought at 0.0008, sold at 0.0015 at rebought at 0.0012

>copy and past directed graph from college CS textbook
>brand it BLOCK LATTICE™
>shill it as revolutionary disruptive tech
>"the next" bitcoin
>"like buying ethereum"
>ignore all the other shitcoins with the same tech in the shitcoin graveyard.

Show me coins with the same tech. I'll be sure to invest.

off the top of my head, iota, byteball, cardano, iot chain, burst coin
All of them are planning to use it as a layer on top of blockchain, or have resorted to using centralized servers because the tech never worked.

literally no other coin uses the same block lattice tech Nano uses tho

also I remember eth was playing around with it years ago. It just doesn't work well outside a test net.

block lattice™ is just a brand name for their implementation of a directed acyclic graph. Its like kleenex vs tissues. They are same thing.

everyone is so quick to shit on a coin that's going down in price. God damn everyone on this board is a fucking idiot.

>price goes up
>Nano is fucking amazing
>price goes down
>the tech of Nano is fucking garbage top kek

don't be a fucking retard. Hold onto the coins through the pumps and corrections, wait for stability to level out, which it will at a much higher price years from now.

>Do one thing, and do it well
that thing is going down isn't it

>block lattice™ is just a brand name for their implementation of a directed acyclic graph. Its like kleenex vs tissues. They are same thing.

its obvious.. when price is going up its shilled so the shillers can sell high, and when price is down its fudded so fudders can buy low

in other words, always do the opposite of what Veeky Forums says

>block lattice tech

block lattice™ is a DAG implementation. Just because nano does some things different than another coin that also uses a DAG design doesn't mean they aren't overall a similar design with almost the same overall advantages and disadvantages.

I also love how that article implies that using UDP packets "keeps transaction costs low," lmao. The author of that article clearing has no technical background.

mommy why


> Block lattuce

>it's a correction
I remember when nano shills were saying this when it was dumped to 24 dollars

>this tech blocks your lettuce

> sell link today at 6600 sats
> buy nano for 14k sats



Should have bought at 7k sats like i did fgt.

how about just to do what you want and check out Veeky Forums sometimes too. for what reason anyway.
biz is okay for news sometimes but really believing anything is completely retarded. everybody here just want to make €$¥. there is not such thing like "we".

>feeless and instant and feeless
>great community
>solid team
>the new bitcoin
>50k eoy guaranteed