I told you about x

>I told you about x
>Now I'm here to tell you about y

>I called this at x sats

>don't miss out this time user

>shill me


>big partnerships announced

>solid dev team

> killer team, multiple partnerships, new exchanges, big news next week

>we're working for you

>small team

>previous FOrtune 500 CEO

>team based all over the world

>strong support at Xk

>i warned you guys about x
>now im here to rub it in your face
>i wont post any proof whatsoever about me warning about the impending pump or dump of x

the fuck are those toe nails

>will be huge when normies find it


>you must hate money

>im gay


"its never going to drop below 10k again"

>x pages of whitepaper

>fuck these threads

>insider here

>also, how many x to make it?