Do you really want to miss the last x100 of crypto user?

As a reminder, the circulating supply will go down to $100m, $10 per coin ($1b cap) is very possible with innovative platform coins.

supply down to 100m*

I had a couple 100k of this shitcoin when I first started crypto then sold when the dev started having visions of his dead mom.. what the fuck

no business registration
no node payouts
no new tech
nothing of actual substance development wise


they've had a business registration for a while btw

no they have had a fake fly by night business registration
no one wants to pay the verification fee because that itself is fake.

Fuck off faggots XBY IS THE BEST COIN EVER

Kek i got out with the cryptoghost shit too

please, please moar!! what habben sirs, sauce?

lol wtf

> not noticing that having autistic, half deaf, schizophrenic dev that can barely speak audibly is an advantage

Only if they have a cage for him. Do they have a cage?

*silently accumulating* here

you know this is a scamcoin, right, goy?

scam shitcoin

You coming here to shill just further confirms how trashy it is evidences by you feeling the need to come here and shill it in the first place

Used to have 500k of these, bailed during (well prior to) the shit show where it crashed to almost nothing

which shitshow you're referring to?
the real shilling will begin when it's mainnet is released, this is just an information that will make it much more painful when you miss another moon mission

Biz relentlessly fudding xby? Guess it's time to buy again

lol I remember this scam from the last year it was exposed by some european dude and the bagholders became the laughing stock of Veeky Forums. Good times.

Actually if you bought this shitcoin back then you could have made a pretty good profit when it hit $1 in December

Oh hey look, a blog post that says nothing new, just the same old bullshit

Bought during the fudd at $0.002 and sold when it hit $1 in December.

I had 500k in the very start but sold at some point, whats this stuff about devs dead mom?

ethereum was a scam at the start as well, antshares were a scam, what wasn't a scam at some point in time?

The only thing new is an ANN for a CEO. In reality, that isn't going to happen because CCR will want to pull the strings still. Business doesn't work like that, neither would a good CEO let that happen.

If I see proof I will rebuy but until then, this is just normal a normal cycle of any coin.