Should I cash out If I invested at 2k? Give me your advice user. Be honest and cool

Should I cash out If I invested at 2k? Give me your advice user. Be honest and cool.

you could cash out your in investment. I wouldnt cash out all imo

take it from someone who lost 200k profit from just hodling, take profit


initial investment*

No, but good job.

20 grand can buy you enough LINK to never work again.

and get rid of Bitcoin. It's too expensive to make good profits

My initial investment was 3k. There's more now in from doing trading and also doing video animation jobs for a few ICOs. Maybe my profit margins are around 15-13k from initial investment. I'm not sure If I should cash out, I have a feeling it could go up. But cashing out initial investment is a good advice, I'll take it!

If Short term cash out.

If Long term hold.

Never cash out unless you NEED fiat

Cash out 2k. Then you are playing with the house's money.


Take out your investment and any money you NEED, not just for frivolous spending.


would 23000 change your life? if no you might as well continue gamble until you can withdraw to an amount that changes your life.

personally id change ADX, CAG and half of what you have in ETH to BCH. it's about 50/50 if bitcoin cash will overtake bitcoin (legacy) right now. we'll know in a year or so but I don't think ADX/CAG or even ETH will ever come close to BTC, if anything it will be BCH.

I only invested 3k into crypto 2years ago and I am a millionaire. Hitted 3million back in Dec.

If I had sold i probably didnt reached 100.000k.

I didnt even sold any coin, just playin the game and do sone slow coin rotations within BTC ETH LTC, the last trade:
sold 700LTC for ETH in Dec, exchange ratio was 1,8 and went back into LTC at a ratio of 6 with a 50:50, means now have +1800LTC and +200ETH

if this was your line of thinking, you should have cashed out in January.

Didn't expect the dip to happen any sooner desu.

take the money and run nigger

>it's about 50/50 if bitcoin cash will overtake bitcoin

Take out 5k. You'll feel a whole lot better and motivated about the money you have still invested when that extra 3k is in your hands.

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>honest and cool
But seriously, cash out. BTC is never breaking 12k again.

You don't need meme lines to see this shit is going to bleed for a while.

You could swing it on the way down and get more satoshis in the end, but if you do not have the time just sell and wait.

I have a feeling it will. But I'll think about it. I will cash out my I.V. + a little extra. I think crypto still has a lot to offer.

You bought at 2k and haven't sold above 15k? Boy you must be either too dumb or too greedy

This is what BCH hodlers actually believe.

I was in vacations while it was over 15k. And also I wasn't expect it to crash at that point. Crypto is hard to predict. But I agree, lost opportunity.

>sell low
Yeah, why not. It's not like the market is going to at least 10x this year. Then again, with such a gay portfolio you're not going to make it either way, so might as well kys.

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If we were to crash in a few days or a couple weeks, maybe. You can tether up or buy some coins that stay put when btc drops.

I did that back in 2015, I regret it.

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That's what I'm worried about desu.

If i were you i would buy two good mining rigs and leave the rest for trading.

ultimately it's DYOR because Veeky Forums is not your dad/oracle. Veeky Forums is not your dad, do the opposite of what Veeky Forums says user. also buy link

Thanks user

20k chump change. Even a Million is chump change nowadays. If you have a cushy job play with it for another year or two