Doug Polk just fucked over our chances of making it on his livestream. Stinky linkies assemble and attack his stream

Doug Polk just fucked over our chances of making it on his livestream. Stinky linkies assemble and attack his stream.

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Whats the quick rundown

literally who?


Doug polk crypto spent 100k on coins tonight. Link got SHAFTED hardcore. Weaponized autism engage.


The price singularity will happen when it happens, that's when you push it out to feed the FOMO train. Fuck outta here letting those retards into the fold.


Why not bump the si gularity up a day? Mr.knowitall

watch excessive shilling be what ruins link

LINK won the poll to be a coin he buys and he skipped over it

If youre not priced in by now you can go fuck yourself

Literal who


Good I don't want them to know. Let them stay poor

You idiots think there's going to be a singularity without a mainnet? Great, get out there and shill it to Ellen, watch it settle at $2 and spend the next 6 months punching yourself in the balls because you fucked your own accumulation for no reason

This but unironically. I want cnbc running segments on how the internet hate machine created so many millionaires

No. Not your personal army. And stop being fags.
I want you to realize how fucking lucky we are. Every single chance this project has the opportunity to get heavily shilled by some youtubefag, they blow it off, or it gets btfo by some basement dweller who got his FUD right in hindsight in October/November.
In no other fucking parallel universe is LINK this under the radar, or blown off by normies, and we get this long to accumulate sub 10k sats

I literally don't give a shit about anyone's opinion. LINK has the most sound fundamentals for a speculative investment that could 100-500x in the next year or two, as long as it sticks to schedule.
No one's shilling or opinion will make a difference in the long-run.
Checked and this

The absolute worst thing that could happen right now is it gets shilled too hard, and we miss out the chance to accumulate more.

Have you fags thought that maybe he is in on the joke? It's not in anybody's best interest to hype Link right now. For every $700 you spend on link right now, you're looking at somehwere between $70k and $700k profit by 2020. Repeat, you're a dumbfuck if you want random nobodies to pump link at this point. Impatient adhd spergs I tell you hwat.

You've had since September to accumulate. Kys

Link stream then come on stinky linkies lets do thia

>I tell you hwat

Moon kiddies get out

Fuck that, I'm done accumulating. Singularity Now, motherfucker.

But you posting this makes it look like you're a shill...

I don't know what to believe and I'm emotionally fusterated.

guys STFU please, i have to buy some before 9th mach, just STFU please

I hope not lol I love normie tears

Tbh senpai baka

his loss. who gives a fuck about this dick licker?