Why dont you fix your teeth, Veeky Forums?

why dont you fix your teeth, Veeky Forums?

>tfw teeth are worse than that
>tfw thats what i plan to do as soon as i can
>mfw sub 1k portfolio


i cant even smile

white people have shit teeth naturally. braces won't get rid of your stained fucked enamel

the money im gonna waste fixing my teeth could have bought me 1000 linkies


eerr, actually england folks has shit teeth most than other pp

cus i'm broke you dumb fuck why do you think i'm here

Ehh, his smile is still narrow

ive always had really good teeth. its the one thing i was blessed with t b h

had all 4 of my wisdom teeth ripped out though

teeth are pretty ok, saving to get mini tummytuck from losing 100 lbs and getting fit, hopefully crypto picks up again so I can get my fucking surgery

>Brush my teeth twice a day for 2 years
>Barely eat sugar
>Don't smoke or drink soda
>Teeth still yellow

Fuck this shit, I'm just gonna pay some dentist to whiten them. Dental """"""hygiene"""""" is such a meme.

Now lose 30 pounds

have you fallen for the scrubbing charcoal on teeth meme yet?

I guess you cannot change the bone structure, only so much wider you can pull your teeth out before they fall out from the arch/bone

Thankfully my orthodontist widened my smile a bit. Went from 6 teeth show to 8-10 without any expansion work.

Because I don't fucking know how. Everytime I go to a dentist and talk about fixing them, they just say something like "We don't really ever recommend implants/veneers/whatever, but if you want you could get braces." and I'm not fucking doing that as an adult.

Are you american?

disgusting. both pictures. jesus you are disgusting.

its less expensive and worth it if you want to straighten them. short term pain (or embarrassment) for long term gain

>I'm not fucking doing that as an adult.
lol im 26 and considering getting braces this year. my bottom row teeth are fucked

Look up invisalign if you want to avoid braces.

Check your Vitamin D levels.

dude just get braces and fix all that shit lol.
Nobody will even notice unless you smile like a horse but even then who cares. I'm 25 almost with braces and only like 2-3 people noticed lol

I'm sure it would be worth it for the long term, but I'm not doing it. I'm 27, have a good job, and have been dating my dream girl for almost 3 years. If it isn't a quick fix, I'll just keep living my life cause my teeth aren't bad enough to justify having braces for 2 years.

I'm working on it.

Yeah maybe I'd do that, Idk why I've never really looked into that cause I see their ads all the time. Maybe I'll talk to my dentist about that. Thanks bro.

Nah man, but thanks for the advice and good for you for fixing your teeth. Hope they turn out great.

well if your current teeth situation isnt affecting your life at the moment then dont bother, no point of wasting money on something you dont care about

you should be a multi millionaire by the end of the year if you're not ra tard. at that point you won't care what people think about your tooth braces. you're not going to enjoy making it if you're embarrassed of your teeth. just get it done and move along.

untill she dump you and ur teeth problem worsens coz u delayed the treatment

This, I have the exact same problem. I've been brushing my teeth two to three times per day for years and they are still yellow-ish. Does everyone pay his dentist to whiten them regularly?

Dont need to, I was born with superior teeth genes, never needed braces, never needed my wisdom teeth out, never had a cavity, still have pearly whites without any work done, don't really even produce plaque on my teeth. Get on my level, faggots.


it's your natural shade, brushing won't help.
Americans have tilted perception of healthy teeth because of crazy whitening/comercials etc, read about it if you don't believe me or get the whitening treatment


That's my thought process, but I do feel like it could hold me back as I move further up the ladder in my career, so I'm cool with shelling out $20k or so if there's a quick fix.

Yeah man, let's hope that doesn't happen.

Lol how you know my portfolio? But yeah it's definitely possible I'll be a multi-millionaire by EOY and that would somehow be more incentive to get braces? I appreciate all you guys telling me to do it, but I'm not going to do it.

Makes your teeth last longer too because pressure is distributed better. Less problems later in life, statistically speaking. I had like 5 years of orthodontics as a kid, shit sucks ass so I understand where you're coming from.

Thanks user, I'll look into it.

Because I'm not British.

whatever faggot i'm having a beer and i was feeling positive/optimistic....i guess.. as usual i waste these sentiments. cheers!

They want to extract you for more money, that's why they prefer braces.

depends what his problem is, if his teeth have bad shape or something then braces are not the solution but if they are simply missplaced in his jaws then how else would you fix it

I only have one snaggletooth hidden on the bottom that wouldn't go away with braces or a retainer. I am the way god made me.

guys i need answers, how to get white teeth
*no memes allowed

same here user. we're gonna make it

>be me
>spend 7k to fix my teeth in 2012
>after I get my braces off skip wearing retainer for a few days
>teeth start going crooked bit by bit

it was kinda worth but not really, I'm not even gonna pretend I would have spend that money on btc because I didn't even have a debit card back then

apparently i have some sort of abnormality with the right side of my bottom teeth. the dentist i see always talks about it everytime i go in for a check up, and said it was superior as it was immune to plague or something like that. keeps telling me that "we should breed from this guy" for superior teeth. pity shes in her late 50s and about to retire

coconut oil rinsing first thing in the morning.


The 1/3 unsalted butter to 2/3 olive oil spoonful.

Also cut out sugar.

ITT americans

im australian, but what are you implying mr non burger? crooked teeth seem to be a worldwide problem

whitening strips?

Kek whitening strips are worthless
Just brush your teeth with charcoal twice a day

i guess the whole anglosphere has shit teeth then.
People here imediately get braces as kids, poorfags have state sponsored teethcare

seems to be a recurring trend. how did the english end up with such fucked up teeth?

is there an ethnic group that has perfect teeth?

Native AMericans, Brazilians and most Africans have gooood teeth with wide arches.

Comes down to diet, but also genetics I guess.

im trying to keep my crypto millions a secret. I literally changed nothing about my lifestyle, didnt even quit my job. Still drive my old car and wear the same clothes i buy at the local stores. I just low key spend when i go on my vacations.

Niggers have surprisingly healthy teeth
Obviously contrast makes them look whiter, but still

Crest 3D white toothpaste.
Whitening strips did jack shit for my multi year tooth stains. I drink 3-4 cups of black coffee and smoke tobacco and my teeth are whiter than before I did either of those things.
You only need to use a tiny amount of it too. LGot results within the first three days if not immediately.

Dental fag here. second year of dental school.

White teeth =/= healthy teeth

You could have really healthy teeth that are as yellow as the sun because you drink alot of coffee and they got stained.

Literally ask your dentist about bleaching or try to do it on your own. They will do it for you for like 300$ over a couple of sessions.

it also comes down to genetics and your natural hue. do you get cavities a lot too?

As for orthodontic work - I would recommend braces/traditional work if your mouth is really fucked up. Invisalign can only do so much at this stage, but down the line it (or companies like it) will literally make orthodontists obsolete.

btw, check out their stock over the past 5 years. wish I invested

I dont have enough DENT accumulated