Will it ever hit $1400 again Veeky Forums?

Will it ever hit $1400 again Veeky Forums?

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unless vitalik dies, yes.


POS, plasma, sharding etc haven't even been implemented yet, nor have any likely use cases for Ethereum been implemented either. Ethereum is still a fucking sleeping giant. You should be accumulating this if you have any brain in your fucking skull.

I'm sorry. Does this coin do anything? Everyone keeps making shit up for coins acting like just because some new technology is going to be released its gonna raise the price of it, where the truth is that the only worth any coin has is through its "gambling" potential. People don't give a shit about "uses"; they give a shit about money.

>Does this coin even do anything?

>Does eth do anything

Leave crypto

The only thing Ethereum has produced with its Dapps and smart contracts is ponzi schemes. Not a single real-life use token or utility token has been released on the Ethereum platform.

This whole house of cards WILL come crashing down eventually and when it happens, you don't want to be holding Ethereum.

Consider yourself warned.

>Not a single real-life use token or utility token has been released on the Ethereum platform.
Not yet...

>Does this coin do anything?


The new money is nice and stupid, makes for ez shilling but some people just don’t even wanna know what they are doing.

They are literally buying digital scratch tickets. If you don’t buy a project you really believe in (excluding traders obviously) you will have a much harder time especially long term.

ETH will become #1 due to smart contracts. PoWH is one of the coolest things to hit crypto and its all Ethereum.


just wait

the moment decentralized websites gets properly implemented and people begin to upload their CP into it for everyone to watch and the feds unable to shut it down, you'll see the price of eth go way into the 10 digits


>mfw EOS is a Ponzi scheme

eth is a scamcoin and always was, pumped by faggots who fell for "smurf contruc" meme


Can even barley run crypto kitties.
>muh decentralized world computer

I sure hope so. My average buy price is 1200.
Yes I am a retard.

If you buy more now your average is lower.

I don't have any more money :D

It kind of sucks though because most of the dumb money is buying dumb shit like Tron or Ripple instead of projects that deserve their dumb money.

sell all of your eth and immediately buy back in
your average will be lower and you will have the same amount of eth