Anyone else agree that Tezos is going to be the biggest coin of 2018?

Anyone else agree that Tezos is going to be the biggest coin of 2018?
I can see it reaching top 5 position within 6 months of launch

The tech behind it is incredible.
Strange it doesn't get more attention around Veeky Forums

Please go into detail about why the tech is incredible. I'll wait.

lololololololololololololololololololololol still waiting on your "Tezzies"?

The Breitmans should be hung out to dry and punished for their stupidity. This coin should be DOA.

lol..already marketcap of this coin is 4 bill...fold it put it in u ass. no thx pajeet

Watched today's dev update. It doesn't look like mainnet is ready.
Probably another 2 months for launch.

idk why these pajeet niggers realize everytime it's shilled here, it's a god send from us, The futures price alone is proof that this is going to be a promising coin. It already has the tech Cardano is trying to accomplish and look at their MC

>already has the tech
>no product has been released
lolololololololololololololololol you locked up your eth/btc for how long? oh my fucking god lololololololol you still don't have a product to show for it? you haven't even gotten your tokens?

This is the same response you get from Arthur when you ask him the tough questions.

Already trying at $4b market cap.

and Bancor had a $1.4 billion market cap during IOU trading. How'd that end for them? lolololololololololol please tell me you at least know the date when you'll be receiving your "Tezzies".

That fact its taken this long for tokens to be released gives Tezos more validity than every ERC20 scam being traded rn.

They might as well have just called the tokens "Tendies"

>The fact that we "donated" $200+ million to a foundation more than half a year ago and have gotten nothing in return while the rest of the market went up like crazy proves we made a good decision.

I mean seriously dude your argument is
>received 0 tokens from ICO for like 8 months so it's more trustworthy than other ICOs on the Ethereum network

you "Tezzies" deserve what you got. J U S T E Z

Tendies would've been more professional and adult honestly.

Umm no one should ever go all in any ICO. Also, no one who has been trading since July is getting JUST'd.
These are some weak ass arguments against this coin bruh. gtfo

Who said anything about going all in, and yeah everyone who invested in Tezos missed out on a lot of other gains and still have nothing to show for it. These aren't arguments, they're undeniable facts. Sorry you missed the crazy bull market because you believed in that 20-something scam artist who sweats profusely anytime someone asks him to explain the tech behind Tezos.

Btw are you still waiting for your "Tezzies" to arrive? Because it's been like 8 months man, usually you get tokens from ICOs a lot sooner than that. Why do you think it's taking them so long?

>missed the crazy bull market

Buddy I've been holding ETH and BTC since late 2015. I never missed anything lmao

I'm also fine holding my 300k XTZ. Will be staking these coins for many years. And the delays are nothing to worry about, this is just the nature of software development.

You did miss out because because your 300k "Tezzies" would've already made crazy gains if you had kept it in BTC and ETH. Wasn't ICO price like 1btc for 5k "Tezzies" also? Because wow that's a lost of opportunity cost for 60 btc. But I'm sure you'll be fine, like you said an 8 month delay is just the nature of cryptocurrency ICO's and there are never scams.

Sorry you got A R T H U R E D

I think theres another coin that will dominate the market in Q3 similar to Tezos. The ico was during last November if im not wrong

>You did miss out because because your 300k "Tezzies" would've already made crazy gains if you had kept it in BTC and ETH


it's going to be significantly up in both sats and wei out of the gate, sure you could have caught some other moon missions, but it sure as fuck will beat holding BTC/ETH

Tezos is amazing, glad they got that shit with the board sorted out.

Shut up.

shit coin!!!