Guys. dont buy chainlink. if you really want to succeed

guys. dont buy chainlink. if you really want to succeed.
its a trap to make you put your cash on a meme coin while the others accumulate the real cryptos that will moon. alwways do the opposite of biz if you want to succeed. remember its a simple json parser, and it coumd be implemented anytime on the eth blockchain. sergey is a fat lazy fuck who dont even bother writin 150 words of text on twitter. if he really was backed by big companies how come he doesnt say shit about it.

chainlink is a meme
sergey is a smart exit scammer and a troll

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I couldn't have said it any better user

They’re all meme coins.

God knows why we don’t have Wojack and Pepecoin

Stop spoiling the fun. Vegetables need to be roasted an boiled. The salty tears will be glorious this time.

But the 7777777s

Chainlink is the reason there are hungry African kids


Chainlink is the reason that AIDS exists

check the comments below the tweet. LINK just went mainstreem


In time the bags will feel like lead. Do not despair. Eventually winter will pass and fresh newfags arrive. Then the cycle of link will begin again.

made me diamonds.

Ari? He's a Jew. He just lost all credibility

wtfffff who did this.

After the intial post, Ari eventually makes a brief response on why an Oracle needs to be decentralized.

Sergey has infiltrated his brain

holy fuck fampai, look at some of these comments

>As for centralized solution...its scraping data off a URL is it not?
>Any long form content on this topic you can point to?
>I guess I’m struggling as well. Why would an Oracle “need” to be decentralized in this manner. What’s the incentive for pushing bad data?

This is my fave:
>Working oracles is a tautology. I think the missing link are human oracles, DAO actors who you trust for their reputation, like a uber driver.

>Read this thread. Can you give me a use case for Oracles?
>What will enforce oracle's validity and honest behavior?
>Can you easily explain why they couldn’t be bribed with an amount that’s greater than the penalty?

lol we are nowhere close to normie adoption.

>lol we are nowhere close to normie adoption.
but we're getting them talking about it, which is the important first step

plus, ari knows. so there's that

you're right, but it is eye opening to read questions so basic.

>Working oracles is a tautology. I think the missing link are human oracles
lol fucking wat? holy fuck

It's fucking bizarre saying this but maybe Veeky Forums is ahead of the curve.

Bump 4 tweeter info