Request Network (REQ)

Did anyone else get a fucking erection while reading this?

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yup. Trying to increase my stack to get to 10k before mainnet release.
I'll have min 100k$ before the end of the year

Looking forward to the future.


Super excited for REQ and it's the only coin I'm comfortable going all in on. But mister you satoshi buttcoin mooning fking hell, I could have waited one night ans gotten 500 more REQs. Fking bogs ruining things for us

What made me most excited is that they already have partnerships so the moment mainnet releases the burning of tokens already start.

And they will also hold an AMA and answer questions on Reddit which should push the price up.

So fucking undervalued with mainnet round the corner
This is THE #1 buy in all of crypto as of this moment

Yes I'm ready, my stack has been ready since 0.045$

Price guesstimate EOY?


Yeah around $10 seems correct. I think people will start FOMO in when the burning of tokens actually start and people begin to realize that it's an appreciating asset from then on out.

And then slowly more and more partnerships and stores start to adopt it. REQ starts their marketing campaign and the sky will be the limit then.

Good read.

Can you guys also cast your vote to have Black Block feature REQ in their next report? They do quality fundamentals analysis.

Vote here fellow REQon marines:

Dubs confirm.

God. I am so comfy with my 40k. Cannot believe i managed to get in on the ground floor of a project of this calibre.

You guys think its a risky time to swing trade? Been playing around with trading with half my stack and managed to increase it by about 15 percent over a month even with a bad trade or two. I feel like the pump is going to hit any day now.

I dunno about $10. The selling pressure is going to be immense, considering how many people there are on Veeky Forums alone with massive stacks. They're all gonna want to cash out and suppress the price pretty strongly. We have to hope that the bear market turns around in spring. There needs to be thousands of people FOMOing to get in to support a price increase. Lots of early adopters here.

Honestly don't risk it or at least try to do it before the next update hits.

The team is going to hold an AMA on Reddit to increase awareness and Mainnet will release soon as well. Apparently they already have partnerships with businesses that will use REQ immediately after mainnet launch so token burning will also start immediately and probably cause FOMO. You don't want to miss out on that rocket. Could possibly even reach ATH if the hype builds up since REQ is a Reddit normie coin after all.

I could see Normies and Veeky Forums FOMO hard.

I’m selling upon peak adoption

True but don't forget that every sell of is also a buy-in and initial investment for new people. All the while the REQ supply will slowly drop due to burning.

Just hold and it'll receive upwards pressure in time. The whole point of the burning is that the upwards price pressure remains constant over time which will cause FOMO. Look at what token burning did to Binance coin and they only burn every Quarter instead of continuously like REQ is planning to do.

Just dissapointed I only have 7.8k REQ, wish I had more time to get some fiat in to make it a clean 10k to satiate my autism. Regardless, best of luck lads!

The burning aspect is a huge long term holding selling point

I need to buy back into this, but I'm chasing other moons. I'm up 11 pct today, which REQ can't give atm.

This question is how long can I wait? Is the main net announcement on the bi-weekly update friday?

what do? when mon sir?

Next Friday you have time

You have until June lad. Do some wagecuckery to top the folio up at 10K.

You have no idea how slick this is going to be. Once we have a nice little Android app, you can send or request payments to anyone else in the world, with Request doing all the necessary humming and buzzing on the blockchain in the background.

This is the THE mid-layer that will bring crypto to the fucking roasties and Normans.

That is if the devs don't fuck up. If they start smoking weed and sleeping in on weekdays, then we're screwed.

It's this Friday.

REQ is a project that rewards the patient. Moon chasers should really stay out of this one.

why aren't you putting all of your eggs in a single basket?

It's this friday for sure. Planning to dump my PRL on 28th just before token burn (It will cause some kind of jump in price most likely).

Wrong. Nobody will ever reward you or thank you for holding something it while it was tanking or trading sideways.

>why do you want to hatch all your eggs

I'd hatch her eggs, if you know what I mean.

>Wrong. Nobody will ever reward you or thank you for holding something it while it was tanking or trading sideways.

I'm sure you made a ton of money flipping ETH at $10 and then jumping into Auroracoin..