Look what you did

Fucking autismos

Is Crypto Joe the 91 posts guy?

>calls us retarded

lmao, he is right though
it's full of edgy teen retards here


What was he homestly expecting from the 'business' section of what is widely known to be the anus if the internet?

Is he being ironic?

>no name miss out on free lambo because he tried to have a discussion on Veeky Forums

There is enough newfaggots as it is, I welcome any FUD Veeky Forums can get.

That’s how many he follows retard, thanks for proving his point

>crypto normie

What do you expect from the norman

Kek. Excellent job m8s. Internet hate machine strikes again.

coordinate to get on Joe's goodside. Make him one of the new positive faces of LINK. He needs to know the prophecy. We can worship this chad and join forces to make it

This. If I only I had more than one upvote to give

Joe pls leave

Xrp is literally the full normie coin. Good riddance

>the internet
>1st time on Veeky Forums


He's right. Even fucking reddit catches news before us since we don't care about our gains, only to ensure others lose theirs.

Virtue signaling

way more common than you think. the "who is this Veeky Forums" meme is true for the vast majority of people. even reddit and imgur are virtually unknown/unexplored for more normies.

It’s working boys, the weak shall be scared off.

$1000 eoy

> Hey guys a twitter egg make a postie.. it go booty booty butt butt *drool*
Good job OP

who da fuq is dat guy?

who cares about facts though?


yes, he's obviously trolling. dumping link for cripple? come on. it's like casually mentioning you listened to your favorite moonman song on your way to see black panther this weekend.


My bad for glancing at the page, because if I had realized it was 1300 I would know that he's like the Mark Cuban of crypto.

yeah the only thing worse would be if you were a corporate boot licking virtue signalling faggot who had to publically make an issue over when you saw something you didn't like rather than be even slightly concerned in the tech.

also fucking WHO?

XRP isn't even crypto. It's basically a PayPal.


why are you following this fag? kill yourself



We are Anonymous.

We are Legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect us.

>butthurt, the post

Thank god, don't want stupid fucking normalfags to get rich

imagine standing in line awaiting to buy your precious linkies and Crypto-the intelligent conversator-joe is standing next to you with his snap back on in disgust

I don't blame him. Been holding LINK since ICO, but since early January the LINK threads the average IQ of LINK holders must have dropped by at least 50 points.

It's the invasion of newfags, and it's especially bad during burger hours.

But it isn't just LINK. They've managed to shit up just about any thread that tries to have a serious discussion about any crypto. It's just more noticable in LINK threads because there's so many.

This and also our reputation keeps people away. They think by visiting the site the hacker is thing to get all their monies

>he thinks we’re going to accomodate him

Kek, this isn’t reddit

i came in november, thought LINK is a fucking meme, but then i did research. bought in and now im fudding LINK for fun

You make fun of me and my indian IQ??
Buy mobius plz sir.

Never heard of her.


this. pajeets and poor children have ruined biz. they say it over and over too "i just bought link for the memes". they don't care about the tech or trading they just want to feel like they're part of a community and shitpost.


Holy shit is it this guy?
I've saved all of this shit for epic keks in a year's time.