Poorfag paying my own way through college

>poorfag paying my own way through college

Is this portfolio of any merit? I know I shouldn't diversify with this small amount but I believe in both these projects. What should I do/aim for with my meager income?

Also port thread

Millionaire in 2020, congrats

Weew man :D Those coins...well buy digibyte and hold.

If you believe in LINK, keep buying, I would hold at least a couple thousand of it.

>$100 portfolio
Try /r/Ethiopia

well in your situation I guess, gamble with LINK. It's a gamble so worth the risk I guess.

Lmao just sell it and buy yourself a Big Mac for a month

>$100 LINK/REQ
Pick one.

also these coins move the same all the time, so pick one and choose some other coin like 0x with it.

need more BAT and a phone charger

Whow dude where did you find such hidden gem coins?
Very impressive portfolio dude

op respond

>own expensive iShit instead of old nokia 3310
>not investing saved money
Yeah, you totally gonna make it bro!

That's not enough to do anything. You're holding nickels and dimes. $100 in an ICO is the only way you profit or buy some DENT because they have an app release or something today.

well your chainlink will be worth $113000 EOY

I have no idea what that is but I'll research

It's literally a iPhone se (5) I got for $50

white paper makes sense its a gem just check the price op us poorfags gotta stick together..im off to clean the crib

Literally stated upfront that I'm poor and I'm being redirected to r/Ethiopia. You guys are funny but still dicks.

Honestly this is pretty bad. Great, you'll maybe have 200 USD at the end of the year. Nice.

Do some research and put those hundred bucks into a tiny coin or ICO you believe in. Like, not yet listed on CMC small.

If it goes to 0 all that happened is you lost 100 bucks. If you win you probably win big.

Alternatively, if you like trading treat the 100 bucks as the price of learning and learn to swing-trade. You'll probably lose most of it but get better over time and eventually when you're able to put more money in you'll better know what to do.

Thank you.

This is bad advice, op ur portfolio is nice, its just a small amount of fiat, try and get as much as u can and just buy more crypto, dont think about months, think about years.

swap your shitcoins for REN and JNT

That's not a portfolio, that's my dinner bill lmao.

I'm a poorfag uni student as well m8. Gradually increase your stacks during the dips, and try and get enough together to get to grips with day trading. When my student loan drops in April I'm gonna drop some chump change and start trading. There's rumours of a bull run coming soon so you might be able to make a little bit.

We all got to start somewhere man. Realistically we probably wont be buying lambos and mansions before this market finally shits itself but if you're smart you might be able to get a safety net going.

you brainlet fell for the link meme. Seriously man, if something gets shilled 24/7 on this board then avoid it at ALL Costs. it's the biggest garbage ever

I just checked out the whitepaper and the project sounds pretty good to me. What makes it garbage?

you're gonna be a trillionaire eoy

As a rule of thumb never trusting Veeky Forums shills trumps good tech most of the time.

If you still believe in it, got for it. But always keep in mind that you should probably do the opposite of Veeky Forums

Don't buy DENT today. Pump's over. Today is dump day.

literally me

bitmex, 100x leverage - do it faggot


Won't I just lose all the money that I already don't have?

Waste of time. You'll never make money.

You'd be better off taking that $100, buying some car detailing products, and washing cars in your neighborhood for money

you got pajeeted pretty badly with that link.

Nigga he's holding 130 LINK, that will be at least 1300 EOY.

OP, don't listen to these fags, you've done good. You've started investing even though you're in a shit situation, that's more than 99,99% of poorfags do, and that's precisely why they stay poor. You'll make it, but keep putting more and more fiat into crypto every month if you can manage. If you're getting uncomfortable and overextended then just buy safe best like BTC/ETH/XMR or anything big, really. Godspeed, user. Here's a complimentary Veeky Forums chick

Thanks bro. Hopefully we moon and that bitch is a fox.

>literally playing with lunch money

And the worst thing? Veeky Forums has been invaded by so many of these faggots that it wouldn't surprise me if the majority of Veeky Forums held a sub-$10k folio. Fucking disgusting.

But at least you put your money into low mcap projects with potential for greater gains, rather than multi billion dollar mcaps, where in the best case scenario people playing with lunch money are able to afford to treat their wives out for one fancy meal at the end of the year.

So you're better than most of the other fucks. I'll give you that.

Better than nocoining for 2018

Hey lardass, I know making it in your jew worshipping shithole requires a substantially higher initial investment, however some of us will make it with a tenth of that and we won't even have to pay the taxes.

t. eastern yuro that won't have to pay 500k for a cardboard house

oh poor you :(

GL in life, don't quit your dayjob

>What should I do/aim for with my meager income?
Why did you start thinking about this after buying?