$10000 in cash - looking for low marketcap gems

Have $10000 in cash. Im looking for high reward , low market cap coins that have x100 potential. Please suggest some. Or should I go all in Cindicator?Does it have x100 potential as Teeka from Palm beach stated in his report?

CND/LUX/QASH are all 100x contenders this year



crafty pajeet. nice shilling

GVT has potential to more than x100


Axpire and Devery, enjoy your lambo in a couple of months

COSS was starting to do pretty well before the January meltdown, went from 20 cents to $2.83 in two weeks. They've got a pretty solid dev team thats constantly expanding, based in Singapore and are offering seem pretty nice weekly dividends just for holding. Sub 40m marketcap and they're supposed to be adding fiat trading around the start of March. They had a major glitch which caused a lot of orders to sell for way lower than they were supposed to, but the devs reimbursed everyone who lost money (some people actually made a killing off this which they kept).

The downsides are that a lot of people report that the exchange is pretty slow (never had a problem myself) and their last update fucked up the site for a few hours.

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I am concerned about QASH , since
Circle backed by Goldman sachs just bought poloniex. The main selling point of QASH qas institutional money will use the liquid platform. So does QASH still have a chance?



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Ethphoenix. There’s more down the line than just futures. You heard it here first.


Basically a PoW NANO that fixes the problem of nodes not earning shit

bluzelle will x100 easy during the next bullrun

oof. my bags are heavier now.

Hubii Network Token (HBT) Decentralised Content Marketplace
- Working closely with Telenor Group. They have worked together for years on various projects. Telenor is a mostly government-owned telecom giant
- The teams built Wowbox together prior to this
- This already working product with 50 million users will be migrated to the hubii network
- Closed beta for existing B2B customers just deployed
- Former Reuters editor-in-chief David Schlesinger as advisor
>CEO Jacobo Toll Messia
- Founded Hubii based on his experience in large IT projects across industries, investment banking, oil & gas, as well as telecommunications
- Owns 75% of his own company Hubii AS
- With Hubii he focused on creating global solutions that combine content, mobile and new technologies. Hubii currently serves content to 50 million users daily across 200 countries working with leading telecom and mobile device manufacturers
>Other partnerships
- TCL/Alcatel/Hawk, a top-10 global mobile phone manufacturer selling products in over 160 countries
- Groupo PRISA, world’s leading Spanish and Portuguese-language media group
- OmiseGO, fully public and decentralized payment and exchange platform

CPChain if you like to live dangerously.

Is there any incentive to hold AXP like PoS rewards?