Dave Kleiman’s estate just filed a claim against Craig Wright...

Dave Kleiman’s estate just filed a claim against Craig Wright. The lawsuit was filed by Boies Schiller Flexner lawyers Devin "Velvel" Freedman
It claims that shortly after Dave' death, Craig employed an elaborate scheme to steal between 550K and 1.1M bitcoins and other intellectual property owned by W&K Info Defense Research LLC - a Florida company Dave owned.
The complaint publishes documents evidencing a long history between Craig and Dave, including documents demonstrating their early involvement in Bitcoin mining. Interestingly, while the complaint discusses Craig’s claim to be Satoshi, it seems to really focus on evidence Craig and Dave mined bitcoin as Satoshi’s identity is irrelevant to whether Craig stole from Dave.

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SATOSHI CONFIRMED?? WTF!!!! "In March 2008, just a few months before Satoshi’s paper on the Bitcoin protocol was published, Craig wrote Dave an email stating: “I need your help editing a paper I am going to release later this year. I have been working on a new form of electronic money. Bit cash, Bitcoin . . . [y]ou are always there for me Dave." I want you to be part of it all.”

And now the dimwits over at r/bitcoin are celebrating CW being defamed while not realizing the charges to be true will necessarily make him part satoshi.


There's essentially zero evidence he even mined early on in any substantial capacity.

This is huge.
This lawsuit proves that Craig S. Wright really is Satoshi.

funny that he mentioned Bit Cash back in 2008

Seriously how does this prove cw is satoshi?

All this means is that cw mined early. Still no proof hes satoshi

If true that would kill both BTC and BCH. It would mean that Craig owns about 2M btc.

Nobody sane would buy btc knowing that Craig can dump and absolutely destroy the market. It's just too much in the hands of one person.
Imagine that Craig is abducted by North Korea and forced to give all his bitcoins to them. Given the money that's realistic.

but they will buy... BCH

Why would they buy BCH. In addition to Craig there's also Roger Ver with his ~500k BCH and Jihan with >200k (just from mining rewards). Even worse centralization.

Hal Finney invented bitcoin you fucking illiterate cuck

This was known for a long time, you stupid fucks just didn't listen

Also Craig didn't steal from Dave, the guy was dead for fuck's sake

doesn't matter if you knew it what matters is what the media tells you and the other sheeple

Anybody but Dr Craig Wright seems to be the Core mantra, hope to fuck this blows it all in the open

Oh no now they're gonna say Kleiman was the real Satoshi and Craig Wright was impersonating him and stole from him and now he backs Bitcoin Cash so Bitcoin Cash is shit because Craig Wright is a thief and Ver and Wu are scam artists, that's how it's gonna play out, they want to assassinate Bitcoin Cash and everyone backing it because they're scared, make no mistake some big powers do not want BCH to succeed, and the poor Craig might get assassinated literally

It doesn't prove in any way. This is the new shilling tactic from the bcashies.
As always, sage and hide.

I guess that settles it

Nice pic from the year 44909, bcashie.
Kek, they are trying to disguise themselves as oldfags, how sad.

They can try, watch it backfire in their faces. The days of them running every thing are over, the lies are being exposed from now on.

>year 44909

No-one is scared of Bitcoin Cash. Not after 100000000000 Dragonbreaker threads and after a retarded EDA hack.

why are half the news on cryptocurrencies involving lawsuits and fraud? does anyone not see this and realize crypto is all a big scam of lawsuits? why would anyone care to invest long term into this cesspool of legal risk lawsuit crap?

lawsuits are in the stock market as well, but they dont make up 99% of business news as they do in crypto

Luddites like you will not make it

Im a brainlet BCH holder and have no idea why this news is relevatn


Because it means craig holds a huge amount of btc and may well be a part of satoshi. He can control the market with his coins

Also if he is sonewhat affiliated with satoshi and he currently supports bch, you see where im going with this

In this case I wish he'd control it up to stratosphere. I'm tired of these BCH bags

nice rare satoshi, saved

The lawsuit is an elaborate scam by CW and Dave estate.
They were early in the game, but not satoshi.



Dude have patience. Bitcoin has been here since 2009....

I wanna hold more LINK and each day BCH is not pumpin, I am losin LINK

Also, crypto in 2009 had no infrastructure, mediaa presence and financial status. Now all these are in place and shit is supposed to be separated from good projects in months and not years

Then do it, bch probably wont see a pump anytime soon since btc fees have come way down