Ven/Vet to Poloniex!

Circle has ecquired Poloniex exchange.

breyer and fenbushi capital are investors in Circle

Breyer and Fenbushi are investors in Vechain as well.

Connect the dots


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Shilled on biz == desperate bag holder

I bought Ven for 0.2$ so belive me i am not a bag holder

Not now, please. I need two months.

explains the parabolic growth in the past hour

as someone else who ought under a dollar i would like to ask you something.

first how much do you hold? (i have 16k)

I feel like i hate this coin now but i cannot get myself to sell it. ofc i would buy back in later before main net, but i feel 16k ven (over 10btc) can be working much better for me in a few alts between now and then.

ploniex is a dead exchange lol, ven needs a upbit listing

lol sell your bags and you'll regret it, people are selling heavy right now and it's still at 5.50 ish lmao. Once people realize it won't go lower than that, they'll accumulate and buy. Just wait and sell in the upcoming Ven run in less than a week

This. But pajeets don't understand. All selling pressure has been bought up by people lmfao.

I dont expect a return to 80k sats before june...

if i sell at 55k sats right nwo thats only 25k difference. should be a few moon missions between now and then to cover it.

really wana buy more elastos, MAN and NULs. HPB and CPC seem interesting too but im all chinked out.

Additionally BTC is a nice hold if it breaks out...

lmfao if BTC breaks out all alts break out and they go up %-wise more than BTC.

Sell 6k, hold 10k in paper wallet.

Uh.. if BTC breaks out alts will bleed sats until it moves sideways. Sure, they'll go up in fiat, but who cares about that?

Glad you're realistic, June seems like a good time for a huge run for all cryptos. Summer time, people have more time to research and invest. Once normies see that crypto is "safe" and not a scam they'll throw some money into it. With normies they only know one coin and that's bitcoin. Bitcoin will never die and the flippening will never occur. It's literally the gold of modern internet. It will only go up. Alts will fall with its downfall for a while, until there are usd trading pairs to all the Alts in the world, but I'm not positive if that will influence it at all.

I dont need to say how much i hold but is 90% of my porfolio

You will se 30-40% up in the next two weeks in moment you would never expect.

Vechain just really start now, wait for food conference wait for PBoC wait for Poloniex wait for CiSCO wait for MayBank fuckin hell the list is going and going

Would be stupid to sell in right now

I am not any whale or fuckin insider, its just my personal opinion based on few months solid reaserch

were you here last autumn?
I wasn't. I was a BTC KING BOY and held ETH.

I don't recall alts doing anything but bleeding or doing nothing till dec when BTC started calming down.

Stay poor you fucking retards. In my ledger till next January

i dont think sunny is dumb enough to release all the news at once and have nothing until mainnet. I think VEN (slowly) will build up to mainnet as more and more partnerships are formed.
a better play atm would be a low mc coins though, i

based, are you going to be setting up a node?

more and more people will want to buy in before THOR launch.
Only brainlets assume markets work in real time, it may actually dump in June.

>500 tron
U wot m8?

logical, but people are used to these partnerships now. they dont do much. its kinda like they have too many weird as it sounds and we are getting desensitized as a market.

in early January BMW would have caused huge moon. now it doesnt do anything. early January a fucking library caused a moon. I dont see the announcements doing much till a product is here.

tired of vechain carrot on a stick style marketing with that cock suker cola cunt. he causes premature ceilings on all anouncements and amkes people sell once its confirmed due to high confidence already in it being real.

I agree on the partnership burnout. It just doesn't mean anything anymore. Investors want to see working technology, not hyped partnerships and a questionable “rebrand” event. I think a lot of people got turned off by VEN’s underwhelming tech demo video, CCK tweets, and the non-stop shilling. They need to show off their product chops more than partnerships.

It's not late January anymore.
The market became alive as early as last december, times of shitcoins mooning to saturn are over. 2018 = blue chip crypto, shitcoin justment

It's going to go up in fiat, because BTC will. But I'd be surprised if we saw a new BTC ATH before mainnet.

Whenever threads like this appear I just remmember all the endrosments and shilling of big companies on various crypto, that literally where just lies or meant shit all.


Man OP these people don't understand how Ven is slowly taking over different aspects of the market (not just wine lol). All these moonboys got shaken out and now we can finally enjoy growth. Also watch coinnest volume in beginning of march

I want economy details.
Like how much money would Strength node make in June with existing partnerships. Good enough digits would trigger fomo.

it won't dump in June, its actually going to moon hard.

people are going to wait for half the supply to be locked up, once that happens it should moon as it doubles and people fomo in.

Fiat is useless. only sats matter. Our sole goal is to get enough sats to make it. we cant cash out with anything else....

I dont expect a BTC ATH, but if it gets back to 13-14k i can make like 40k usd if i go back into btc. just cant get myself to sell VEN. i hate it.

Yes. It's too bad that Sunny onyl cares about pretending to be a fucking marvel super hero

Love me some HPB and CPC

i'd stay away from CP chain, too many whales trying to dump on you

I believe he's leaving the details for an autumn to prevent a bleeding.

Coca Cola kid heavily implied PBOC, it's still coming I think but they might have decided to reveal it later

What tweet was it?

binance airdropped 500 tron to everyone when tron was first listed

Sorry, I wasn't clear enough. I meant VEN won't hit an ATH in BTC before June.

I would stay over 10k for as Long as possible. Gotta have that sweet strenght node u know

I bought at $4 something and sold now
shit has peaked imo, muh bmw was the only thing saving a fucking dump to the floor and it will wear off once people see it's vaporware

the pboc rumor originated with him

wuts with the ven dump? party over?

It already hit the floor when people thought the rumor wasn't happening. Should have waited for 61k sats atleast

well thought out. put it in early and never confirm it. let people hang on for it while it never arrives

Look at VEN objectively and tell me its not time for a major correction.

Just sell 6k If you want to try other moon missions.

The market is looking at it objectively. That's why the value is dropping. It will correct when VEN shows us their product, not their partnerships.

keep the node in other words.
Probably will. just a bit frustrated with this coin. so many errors by just holding it like a twerp the entire time.

Sunny should really hire someone specializing in putting a show on stage, last night was deplorable between pajeet robot voice and the virgin hammer slam

>Fiat is useless. only sats matter. Our sole goal is to get enough sats to make it. we cant cash out with anything else....

Congratulations! You have written the stupidest sentence ever committed to text!