Decided to buy my first car with gains made from crypto :)

decided to buy my first car with gains made from crypto :)

2016 Bentley Bentayga, it cost me 220K

I am 19 and still work in a the grocery store just to flex lmao. I pull up everyday with my bentayaga people thinks im a drug baron or something.

/madeit/ thread

you sound like a douchebag

Dope Hyundai Sonata


With awful taste no less


completely retarded

>still work in a the grocery store
>a the
>made it

this is what niggers do with money

I might trade my bentayaga in for this one tho.

it will cost me 50k extra.

should I do it or not?


Looks like a kia

This is a black person car

What a fucking idiot. How petty do you have to be to go flex to your co-workers in a grocery store.

sage this shitty larp.

I don't like their looks either, but it's obvious you never drove a Bentley. BMW are shitshows, and overpriced at that.

If you work in a grocery store and bought a 220k car, the FBI would raid your house you dumb shit

Quit larping virgin


It just looks like an average SUV, people are probably wondering why you're driving a soccer mom car.

that shit is ugly

lol no they wouldnt retard

i paid my taxes

congrats user!!! You just took your marshmellow turned it into a shit car and then ate it


Looks like a 40,000 dollar VW toureg

Shoulda Lamboed it up and increase the hope on this board. Nobody here aspires to own that thing

I hope you made millions otherwise this was a nigger teir buy.

Do it

>looks are everything
Do any of you retards even own a car and use it frequently?

>t. soyboy

of course you should

Its a nigger tier buy regardless
His obit will say “gunned down by thugs for black kia-looking soccermom suv”

nigga i can quit and retire for life right now.

shut ur broke ass up

You should have bought a truck. Cars are for boys... oh wait, proceed

What an ugly and boring choice. Have fun I guess.

lol im not from a 3rd world shitcountry like USA

This why boomers laugh at us millenials you fucking dumbass. Don't spend above your means. you could've easily paid for a decent 25k car, put a downpayment on a house, and invest the rest

>talks like a new aged negro
>made it

>I am 19 and still work in a the grocery store just to flex lmao.

this is fucking weird

>Absolute brainlet who probably made like 500k buys a depreciating asset instead of reinvesting

In 5 years you'll be just where you started, instead of being set for life.

If you paid that much for a car you better have a net worth over 5 MM or you're a nigger

> Buying a $220k depreciating asset

where do you live? i want to come shake your hand and congratulate you for being so successful

this is embarrassing
getting a fancy car is cool... unless you get a retarded hyundai looking pos like that. Why would you EVER get that over a porsche or bmw?
you live with your parents, don't you.

Protip: you'll finally start getting pussy if you trade out that girl car for something cool

That piece of shit will depreciate so fast. So naive.

Yes. Bentayga is disgusting

Eh looks like a funeral car mane.

And I know what goofy cars look like. I owned a PT cruiser and HHR as hand me downs

op is a larping homosexual, i will rape his mother

Also don't keep it in your driveway dummy unless you trying to get a home invasion

"I pull up everyday with my bentayaga people thinks I'm a drug baron or something...

Until they see me put on my grocery store apron, and then they start laughing"


>buying a new car
>using that much of your earnings on a car

I love cars and even I wouldn't do that. I'm also 19 and am perfectly happy with my 996 911.

re-invest, buy a nice house or condo, or even an office space. And you bought a fucking SUV at that. You're either a faggot or you have ridiculously poor taste.

timestamp larping faggot


They can laugh all they want. My skeleton patek blocks all the laughter

Im always the last one to laugh

I work at Wal-Mart, can I make it one day like you?

>op is a larping homosexual
If better be, if not, and if really is a grocery bagger who wasted his once in a lifetime opportunity to set his life on track with a nice amount of starting capital by buying a weird car, holy shit.

What kind of pretentious ass normie buys a Bentley suv. Looks like a Toyota Sienna. And I hope someone kicks your ass and steals your car at the grocery store.

Also you should have bought like 50 1000$ cars off a craigslist and sold them for 100$ more than you bought it for. You could have made a 50,000$ profit before taxes

leave walmart

work at publix

Nah dont think so.

I chased some 500x to 4000x moon missons with all my earnings i made in the grocery store

That shit will never happen again in crypto so youre out of luck

still at the parents house though

comfy basement?

I live in arizona. No publix.

Oh god are you that faggot that posts in every car thread saying you're in college and drive that black pos

I've seen this exact thread like three times before with different cars.

Pisses me off, because I'm actually 19 and got a fun car with my business(not crypto) gains, which may be old but is still fun as hell

Just like clockwork.


fuck i need to get out more

You post the same shit every god damn time! And when people calling you out on using your crypto gains on this piece of crap you go nuh uh muh bidnes I'm leik smurt guise rly

looks shit. you should've got the nice looking one omd

why modern cars are so fucking ugly
looks like a bar of soap with some chromed details

oh god not you and your faggy porsche again

fair enough. i wont post it anymore


Bread on hood nigger

Stick to Veeky Forums, no one cares about cars here.

And don't mention your age or online business when you do it, that makes you sound pretentious and is the sole reason why people talk shit.
When you talk about the car, stick to talking about the car

this thread is just as disappointing as crypto

decided to buy my first car with gains made from crypto :)

1999 Fiat Multipla, it cost me 22 satoshis

I am 19 and still work in a the grocery store just to flex lmao. I pull up everyday with my Multipla people thinks im a gypsy or something.

>wasting these trips on incorrect math
you fucking idiot

Now this is a respectable car for a young enterprising man

Is this an '18? Why do Porsche's look so shitty

Go to training room and finish your CBTs you piece of shit!

Y-you could have bought a house... moron...

Lol this legit looks like something my mom would drive. Couldn't you buy like a entry tier sports car with that?


Which state do you live in? I think I saw that exact car in the parking deck at my apartment.
If you ever see "faggot" scratched into the hood, that was me.

You yankees should have been buying these Chevy SS, as good as BMW M5 for half the price

>I'm always the last one to laugh

Not today user, because I'll be laughing long into the night, and you have to go to work


OP is nigger rich

>nigger rich

But buy groceries elsewhere. Publix is expensive man. I find it ironic talking about grocery stores and cars in a thread on biz. But OP lives that dream.

Imagine driving a brand new Bentley into...Kroger. kek

OP working his way up the ranks.
Whole Foods Bagger , here we come

In that class I would have gone for the Volvo XC90 way cheaper, a lot safer and a car actual rich people use not just nigger rich idiots

Lol, this cunt again. It's a nice car, yes, you're 19 with a porsche... Gratz man, move on.


The definition of nigger rich right here
I give you 10 years max before you go through your "assets" and end up poor

you live in Norway


nice move user
> buys car that is in a price range of an actual decent supersports car like an R8, F448, Huracan
>buys a car that look like a better mum suv instead
>depreciation: good luck selling it for even 175k now

Why don’t you move somewhere rich first instead so it doesn’t stand out from your shitty basement you retard

Don't know why you're exclusively into Bentley's but yes, you should do it now.
The Bentayaga is absolutely obscene.

literally the ugliest expensive car, looks like a bug

Have you seen the weather in Norway recently? That's somewhere far far away from here

Cool, a 220k Rolls Royce knock off. Like buying Pepsi because you can't afford Coca-Cola

Rich 70 year olds?