Women in Cryptocurrencies Push Back Against ‘Blockchain Bros’

Well, you faggots? Why don't you give some of your 'moonshots' to women, so they get part of their share in the 'wealth'


"Now, some early female investors and entrepreneurs are beginning to sound the alarm and push back.

“Women, consider crypto,” Alexia Bonatsos, a venture capitalist, wrote on Twitter. “Otherwise the men are going to get all the wealth, again.”

Veeky Forums on suicide watch!

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> “We have an opportunity to rebuild the financial systems,” Ms. Morin said. “Women want to be part of that.”

>“Now there’s a lot of money, and the men think, ‘Oh, I’m a whale now,’” she said. “They’re a little more full of themselves.”

Hey...someone's gotta lose money for me to earn it.

Nobody is preventing women from getting in. Signing up for an account on Coinbase and Binance is just as easy as signing up for Pinterest. That's the beauty of trading, nobody cares who you are as long as you make money.

Look at that fucking nose.

>>"Jay Graber, a developer at Zcash, a new cryptocurrency aimed at enhanced privacy, was wearing small green earrings she had made out of RAM sticks used in cryptocurrency gear. She said she had become interested in blockchain after joining the Occupy Wall Street protests in 2011, and she viewed the technology as a tool that could take power away from big central banks. Now she’s not so sure."

>>“I never felt insecure before I got into this space,” Ms. Graber said. “But I just realized there is no one else like me. It is a very hard feeling when you don’t see anyone who is like you.”

>>Ms. Graber said she had considered leaving the industry.

>>“I have this perpetual sense of being on the outside of that conversation,” she said. “It’s just a general state of alienation.”

waaaaaaahhh my feelings are hurt!

Honestly, I'd fuck her JEWISH brains out

If blockchain bros are the average Veeky Forumstard I hope the women legalise killing them.

>"Otherwise the men are going to get all the wealth, again."
If it were any other way we'll all be fucked, we're doing it to protect you, because we're good people.

roasties don't understand it, user

I guess it's a good thing crypto is unregulatable and there is no government kike to tell us what we should do.
Roasties eternally BTFO


We're missing the biggest pump and dump opportunity in the history of mankind. We should be feeding this narrative, not criticizing it. Think about it, easy 2x.

Nothing stops women from doing anything they're interested in - exactly the opposite, everyone bends over backwards to encourage women, especially if they go into a traditionally male field. The fact that these women-living-as-men are miserable compared to tradwives makes the situation completely absurd. Only with Jews do you see this thorough rebellion against the natural order.

PurseCoin when?

Forget about it, the women can't handle the volatility, they are pathological panic sellers.
We'll be better off marketing it to niggers. The niggers are what will make us moon.

>pathological panic sellers
>pathological panic sellers


All proceeds literally go to rape.

Cmon boys let’s ride

How exactly do you think the money is made in crypto?

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Where can I get this coin?

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Airdrop for every rape you do.

Brainlets, I'm a man.

Do you prefer to buy bags when people are scared and in the red, or when they're owners have made 10x?

i dont buy bags pajeet


You were saying?


>Prodeum, the blockchain-for-fruit start-up

Is she seriously using a scam that changed its site to 'penis' as an example of misogyny?

You can feel the despair that there's no company that can be bullied on twitter for gibsmedat

Im fucking dying. Fucking KEK

It will be fun taking all their money from them.


>a whale drops his bags near a support
>stop losses dump it another 20%
>women panic and market sell everything
>-90% in one day
>you're the one left holding the bags

Why are the majority of crypto CEOs men? We demand equality! We also need women only crypto companies! 60% of ICO allocations should be for women to better represent the population demographic

so panic selling>holding
how smart user

that is a beak, sir

Maxine Bitspark Zephyr.

Say what ?

Lel, roasties show up late to the revolution once again.

you fucking virgins. of course women need to be part of cryptocurrency.

This is the author of this article. Makes you think .


>blockchain currencies... were intended to be democratizing and equalizing forces, buoyed by a utopian exuberance.

No they never fucking were you commie faggots.


Pol was..... right ....again

You have to be pretty stupid to fall for the modern cuckery that's being shilled everywhere.

>That fucking nose and rubbing hands

What the fuck is she talking about? I literally have no clue what any of you fags look like.

The self-centered entitlement is beyond comprehension.
>I thought crypto was a way to challenger central banks, but now that I’m not part of the “in” crowd I’m not so sure.
Bitch, are your ideas and products good? If so you’ll be listened to and if not you’ll be ignored, fuck off. No one cares how it makes you feel.

Protip: the reason this shit is going on is the same reason twitch is promoting female streamers.
Because they can be exploited for money. If you hate feminists, the best thing you can do is dump your bags on them


this is excellent. crypto is a zero sum game boyos. the more dumb money flowing in the better.

Looked at the comments expecting some Lib nonsense but it was actually pretty realistic, most people are calling these bitches thin skinned as well. It makes no sense, the crypto world is anyone's oyster right now.

Think about how easy it is to market to women (makeup, fashion, jewlery, etc.).

They'll be easy PnD targets for some stupid ass Sephora coin.

Let them in.

When did gender ever have anything to do with investing?


Why? Can't they just set up a cluster of rpi's, some solars and start mining?

Or spend some time learning to trade?

Or come up with Dapp ideas, create shitcoins or whatnot?

Or set themselves up as "experts" that charge normies hundreds to teach them how to use Coinbase and Binance?

>“Women always question if they’re qualified,” she said. “But look at these clowns around us.”

That's my favorite quote in the article. Ah, they recognise us! Yet, somehow us clowns are making it.

Least most people are seeing through it.

heh heheh heheh hheeh hehhhhh

whats the matter goy, are you a misogynist or something?

> completely new industry established in 2009
> women are already left behind


Risk aversion, less aggressive, typical of almost all female mammals

>no one stopping here from staying
>no one stopping her from leaving
tell me again why literally any of this matters

funny how the women only start complaining about inclusion when they realize how much money is involved

>Trying to equate blockchain conferences to actually investing

>Women in Cryptocurrencies

every woman in crypto that i've aware of is either obnoxiously corrupt, a puppet or just way too idealistic.

i don't have any mercy for the first two but i do feel a little bad about the idealistic women getting ground down by the big money.

Uh..guys look at its face LOL, looks like a gremlin LMAO



she really ought to train herself to not rub her hands together

imagine what you could do with your life is you weren't so consumed by resentment

I read the first two paragraphs on the train this morning about people attending a strip club and having a graphic of a woman with “touch my ICO” overlaid. Fucking yawn... next article.

> Let’s stop the insane inertia of capitalism so women can play dress up and pretend like all of them have anything to contribute.

Women do succeed and have succeeded in the space. They did so because they deserved to.

I left /pol, read the Times everyday and listen to NPR. Why are they doing this to me /biz?


>women and niggers are too stupid to buy crypto which is the difficulty equivalent of making an amazon account
we know

>I left /pol
you're here forever

>portfolio consist of IOTA, PRL, and ETC

she seems pretty similar to a lot of Veeky Forums. wouldn't be surprised if some nog had a portfolio exactly like hers.

Since I got into crypto I've realized the /pol/ memes about women are all true:

they're just weak, caregiving consumers.

Thank fuck we didn't vote a woman to be president holy shit.

its ok to be a women but from a comedian standpoint i have to say what the fuck are women gonna spend crypto currency on? what to miserable 27 year old college sjws who know how to use computers do for "fun"

> consumed by resentment
Pattern recognition =/= resentment. You will notice most left wing tard articles are written by nosebergs. If you want to keep living in your bubble, just make sure you never look into what a staggeringly large demographic they represent in that space.

first off lol at that pic.
Second I'm well aware there's a ton of jews in media, but I don't care. They aren't a monolithic block of thinkers. Some are liberal and some are conservative. One of the current superstars on the right wears a yarmulke for chrissakes.

I hope you realize you're making the exact same argument as the woman in OP's article. If you want to be a journalist, be a journalist. Don't bitch and moan about the evil jew-riachy keeping you down.

This meme on the top is the height of ico memery. The wave broke after this. The golden age is receding.

Plastic surgery

We joke about autism but it's trait is why I believe men can do almost everything better than women.

Men have a desire to be the best at something no matter how stupid or insignificant it is. For example scoring the high score on a certain niche game. Men will think no matter how small it sounds, the intangible achievement of being the best at it is worth it. Meanwhile women will say eww, it's not judged worthy by normies so I'm not gonna bother.

Basically men have the drive to be best at something. Females just don't have the same level and even then it's usually something that already "approved"

are you too fucking stupid to notice this is just an attempt to get nocoiners to buy into the market and pump? author is obviously just long bitcoin

>“Women, consider crypto,” Alexia Bonatsos, a venture capitalist, wrote on Twitter. “Otherwise the men are going to get all the wealth, again.”
couldnt be any more obvious.. the absolute state of Veeky Forums

With a response as well thought out and educated as that, you definitely don't need to check out the talmud or rabbinic scripts goy.

> The Times editorial board is in on a pump

>women don't want to be the best at something
think again bucko

the times editorial board doesn't have to be in on shit. They probably thought as far as """women""" """crypto""" = guaranteed hits and no further.

what is this a meme response? why don't you just present your argument matter of factly

Well they're smart for not wasting their time on meaningless shit that won't benefit them.



amazing. the absolute state of liberals.

maybe women in general just don't care about tech and finance, the same way most men don't care about fashion. but the latter isn't sexist because "muh oppression"

men don't care about fashion but they run the whole fucking show

I don't give a shit if women are in crypto

I just hope they're as cute as Michelle Rice from boldpure.

Women like this are the reason why the only way females will get big profit from crypto is by aelling their bodies for it. Blame men, blame crypto, blame god for making it all and staring halpless sinple woman who cant figure it out for herself.

Its funny i saw a fake article that sounded just like this last year. So predictable that its starting to even lose entertainment value. Women are only good for squeezing dicks in their holes. They have a easy to understand life set for them. Why go the route of crying to men to let them play a game they obviously dont want to play?

Don't worry, the state will tax the evil men and redistribute money to strong independent wymen.

This is just a content filter. In 95% of the case something written by a Jew will be inherently subversive and in consequence destructive to western civilization.

Look at this article, the only goal is to pit western men and women against each other by claiming there is an issue in a traditional aspect of our society (=men take the risks and reap the rewards when it works).
Women are not in cryptos for pure hard wired reasons that stem from their approach to survival and reproduction that is completely different to men (more cautious)

In short the reasons why they are not in cryptos are the same reasons they historically (and no matter the culture) have not been explorers, inventors, conquerors or tycoons.

wish that was my head, but not in an explosive ending

Most women don't really care about pioneering thing. It's just not in their genetics in addition to being risk averse.

They just want the most resources they can get as safely as they can get them while ideally not having to do anything. They didn't care when crypto were worth nothing but now they want a share of the resources.

There are millionaire third world pajeets who are basically royalty now and all they had to start with was a shitty phone with access to an internet connection. Yet women are somehow the ones being kept out of crypto.

this is good for us

How the fuck is this good? We don't need any more dumb money

Thats why I love capitalism

SJWs & Feminism doesnt have any power here. They can scream all they want about inequality or race or what ever kind of bullshit they bring up.... In the end, I penetrate them all in the ass, really hard I mean....

Because I have the money, I can buy the shit I want, I can rule the company I want. If they dont follow the rules they just can GTFO of it.

At first I though fascism is beautiful, but you can do even more shit with capitalism