Protip for New York fags how to earn $10k for two hours of work 100% legally

Protip for New York fags how to earn $10k for two hours of work 100% legally.
Martin Shkreli is being sentenced to ~8 years in prison for doing nothing wrong.
1. On 9 March go to 225 Cadman Plaza East Brooklyn.
2. Shout "Free Shkreli" to the window.
3. Woman judge Satoshi Nakamoto decreases his sentence to 2 years.
4. Wait 1 year until Shkreli leaves the prison.
5. Profit. Collect your $10k from Martin for your help.

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>has a Marshall stack
>in his bedroom
he cant utilize that thing

alright i will do that thanks user. fukin love pharma bro I would take a bullet for him

It's a half stack and looks like it probably isn't all tube, so it will likely sound shitty at any volume desu

Wait is he actually? Source?

is this legit?
i need the money

I will actually fucking do this if the offer is on the table from MS himself because I know he keeps his word.
I can’t even describe how devastated I will be if they lock my nigga up for 8 years. 1 year in a minimum camp at best. He really dindu nuffin, just fudged some historical data and posted a tweet.
I can’t get market insight through prison letters for 8 fucking years. Fuck that.

lmao, he's gonna have to join a gang to survive a world where people with not even half his intellect or money will use him as their plaything.

Truly a great day indeed.

The way they got him was such a shit show,
so this is now how great country known for its freedom and capitalism works now...

I don't care if he really is guilty,
but the fact that they took all his art which was 3 times more than they needed for those "forfeitures" was pretty pathetic.
Stealing from bad people is still stealing, it would be like bank taking your home because you couldn't pay montage,
and then tellling you it is worth 1/3 of what you paid, and you still owe them 2/3...
It seems as long as you work for gov in USA you can do anything to your competition.
>the advisory Sentencing Guidelines range will be at least 108—135 months' imprisonment, and probably more

where did you get this info
i need more details/confirmation

This is one of those things you can just do, and martin will probably pay you.

Just say Veeky Forums send you.

that's fucking terrifying considering the fact he did nothing wrong and this basically amounts to society being sensitive cunts and just deciding to imprison him because he is mean

I thought he'd be getting release soon, 8 years in prison, wtf. Reading this made me legit sad

It's a jvm so all tube.

Live in new york

will do this

details/source NOW

Wait, you guys expect this greedy sleaze bag to write you a check? I don't get it

You, and all other that really want to help him just send him letter at:
Martin Shkreli
Inmate #87850-053
Metropolitan Detention Center, Brooklyn
PO Box 329002
Brooklyn, NY 11232

Sending some extra stamps/envelopes and your contact address inside the letter would be great.

Still sounds bad at all levels!

same here i deadass feel bummed out now. does anyone know if he knows what’s good about the JQ or is he a basic bitch conservative?

Type into Google: "Martin Shkreli Veeky Forums"
or if you are to lazy to do some research, to put it simply he is one of us.
If you wan't to know more about his case just go to his YT channel it has all his podcasts.

feel bad for martin
this dumb asshole would be out of jail though if he just chilled out would have been able to enjoy the crypto boom with us but he goofed

Fuuuckk this got me depressed.

Source on this?
put in 87850-053
press search

i wonder if he's going to get laid a lot now

since this faggot streams all the time, is there a video of him getting arrested/raided anywhere?

The fuck you think hes going to San Quentin or something? He's going to a cushy Fed pen for white collar criminals. He'll probably come out set up for life with all the Jew friends he's gonna make in there.

I don't think he realized how dark a force he was stirring up when he started fucking with Hillary "kid cooker" Clinton on twitter


What coin

Damn. Pretty sad for him.

He literally is going to jail for being cocky in front of boomers.

Pretty sure just basic bitch, at least in public.

>Jew friends
Jews don't go to jail unless there is OVERWHELMING evidence, or they screw over other Jews (Madoff)

>tfw /ourwhale/ shkreli won’t be shitposting along side us, pumping and dumping coins accordingly to help out fellow bizraelis anytime soon

he's in MDC Brooklyn right now. that could be bad for him... don't know much about it but seems like a roll of the dice. normies fucking HATE this guy

damn, literally get railroaded

he dindu nuttin

really "feels" like this is what he's probably going to jail for. hillary might have a few connections among the new york judicial system, not sure

Can someone give me a quick rundown?

Word is that he's in with a crew. No shit.
Write him and ask for a quick rundown.

how the fuck does he get BTFO'd so hard for this but theres dozens of other people especially in the 2008 saga way more complicit in melevelont financial scammery?
Not a fucking coincidence

>Administrative facilities are institutions with special missions, such as the detention of pretrial offenders; the treatment of inmates with serious or chronic medical problems; or the containment of extremely dangerous, violent, or escape-prone inmates. Administrative facilities include Metropolitan Correctional Centers (MCCs), Metropolitan Detention Centers (MDCs), Federal Detention Centers (FDCs), Federal Medical Centers (FMCs), the Federal Transfer Center (FTC), the Medical Center for Federal Prisoners (MCFP), and the Administrative-Maximum Security Penitentiary (ADX). Administrative facilities, except the ADX, are capable of holding inmates in all security categories.

In other words it's a free for all, but he's smart. He'll figure it out.

A well-played character assassination to drive public sentiment against him. The judge was obviously affected by that

See letter and
(Highly doubt it would be fake, since news and public hates him,
so they would more likely made up negative news)

You can't visit him, closest family only due to fact that they think of him as: "Potential danger to the public"

Dear kid, I will give you one great free lifetime advice; movies are fiction not real life

Hilary thing + Hated by socialist public

he ran a ponzi scheme

1. Martin worked in hedge funds since he was 17.
2. Started his own hedge fund. Hired Jewish lawyers. Payed them millions.
3. Lost investors money on random trades, but at the same time created a $1 billion market cap company and paid the investors back.
4. Created another company. Clinton and Trump make him a scapegoat in the elections.
5. Martin gets arrested. Hires Jewish lawyers and pays them millions.
6. Goes to trial against 5 women prosecutors and a woman judge. Big mistake. Loses the trial, because judged by IQ 70 niggers who can't afford having a TV, and don't read newspapers because they can't read.
7. Streams, tweets, trolls the media. All goes well until he shitposts on Facebook about Clinton. Bail revoked and goes to Brooklyn jail.
8. Judge rules that Martin lost $10m of investors' money, which means a very long prison time. In reality he made the investors 5 times to 10 times their money.

Tl;dr version:
>Be great trader that got boosted trough ranks in some wagecuck job
>Be into medicine/biotech stuff
>Start own Investment firm with contacts and money from wagecuck trader job
>There is pretty much monopoly on this one cancer drug,and nobody seems to develop it due to low profitability from it
>Research into the company, oh hey they are in financial troubles
>Buy out them at great price with money from investors
>Fix financial side of stuff by increasing drug price by x10 only for privatiers eg. med insurance companies etc.
>Put all profits on R&D just so you can monopoly some more this niche market, and make some advances in it=profit
>Company does great on the market=happy investors
>Public goes: "He is baddie, he tryin to kill people without insurance"
>Make it free for those people when they fill forms by them self or they doctor
>Only few % use this option
>Huge insurance companies unhappy, so they pay media
>Brainlets watch TV
>Now he under investigation
>He is one of us, shitposts on twitter about buying piece of Hillary hair
>The Judge decides he is danger to public xD
>Gets straight to jail monopoly card
>They take their art to cover "forfeitures" for investors even trough they said they would do same again (The art turns over to be worth 3 times what they say it is ~24 mil vs 7.8mil needed)
>Here we are waiting for final result from this sensitive, liberal brainlet exiled from Japan judge wannabe

Can we have some sources?
Not that I doubt that the insurance companies and the media would do it, but I’m interested to see the facts vs what the media or randoms on the internet say

Is there seriously anyway we can help martin?

This. I want leftist judges arrested immediately by Trump.

>There will someone one here that will do this and OP will record this.

use TOR bois. fuck clearnet seriously

To clarify #3, on interrogations investors claimed it was bumpy start,
but then they made it big on some biotech company, it was when they started to suspect him on insider trading.
Funny thing he explained how he analyzed data to invest in this company on one of his podcasts
#6 He didn't lost at this point he was still fighting, there is still has no proper sentence, other than the fact he waits till it in Jail due to this Clinton thing and "Danger to the public"
And in #7 it was not revoked they took it, and they also took all this money, plus the forfeitures of his art, which was worth much much more (And in forfeiture they excluded the bail itself for some reason?)
#8 They apparently made it bit less around 7.8 mil

For what sources you want, because that is handfull to list...
All this you can find easily trough his podcast, or just search on YT
The only part where there is no source is the insurance companies bribe thing, but it is just merely connecting dots.

>requests scientific articles
shit, has he read the chainlink whitepaper? would that be in poor taste?

Haha fuck shrkeli eat a fucking dick

Write him a letter, maybe send some nice books as shown in second to last paragraph of ,
he will reply as long as he has ways to and/or time

Anything that is technical and could be analyzed and challenge his mind will do (Not much choice there),
however there are limitations as said in second to last paragraph in He complained a lot about having troubles with memory and getting autistic (lol),
due to not enough brain training (after all he was pretty heavy trader so he might have withdrawal symptoms, or pure boredom)

what do you think happens then? I've seen plenty of stories like this, they usually arrest these guys at work, but he didn't have a job. Or maybe I misunderstand your point.

>yell at window
>collect 10k
Yeah no

Mainly sources on the company being in financial trouble and pouring money into rnd

I feel bad for Martin. This country is declining much worse than I thought, We're literally living in the new Weimar Republic


Yearly financial statements, whitepapers, podcasts, market itself, statements of previous directors,
and if we get to see publicly all the material from investigation probably there more of this.

>Wait 1 year
>Collect $10k
where the fuck do you think you are newfag

or are you another poor third worlder in which case fuck off and kys

i live in NYC. will show up to advocate for a longer sentence. may he rot

I'm penning one now and will send him some business mags. Not on newstands yet. I don't know what kind of news they get in there but I'm sure they'll be appreciated.
Having an ultra rare Shkreli jail letter will be so novel.

i just send him a 2 page letter to the address posted above. I also included a stamped return envelope. Hopefully it gets to him

oh wow, someone has to do this, having martin become a full blown link marine would unironically be the greatest meme magic this site has concocted since the trump presidency

Shkreli having an opinion about link is a potentially disastrous thing.
>it might be bad
If it has flaws he'll find and clearly describe them. I have no position in link but if I did that would concern me deeply. His track record is pretty good
>he's a shark
He could buy out the entire float. Unlikely, but still. And the market knowledge is obviously higher than the average linkie. Pink wojaks at the hand of shkreli

Same but we all know how that would go. Apparently Trump tearing down the liberal authoritarian power structure is in and of itself authoritatrian. (((Liberals))) today are fucking cancer and I say this as someone who voted king nigger in 2012.

I'm gonna ask MS about his bitcoin holdings in the letter.

It would only add to the saga and legend of the memes though, at this point i dont even hold Link for financial gain but simply to be part of the magic

Further reason I hate this post-WW2 world. This guy did literally NOTHING wrong (in fact did a lot of good for his investors) sent to jail for longer than someone convicted of strongarm robbery due to leftist memeing.

Oh bless your heart, you actually believe trump is dismantling authoritarianism rather than reinforcing it just with a slightly different flavor

8 years is seriously unjust.

1 minute is unjust, nigga dindu nuffin

Someone send him fake monthly Bitcoin charts eventually hitting 10 million so he gets in shit load of debt among the brotherhood

Literally a political prisoner.

>Offer people money to go try and grab hair from one of the most powerful politicians in the US
>Bitch when the Feds start destroying your life

Why are people so retarded?

>the offence of paying someone to touch peoples hair should net 8 years in jail

lmao on what planet you fucking retard. You literally wouldnt get this much jail time for trafficking heroin in australia

i know i am late as fuck, any possibility you can point me to a quick rundown?

Look up

free shkreli

that's because Australia is a penal colony so actually sending people to jail is a completely redundant formality.

doing gods work

you still havent shown a single source user, you just keep talking on top of what youve already said.

maybe youre the one who thinks he knows more than he does?

So MSD is medium security? We can’t send him books, correct?


This cunt is going to prison? Hahahah my day is made.

I'm confused, why is Veeky Forums roting for a Jew again? I've read the whole thread and now I got to see the other side of the story, I'm 50/50 right now I had no idea he lurked in here. What other jews are kosher in here?

>penal colony with one of the highest standard of living on the planet, significantly higher than the US and UK

jokes on us huh lmao

Marshalls suck cock

Why? Hes an alright guy really

His educational series on YT is pretty thorough and well thought out despite him seemingly improvising

I remember having watched this live

That stupid bitch got a big water bottle out, which we all interpreted in the chat as her desire for Martin's D

Martin then played out his Wutan Clan trying to impress her lol

>"and watch Belly 50 times"

my man

Checkmate atheists.

Best Ron.

yeah pretty unreal they have done this to him... enjoyed watching his streams

>stormniggers talking about leftists when this guy was a rabid bernie supporter

Stanley Kubrick

He is literally an IRL shitposter. I'm very sure that he reads /pol/.

fuck that shrkelli piece of shit

FREE MY BRO FREE MY NIGGER MARTIN FREE YOUNG SHKRELI. I will literally write him in prison and visit.

>PeePee the Frog
He's hated for the Daraprim thing, and that taints people's judgement, but it seems like he's getting convicted for a few counts of fraud; 8 years seems a bit much, but I'm not aware of the specific of the cases enough. It still sucks for him.