Has any user here got into serious legal trouble irl beside traffic ticket?

Has any user here got into serious legal trouble irl beside traffic ticket?

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Had a bad trip on acid, 2nd time tripping and had 350ug. cops and ambulance had to be called. I bit a fucking cop while I was freaked out. Thankfully I didn't even go to court for it since I was 15 at that time haha.

sent the cheating fiance's nudes to her parents

probation lol

was it worth it

kind of? I still can't decide

I falsified some papers to get into uni. Got a discharge with community service and probation for a year. I’m more salty about gettin thrown out of uni with no chance for reasmission


>bad trip
little autist can't handle his own thoughts when carefully constructed frame is temporarily removed

Drug trafficking , instrument for forging falsify credit card. Use to rewrite credit cards from from dumps make fake id have people open bank account open lines of credit go shopping with the cards . Ya I use to be major piece of shit, turned my life around now.

smoking weed. ran from police. jail for the night. court date in a month.

Sold weed on college campus, got court in 2 weeks. Expelled as well.

Yeah I was on an fbi watch list at the age of 15 and my entire family's traffic was being monitored
Still on a no fly list.. will never be able to visit America. Thank God Lmao

arrested for trying to pick a lock. I was a dumb kid.

Terrorists threats, drug trafficking, DUI, human smuggling. I'm a good person now.

You shouldn't sleep in pulblic toilet user.
How did they find out? Was it your out of state birth certificate?


Hello FBI

protip for anyone into doing dirt . Don't have a girlfriend and do all that shit or you gonna be sitting in jail for a few years.


When I was a sophomore in dorms at uni my buddies and I stole this dumb sloots “cat card,” (kind of a school issued credit credit) and we ordered pizza on it for two weeks on our entire floor. One of my buddies and myself were both dumb enough and drunk enough to accidentally sign our names on the credit card slips. We both got caught and tagged with misdemeanor credit card fraud, which was excused thru a diversion program because we had zero prior records. The really hilarious thing was, in our state, we were about 20 bucks away from felony cc fraud, which would have been a really bad time. I chalk it up to white privilege.

To clarify don't be doing that shit with a girlfriend while you fucking many random sluts and let your girlfriend find out

I'm new here. but how has no one asked what you did.

What you do user?
How you have a phone in prison?
Is jibrel going to make me rich?

I beat the shit out of my bitch x-wife.

The accusation of “white privilege” is a fertile fallacy wrapped in the self-righteous robes of “social justice” as it reduces cultural and social issues down to immutable characteristics as opposed to individual decisions and responsibilities.

Pajeet please kindly never set foot outside of your shithole. We don't need you here.
>picking lock instead of breaking window.
Did you get in?

Hit a guys car while driving another car. Gave a fake name, returned car, now living off the grid completely. As far as I know I've never been summoned to court, but I don't have a mail box or get mail in general so I don't know.

>implying I’m not using the term ironically

Just think this dudes sitting in jail with nothing else to do but accumulate crypto gains and when he gets out he can buy the damn prison.

Her parents have seen her naked before you retard and they know she fucks. You should have posed them around town or sent to a lot of scummy guys who would spread it more.

White privelege refers to the obvious and very real racial biases we all have. I bet you could survive punching a cop. Have a black friend try the same thing and compare results.

this, obviously. Why would it even have to be said?

It was a doctored transcript from a foreign institution and letter of reference from a fictional professor. I assumed they wouldn’t do a full background check, but they did and I got rekt. I was a fucking moron

Please kill yourself. White people get killed by cops all the time. The problem with niggers is they are 6% of the population committing 52% of all the homicides.

No, imma good boy i dindu nuffin

A while ago, I got hit w 3 felony charges, 75k bail.

What's on your mind?

While you're right, remember that this is Veeky Forums. Don't bother

3 friends of mine and I burned down part of our high school when we were 16. One guy got caught and ratted ut ous.

Had to do 3 years of probation, 200 hours of community service and I still have to pay off 15k in debt.

terrorist threats in 5th grade

I did 20 years in the can.

I'm honestly grappling with this.
I believe in the importance of the individual: both in how you judge others as well as how you conduct yourself.
But I also think our current society is a result of what came before.
Not too long ago blacks could drink at certain water fountains. They couldn't buy property.
The legacy of segregation, jim crow, and slavery is in the inequality we see today.
I'm white. I did not own slaves or turn a black family down for a housing application. And yet I have benefitted from these crimes of the past.
I don't think it means I should feel guilty.
Or that I'm not allowed to judge people, of any skin color, for being lazy fucks.
Or that government handouts are the answer.
I don't know what it means. I was born with some advantages because I'm white. Now what.

I am from an actual first world country tyvm le 56% retard

sent pics and vids, including one of her masturbating, to her parents*

Never understand the white privilege thing. I'm living in South Florida, the niggers and spics walk on the street like they own the place. Reverse racism is real shit here.
If nobody knows then it is not a crime user. Had some close calls over the years myself but still clean on paper.

Now, if you believe we should live in a fair society, you use your privilege to try and make things better for the people who are getting fucked over

When I was in high school I got hit with two felonies for a laptop heist we pulled on a multi-level marketing business that was essentially a pyramid scheme. The charges were eventually dismissed in exchange for returning the laptops.

In college I was charged with 7 felonies for selling ecstasy. The drug task force and DEA in my region were building a case on me for about a year. My bail was only $50k but I was able to have that reduced to being released on a PR bond through my parents. The result of that crime ended with me being convicted of only one of the felonies but that stays on my record forever. I was sentenced to a week in jail, four years probation and UA's, 10k in court costs and fees, and like 100 hours of community service.

Happened years ago
Browse /b/ all day everyday even at work
Someone saw cp while i was browsing on phone
Browser cache is still possession apparently
18 months and sex offender status
Will never have a professional career again
Still browse /b/

>The legacy of segregation, jim crow, and slavery is in the inequality we see today.

Wealth retained and number of unbroken marriages was way higher under jim crow.
Right now black elites abandon their own community to live with white people.

It refers to power structures not living in a predominantly ethnic area. Again try assaulting a cop and then have a black person try the same thing. The results may surprise you

You see the painting as individual brush strokes rather than an image.

holy fuck lol

hows your life now

>Right now black elites abandon their own community to live with white people.
Why shouldnt they. MLK or Maclom X would be completley lost today.

I just don't get bogged down in sophistry.
White people have no moral obligation to forever burden themselves with black inability to form a coherent society or integrate into one.

Your thinking is right user. Nobody should be ashamed because of their birth. Life is not fair, you just have to deal with it. I didn't born white because I chose to. Black people who're whining about white privilege all the time are the ones who have no respect for their parents.
>from first world country but still need to use human trafficking to get to U.S
Failed "how not to be a pajeet online 101"
Please use 4g while browsing on your phone

tell us more

Uncle Sam put his own white citizens on no fly lists. You're an idiot.

i deleted my ebay & paypal account before paying the ebay fees.

Spent 45 years in the slammer and never allowed to use the internet again

It's been kind of a mixed bag since then. After those drug charges I dropped out of university in my senior year. I was attending a really nice private university and had gone through 160k of merit scholarships up until that point but lost all my financial aid after receiving a drug conviction.

For the following 4-5 years I slowly sunk further into a bad depression working the graveyard shift at motel in the ghetto for minimum wage. It was a really fucked up place there. But I eventually got introduced to a new job by a friend, and within two years had built my yearly income to six figures. I was working my ass off at that job making big bucks until last year when I became severely ill and completely drained. After 7 MRIs I was diagnosed with severe multiple sclerosis and since then my ability to handle work has reduced significantly and I'm beginning to spiral back down into a deeper depression.

i got caught shoplifting at walmart
had to go to a court thing, over $650 in fines and 30 hours community service on top of 24 hours a character building support group

Thanks but
>It was all a sting op gone wrong and a misunderstanding, but the reputation damage and mental duress was staggering.
>Completely lost my old life (friends, lifestyle, schooling, girlfriends parents support and eventually, the girl) and was thrust from being a university student on scholly to working full time and then two jobs to cover legal expenses and go back to school after the charges were dropped.
>Whirlwind ever since, it's not like the news posts a front page, headshot update after the mugshot story they ran was proved false. Nor do they take down the articles...
>Once when I went back to school, yik yak (user messaging app similar to this in a way) was big. Someone posted about me on there, I read some nasty shit. Even one user posted "I knew this kid growing up, I always thought he'd be one of the most successful. Now? Good luck." Shit hurts, feeling like 90-95% of people around you have turned their backs.
>be me, graduate with 2 degrees, work a little, travel for a bit, then start really working and finally pay off all debts in time to catch the rising crypto tides last year.

>What a time to be alive

Life is pretty incredible and fucked up and weird but we can only go forward and try our best to learn from our past. We're gonna make it together user.

user- been thru something similar, at least mentally. I have something that could help if you feel Comfortable sharing a method to contact...
>not a meme
>not a crypto
>product I can send from my company

What did you do, OP?

got pulled over had a pistol and ammo with extended mags, drugs, scales, and USPS envelopes and some other shit I'd rather not name due to being ID'd here. I'd link the news articles but I'm still on probation and doubt it'd help me. I was active on the dnms since 2014 and it's currently why I'm a millionaire in crypto. I got 30 days in jail with two felonies due to being white. AMA

maybe this is a good thread to ask this:

>driving down a country road at 2am doing less than 5mph over with less than 1g of weed on me, in a different state than where i live
>cops pull me over, have a dog with them---blah blah i'm arrested
>the whole time i am very polite and friendly with the cops and they're very polite and friendly with em (even cuff me with my hands in front and let me ride in the front seat of the police car)
>they take me to an ATM to get the $150 bail i would need
>they take me to the station and the sergeant takes my details, gives me a ticket for the weed and speeding, removes my cuffs, and just talks to me a little bit. no mugshot, no fingerprinting
>cops take me back to my car and let me go
>i call a local lawyer and he represents me. i pay him + the court fees, about $4k total

here's where it gets weird

>i have run multiple background checks (ones that you pay for and that take time,reputable sites) on myself--federal, in the state where i was arrested etc, and found nothing
>i get a call from that state's police one day: they are investigating funds in that county and he just wants to know how much i paid (he found the receipt from my $150 bail and that's it)
>i run background checks again, nothing

did i get really lucky and the county/police pocketed my money and never registered any crimes? it's been like 2 years and still nothing in any registry i can find

i should also mention that in that state i should have been arrested and held overnight at least. it's not a weed-friendly state.

Is it some kind of supplement? Cause I'm currently on some really strong, and insanely expensive, blood infusions that have eliminated a significant portion of my immune system. I've been advised to not consume any type of supplement unless it's cleared by my neurologist first. Regardless, thanks for the support bro.
Yea I've definitely learned a lot from my past. I really hope we're all gonna make it together too fellow user. Over this rough past year, crypto has been my one saving grace that prevents me from considering being a hero. Fortunately I got in around November so I'm still in the positives, but holy shit January and February have greatly reduced my gainz


We all have been through a lot anons. What matters the most is that we are here now.
>Parents got divorced when I was 5. Mother refused to take care of me, chose my sister instead.
>Father pushed me to my aunt because my step mom hated my ugly mug. The aunt physically abused me for all childhood but I still needed to beg her for food everyday.
>Had to steal, dealing drug and some other shit but never got caught. Somehow still managed to get a full scholarship.
>Got good job that lets me travel a lot. Father passed away last year because of drinking too much while I was in Japan.
>Mother started to contact me recently because she is old and my sister refused to take care of her.Promised to put my name on will.
>Yell at the bitch on the phone because I longer need her money.

Do you suggest getting into the dnms these days? And how do you wash your money?

Well, user... are you reformed?

Never got a traffic ticket, but I got a conscription evasion fine once.

Stealing, drug dealing, falsifying some papers, using other people cards to buy things and get shipped to an abandoned house . Got caught one camera breaking in a house once but was forgiven. Turn over new leaf now.

Damn bro that's like the trifecta of riding dirty. It seems like you were successful at building up your dnms procedures, what made you get so reckless with it all?

Just do some reading then... CBD helps your immune system and I've worked with tons suffering from MS who find relief with it.
I'm actually scheduled for a meeting with foreign govt officials who will be voting to legalize it as a medication in their country. If that helps you feel any better, knowing countries are literally rewriting laws over it

lol ur gucci nigga be smooth

I actually live in a state with where recreational marijuana is legal. I've always considered dabbling in CBDs to see if it has any medicinal benefits for the MS. Do you know what types of benefits it could provide? I haven't tried it yet because ever since my drug arrests marijuana makes me extremely paranoid and filled with anxiety. I was really high from smoking a blunt shortly before the big sting went down, and 12+ cops swarmed me with various assault rifles, shottys, and pistols. It was extremely over the top

writing graff in ny

I got pulled over with a sawn off shotgun and 8 cannabis plants in my back seat, as soon as i stopped and the cop got out of his car, i floored it and took off. dumped the car in a forest.

Never been caught.

Got the car and stuff back. Scrapped the car for parts and sold the dope.

Started a medium-sized drug trafficking organisation in 2016, my average ROI for the product was around 2500% and was making around 3-500$ a day doing jack shit -eastern Europe fag here so it was a lot of money. However one of my arrows got caught and ratted me out, I found out though and shut everything down, the DEA never managed to gather enough evidence to prosecute me. This all went on for about 4 months

Oh and the cop recognized me 4 months later. used the dash footage and i did 1 month home detention.

>eastern europe
Fake and gay

>my average ROI for the product was around 2500%

What were you selling?

It's called DIICOT in my country, I called it DEA so you fags could understand

Spice/k2, was making it myself

Is there more to the story? 18 months for browsing an image board doesn't make any sense. That's like people doing time for browsing Facebook if you happened to view at the wrong time.

you piece of shit. On par with 25i, crack and fentanyl dealers

From Romania to which country? It was recently so just be careful posting stuff here.
one 1 month? Must be because you dashed before he could find the stuff

Kek, thats true, people who were doing that shit were turning themselves into zombies, but it was a market after all, if it wasn't for me to sell them they would just buy elsewhere

Its the same regardless of what site it happens on, this includes facebook, google image searches etc. Its a blanket law with wide reach, can be used to prosecute anyone if a prosecutor decides its worth their time to add to their conviction rate.

I was kinda wanted for assisted Arsen but I was not identified, I just mean cops were looking for suspects. My retarded friend was lighting little fires around my old school and it got out of control and he burnt the whole school down. We escaped into the forest and hiked through it for like an hours at midnight to get a good distance from the scene

Lmao fucking brutal

My ISP called me because I downloaded I torrent. I promised I would never do it again, but I did.

Not international, I just supplied a 250-300 km area

I got arrested for disorderly conduct, was hammered and don’t remember anything from the night except for being arrested and spending some time in a jail cell. Paid a lawyer and did 10 hrs of community service to get off but I lost my first offender card :(.

Yeah south Florida is fucked, got assaulted by a black dude (completely sucker punched while I was shit talking his friend). The whole group ran off right in front of s group of cops and I was told if I chased them I would get arrested

Don't tell me you used uTorrent? That shit got bought by the MPAA. Use qbitTorrent, it's got a Python plugin for breezy searches.

Had no proof i had anything in car. Only got done for evasion and dui (which i used as an excuse) , also suspended my DL for 3 months and 2k fine.

Eurofag here. Cops raided my house a few years ago. They found drugs, scales, roids etc. They tried to charge me with dealing but didn't have any proof so luckily I only got 3 years probation and ~20k€ fine

DEA certainly goes after druglords outside the US. If the country has extradition treaty with the US you do your time in Federal there.

>I bet you could survive punching a cop

>be white male
>punch other while cop
>both laugh in joy while they shoot at niggers

what kind of illusion do you live in?